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12 Things To Sew For Your Pets

Who doesn’t love having a pet? They are these bundles of energy that we would just spoil rotten if we’re allowed.

Pets are part of our family and just like their human counterparts, we can show our love not just with cuddles and kisses but also by making something useful for them.

There can be a lot of things we can sew for your pets, that you'll realize is so easy to sew you don't have to buy one again from the store.

Here we have 12 patterns you can sew for your pets that they would absolutely look good in and/or find quite helpful.

Cooling Mat Sewing Pattern

Does your pet suffer in hot weather? Cool off your 4-legged friend with this DIY Dog Cooling Mat. This mat has pockets to tuck ice packs into. Fleece was used because it’s soft and the edges won’t unravel when you cut them.

Via Diana Rambles

Cooling Mat - sew for your pets

Treat Bag

Instead of the usual treat jars, why not make these Dog Treat Bags that are perfect to take with you when you’re out with your dog? You can snap them on your belt loops or hook them through your belt for easy access while on a walk or training session.

Via Daily Dog Tag

Treat Bag - sew for your pets

Scrappy Pet Leash

This scrappy pet leash sewing pattern will work for all kinds of pet – whether you have a dog, cat, llama, or mini horse! This leash is approximately 1 ¼” wide and 7’ long. It has a 1” opening for the strap with a lobster claw clip – that you can find in bag making supplies or you can cut one off your old leash if it still works.

Via Sew Can She

Scrappy Pet Leash - sew for your pets


This is a super simple sewing project that you can make for your dogs – a DIY dog bandana! The project is really quick, and you have the opportunity to customize it with different fabrics to match your dog’s personality. Once you are finished you can even pair it with a stylish leash.

Via Lia Griffith

Bandana - sew for your pets

Adjustable Collar

There are a lot of dog collars out there. But they’re often not that cute, not that interesting, and not worth the $20-$30 price tag. If you only got to wear one piece of clothing every day, wouldn’t you want it to be cute and interesting like this adjustable dog collar sewing pattern?

Via Halifax Dogventures

Adjustable Collar - sew for your pets

Dainty Coat

Winter can be a rough season for our beloved dogs. Just because they are covered with hair doesn’t mean they are immune to the cold temperature. Help your pet by sewing this adorable and warm dog coat!

Via DIY Projects

Dainty Coat - sew for your pets

Soft and Cozy Pet Sling

Perfect for your velcro dog that can’t be without you. You can adjust the size according to your dog and your measurements. It is a really easy to sew pattern! You can whip up a few in an afternoon. It’s like a snuggly for your pets.

Via My So Called Crafty Life

Soft and Cozy Pet Sling - sew for your pets


Sew this fashionable harness for your pet in any fabric and pattern you like!

Via DIY Sharing

Harness - sew for your pets


This diaper sewing pattern is high waisted to fit better and prevent it from falling down because dogs and cats don’t have hips like us. It consists of a single piece with savings inseams. Being open makes it much easier to fit the pet as you don’t need to put the legs through the holes.

Via Mimi & Tara

Diaper - sew for your pets

Burrow Dog Bed

Some dogs can be quite the burrower which makes this dog bed sewing pattern a perfect match!

Via Lia Griffith

Burrow Dog Bed - sew for your pets

Poop Bag Dispenser

One way to always have a poop bag handy when you’re walking your dog is by having a supply with you. This easy-to-sew fabric pouch clips to your leash and is a fashionable alternative to the default dispenser you got your poop bags with.

Via Thrifty Fun

Poop Bag Dispenser - sew for your pets

Dog Boots

This is a perfect sewing project for your dogs (or cats – if they allow you to put it on them!) to protect their toes and paws from the extreme cold and snow. It’s no fun getting snow in between your toes – these booties should keep those cuties all bundled up.

Via Condo Blues

Dog Boots - sew for your pets

Did you like any of these things that you can sew for your pets? With so many great sewing patterns it'll be hard to decide what to start on first.

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12 things to sew for your pets

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