12 Creative Crochet Border Ideas

There's nothing better than getting to the last row of your crochet project. Now you can stand back and admire your gorgeous creation.

But…then you notice that it's missing a little somethin' somethin'. Instantly you think, a fabulous crochet border would tie the entire piece together.

While there are tons and tons of amazing crochet patterns available, sometimes finding ideas for cool and creative crochet borders can be a little more challenging. With that in mind, we've found these 12 creative crochet border ideas to help get your imagination fired up.

Crochet a Clean Edge Along a Rough Border

Whenever you are instructed in a pattern to “work stitches evenly along the edge” you are faced with a challenge. Where do you put your hook? How do you keep the stitches along the back from looking uneven and horrible? Here’s a simple crochet technique to help make it look super neat and tidy–on BOTH SIDES!

Via Felted Button

Ruffle Edge

Crochet ruffles are both cute and versatile: You can use them to add a border to your blankets for a flowing, feminine feel, or you can use them as surface crochet to create a cute, cheeky accent.

Via Craftsy

Crochet Puff Edge

This sweet little crochet puff edge is the perfect finish to any crochet project.

Via Daisy Farm Crafts

Tiara Crochet Border

This sweet border lends a regal look to any afghan and it only uses very simple crochet stitches.

Via Dada’s Place

Rose Crochet Border

Once you know how to make the Rose Border, you can add it to crochet blankets, squares, dishcloths…anything with 4 sides, really!  It is much simpler than it looks.

Via Look What I Made

Scalloped Border

This scalloped crochet border has such a timeless look and depending on the colors you choose, you can really make it look fresh and modern.

Via Maybe Matilda

Bobble Crochet Border

This bobble border is as cute as can be and as simple as can be – simple yet a striking addition to any crochet project.

Via Dover and Madden

Block Crochet Border

Everyone who sees your project will admire this eye-catching border made of groups of double crochets.

Via We Are Knitters

Granny Patches Crochet Border

You can use this crochet border pattern on any blanket which uses traditional granny squares, or even a large granny blanket.

Via Cherry Heart

Granny Scallops Crochet Border

This crochet edging is made in three rounds – two rounds of chain loops, followed by a final round of shell/scallops, and is very easily worked around any size of granny square.

Via Attic24

Knobby Bobble Crochet Border

Here’s some nice crochet edging that’s perfect for straightening out a somewhat wavy or uneven edge.

Via Crejjtion

Reverse Shell Stitch Crochet Border

Learn this beautiful crochet stitching technique to make this simple but fancy looking border. Once you get the hang of it, it is a breeze!

Via Heart Hook & Home

Crochet Hearts Edging

If you’re looking for a cute stitch that’s great for Valentine’s day, anniversaries or any other time you want to profess your love, this crochet heart edging pattern is just what you need.

Via Crochet For You

Sometimes finding ideas for crochet borders can be challenging. With that in mind, we've found these 12 creative crochet border ideas to get you started.

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