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15 Must-Have Tools Every Crocheter Needs in Their Crochet Kit

Sometimes one of the toughest challenges to starting a new hobby is just knowing everything you need to get started – crochet is no different. I'm sure you can guess the two most important crochet supplies you'll need are yarn and crochet hooks but there are other tools that can really help you get your “hooking” on.

We've compiled a list of all the must-have tools that every crocheter should have in their crochet kit. Scroll down to see what crochet tools you need to add to your kit now.

Standard Crochet Hooks

Well, you can't get too far on your crochet project without a hook. Other than yarn, the crochet hook is ultimately the most essential tool in your crochet kit. Crochet hooks come in a myriad of colors, shapes, and materials but speaking from experience, we can tell you that the most comfortable hooks are the best. We like the ones that have a smooth finish and soft grip ergonomic handles – this is especially handy for the smaller hooks. Goodbye cramping or tired achy hands, and say hello to comfort all day long!

Large Crochet Hooks for Chunky Wool

While it's important to have a good collection of standard hooks, a set of large crochet hooks shouldn't be overlooked. These are perfect for making chunky scarves, cowls, and blankets.

Lighted Crochet Hooks

Now, these probably aren't the first hooks you should run out and buy but if you have eyesight problems or you tend to crochet at night or in a dimly lit setting, these hooks are perfect for you. These hooks are particularly helpful when crocheting with dark yarn.



This may sound like a no-brainer but it's so important to have sharp scissors for cutting your yarn. A compact and lightweight double-loop handle that provides excellent control when cutting and a soft grip helps to reduce hand fatigue.

Tapestry Needle

Every crocheter needs to have a few tapestry needles in their kit. They are used to weave and hide yarn tails into your crochet project. They are inexpensive and will help to make your finished project look professional and tidy.

Measuring Tape

Put a stop to guessing and estimating the size of your latest crochet project. A spring loaded measuring tapes help to ensure accurate measurements, stores easily and stays tangle free.

Stitch Markers

A staple in every crocheter's kit, stitch markers are perfect for marking your place in your project. There are many different styles but we recommend locking stitch markers as you'll be able to move and relocate them at any time.

Crochet Tool and Yarn Tote

No crocheter can have all these essential tools and yet have nowhere for them to be stored. It's important to have all your needles, yarns, markers and patterns all in one place and packed in a modern and convenient travel bag. This tote in particular, is also great for holding your yarn while you crochet your project.

Crochet Journal

Most crocheters will tell you that they find themselves writing notes about each project they complete. Why not keep all these notes in one place so you can easily refer to time and time again.

Yarn Bowl

If you haven't seen this little contraption before, the yarn bowl is a place where you put your yarn while you crochet. The working yarn is placed through a hole or cutout, and when the yarn is pulled, thanks to the weight of the bowl, the ball can roll in the bowl easily without getting tangled. The bowl is perfect for preventing the ball of yarn from rolling away while you crochet.

Pattern Holder

This is pretty self-explanatory but crochet pattern holders do just that… hold your pattern.  These are a super handy way to hold and display patterns and charts while working on a project. This is a super handy tool for all crocheters.

Blocking Mat

Blocking is a technique where you dampen the yarn fibers of your project, to relax them in order to be able to shape them or arrange them the way you want them to be. Generally, this is done on some sort of base or mat. We like these foam rubber mats that interlock and fit together like puzzle pieces if you have larger items to block.

Row Finger Counter

Row Finger counters offer a hands-free experience while you crochet – no more cranking a manual counter or stopping to mark down your count on a piece of paper. The row counter offers a convenient and practical solution to keeping track of your stitch count.

Crochet Resource Book

Every crocheter needs to have the perfect reference book available at their fingertips. Whether you're a new crocheter or just want to try new techniques, this must-have resource offers all the know-how you'll ever need.


Crochet Project Book

Now that you've got all your essential tools, it's time to find some fun projects to help develop your crochet skills.

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Here's a list of all the must-have tools every crocheter needs to have in their crochet kit.

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