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10 Amazing Embroidery Designs To Inspire Your Next Project

Be inspired to up your embroidery skills with these amazing embroidery designs! Whether you’re an expert or beginner, you can’t deny the craftsmanship in these pieces – so delicate, so well thought of and simply mesmerizing.

Check out just of the few amazing embroidery designs we’ve found all over the web for you and see if these don’t make you want to pick up your needles yourself!

Felted Veggies Cling to Embroidery Hoops

Munich-based artist Veselka Bulkan continues to craft these whimsical veggies that dangle from embroidery hoops. Each piece is an amalgam of embroidered leaves affixed to felted carrots, beets, radishes and other colorful roots.

Via Colossal

amazing embroidery designs

Minimalist Machine Embroidery

This embroidery design looks a lot like the sketches you do to while the time, while looking out into a field of flowers. Minimalist with just a couple of colors popping out.

Via Snapdragon

amazing embroidery designs

Spartan Iris Needle Painting

It is a beauty! Don’t you just love the ripples on the right side and left side of the large front petal?

Via Needle n’ Thread

amazing embroidery designs


This is a lovely embroidery design that uses some 3D stitches that bring out the flowers and somewhat makes them come alive!

Via EdMar

amazing embroidery designs

Thread Sketches

It looks like sketching has gone beyond the trusted pencil, like what this ‘sketch’ will show you. With a little bit artistic talent and needle skills, you can totally ‘sketch’ your own masterpiece.

Via Flickr

amazing embroidery designs

British Wildlife

This is part of a collection of eight pieces created using silk shading to create some of the most iconic animals found in the British Isles. The silk shading technique was used to replicate the texture of fur and feathers.

Via The Bluebird Embroider Co

amazing embroidery designs

Game of Thrones Fashion

The level of detail is staggering. Costume embroider Michele Carragher takes her job very seriously.

Via Buzzfeed

amazing embroidery designs

Embroidery Art

Take your embroidery game to a whole new level by incorporating an X-ray result film.

Via Wolf Eyebrows

amazing embroidery designs

Negative Space

Colorful embroidered leaves in all around reveal an adorably expressive feline. Awesome use of negative space.

Via Flickr

amazing embroidery designs

Embroidered Portrait

Portraits need not be on paper. Like this gorgeous portrait with colorful thread. Even with just the bare minimum stitches on there, the effect is just as awe-inspiring.

Via The Read Thread

amazing embroidery designs

What did you think of these amazing embroidery designs? Did it make you want to start stitching on your latest project?

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