15 Amazing Bodyweight Workout Plans

There’s nothing more accessible than bodyweight workout plans.  Bodyweight exercises like lunges, triceps dips, and pushups are simple and super effective.  They offer crazy challenging workouts that will help tone and build muscle.

Plus, the best part is most of them can be done at home and without any equipment.

You might find the occasional dumbbell thrown into the mix, but you can always modify or purchase a set of lightweight dumbbells.

Sometimes just the thought of driving all the way to the gym is enough to persuade me to skip my workout in favor of another day.

I’m a pro procrastinator when it comes to the gym.  It usually takes me a full hour to convince myself to start getting ready and then another hour to change clothes.  

And by change clothes, I mean put on one piece of clothing and wander around the house for fifteen minutes…and repeat.  

That’s why I’m obsessed with these 15 amazing bodyweight workout plans.

10 to 1 Bodyweight Workout

This is a crazy effective all intensive workout.  It’s really the best a bodyweight workout plan can offer because it uses total body movements that keep the core consistently activated.

It’s a full body workout that’s guaranteed to make you sweat—and I can attest that you’ll definitely be feeling it the next day.

It’s a countdown workout which means each cycle you do one fewer rep, so it keeps you motivated because you’re constantly counting down the rounds.

Via Peanut Butter Fingers

Love Handles & Muffin Top Workouts

Here’s the thing—you can’t spot reduce fat.  That just isn’t the way our bodies work.  To reduce fat in a particular area, you have to reduce overall body fat.  That’s why doing 200 crunches isn’t going to give you a flat stomach.

The reason I like this bodyweight workout plan is because it uses core moves that mix in cardio and strength to help you burn fat and not just spot target.  The mountain climbers and burpees are amazing moves that work your core while being cardio intensive.

Via HIIT Workout

30 Minute Booty Pop Workout

It’s all about the booty.  This workout is a completely zero equipment workout that you can do at home or at the gym.  You complete 3 sets of each exercise, and it’s designed to fatigue different muscles like your glutes and quads to help build muscle to give your booty a boost.

Via Spotebi

Total Body Bosu Workout

This workout is a little more advanced because it incorporates stabilization into the exercises.

It’s crazy how much tougher pushups become when you have to focus on balancing too.  It’s tougher, but it will also push you and make you stronger.  

So, if you think you’ve mastered the classics like pushups and mountain climbers, this is the perfect workout to step up your workout game.

Via Peanut Butter Fingers

No Excuses Full Body Workout

This workout really is a no excuses workout.  It requires no equipment at all and you can do it anywhere.  Hotel rooms on the road, your apartment, the gym, outside—wherever.  

Once you cycle through once, you can repeat 2-3 times depending on how long you want to work out.  Plus, it’s easy to substitute moves since there’s no equipment needed.  

Via Hairspray and Highheels

Upper Body Pyramid Workout

If you’re looking to tone those arms, then you’re going to love this workout.  It’s a pyramid workout which means you start with a low number of reps and work to your highest number of reps at the end.  Then you start again backwards with your highest reps beginning and then ending with your lowest reps.

Via Eating Bird Food

Killer Upper Body & Abs Bodyweight Workout

You know I love my combo workouts.  Anytime you can combine multiple muscle groups I’m in.  Double duty=time saver.  This workout is heavily plank based your shoulders and core will be feeling it.

This is a great workout too if you’re bored of classic moves like pushups and dumbbell curls.  These bodyweight exercises are different so you won’t lose focus.

Via Lushious Lifts

Chest and Shoulders No Equipment Workout

This is a super cool workout with an accompanying video that will show you how to do all of the moves.

She also has a ton of other workouts and recommends which workouts to pair for longer routines.

Via Betty Rocker

Power 10 Leg Workout

This is an amazing quickie workout for when you’re low on time.  It’s a 10-minute long workout designed to help you burn 100 calories.
It’s plyometric heavy so you get your heart pumping fast and keep it up the whole time.  It’s important to work hard when you’re only working out for 10 minutes, but you can repeat this workout as many times as you want.

Via Ideal Me


No Rest Tabata Workout With Isometric Holds

Tabata is a style of interval training, similar to HIIT, but with less rest.  This workout is super challenging, but I like it because you really have to dig deep and push yourself.  

Most tabata workouts incorporate 20-30 seconds of activity with just 10 seconds of rest.  This workout eliminates the rest and swaps it for an isometric hold instead.  So if you’re doing squats, at the end of 20 seconds, you’ll hold the squat for 10 seconds.  It’s tough, but worth it.

Via Pumps and Iron

Bodyweight Blast

I love this workout because it uses exercises that are different from most other bodyweight workouts.  It’s nice to have moves that switch things up and work our muscles in different ways.  

Each circuit focuses on different muscle groups for a complete, total body blast.

Via Popsugar

Barre For Beginners

Bodyweight workouts aren’t restricted to just lunges and planks.  Yoga, pilates, and barre are all types of bodyweight workouts.  This 15 minute barre for beginners workout will help you tone and strengthen in a fun way.  

If traditional gym routines aren’t your style, this could be the perfect solution.

This workout has a workout video that you can follow along too so it feels like a mini cardio dance class.

Via Spark People

5 Minute Pilates Ab Workout

This quick pilates inspired ab blast is one of my favorite quick circuits to do.  I usually throw it in on a cardio day and repeat it 2-3 times.

This works your lower abs hard, and I always feel stronger after.

It’s only 5 minutes so there’s no reason you can’t do it!

Via The Live Fit Girls

Small Space Friendly & Quiet At Home Bodyweight Workout

A workout perfect for small spaces and it’s quiet?  This is a dream come true for all of you rocking that upstairs apartment (sorry neighbors!).

This workout only has 5 exercises and they include pulses to help really target those muscles.

Via Pumps and Iron

Doctor Deltoid Shoulder Workout

This is another great 10 minute-100 calorie blast that will help you shape strong shoulders.

Do it alone, repeat it, or combine it with your other favorite circuits for a total body workout.

Via Ideal Me

Now you have 15 amazing bodyweight workout plans to choose from!  Which one is going to be your go-to?

No equipment needed—no excuses.

Want more workout goodness?  

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There’s nothing more accessible than bodyweight workout plans. Bodyweight exercises like lunges, triceps dips, and pushups are simple and super effective. They offer crazy challenging workouts that will help tone and build muscle.

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