The Ultimate Guide to Super Cleaning Your Car Like a Pro

The Ultimate Guide to Super Cleaning Your Car Like a Pro

Welcome to the last car cleaning tutorial you’ll ever need!

No matter how many pot holes and dirt roads you avoid, your car will get dirty – it’s the reality of being a car owner. But you can easily get your vehicle back to its showroom condition with the proper tools, procedure, and a little elbow grease. Not only will your car look amazing, a super clean will help preserve your vehicle’s resale value and save you the cost of having it professionally detailed.

Let’s take a moment and check out this amazing tutorial from car wash guru Chris Fix – he’s even won multiple trophies at car shows for ‘best paint job’. We hope you’ll enjoy this helpful post filled with tons of fantastic tips and tricks.


  • Pressure Washer or Hose
  • Foam Cannon OR Foam Gun (hose)
  • Grit GuarD and Wash Board
  • Sealant Wax
  • Clay Bar
  • Microfiber Wash Mitt
  • Polish
  • Car Soap (that won’t strip wax)
  • Drying Towels
  • Detailing Brush
  • 3000 and 5000 grit sandpaper
  • Soapy Wooder


  • Remove all jewelry including watches and rings
  • Where soft clothing without zippers and buttons (oh, and no belt buckles)
  • Park your car in the shade and make sure it’s cool to the touch (to prevent water from evaporating too quickly and leave watermarks).
  • Never use a brush, paper towel or t-shirt (as they can scratch the car)



Using your power washer (on the wide setting) or your hose with a spray nozzle, remove as much dirt and grime from the car without actually touching the car – NOTE… always stay at least one foot away from the car when using the power washer to avoid damaging the car and paint job.

Start the touchless wash from the top of the car and move downward. Focusing on the dirtiest areas of the car.

Fill your foam cannon or foam gun with dish soap.

Cover the entire car with soap, let it soak for a bit and then rinse. At this stage, you’re degreasing the car to remove as much dirt, wax and grit as possible.



Grab your 2 buckets and microfiber wash mitt or cloth. Wash the car in a straight line, not circular, starting with the top half of the car and then moving down to the bottom of the car. Make sure to rinse your mitt regularly and don’t let it touch the ground.



Use a clay bar to remove grit and contaminants from the surface of the car.

Spray down a panel with your soapy water, grab your clay and flatten it out. Then press it against the body of the car – glide the clay back and forth in straight lines with medium to light pressure. You’ll know you’ve got all the grit when the surface feels smooth to the touch. Rinse when finished with the clay.



Using a microfiber towel, start drying the car from the top of the car moving down to the bottom using a straight back and forth motion.



Inspect the car for any light scratches and find an area you’d like to correct.

Spray the surface with soapy water and wet sand the scratches using 3000 grit sand paper, then 5000 grit sand paper to smooth the scratches out. Then buff the polish into the area to permanently remove the fine scratches.



Grab some wax or sealant as well as a dark microfiber towel and a buffing towel.

Working on 2 panels at a time, get your sealant on the applicator pad, add a thin layer or sealant to the car and apply in a back and forth motion. Allow to sit for the directed time and then buff off using the microfiber towel. Finish off with a final pass using the buffing towel.


If you’re looking for even more detail, check out Chris Fix’s video below.

The Ultimate Guide to Super Cleaning Your Car Like a Pro - super cleaning your car will help your car look amazing and preserve your vehicle's resale value. Click for tons of fantastic car washing tips and tricks.

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