16 Clay Polymer Jewelry Projects to Make This Weekend

If you haven’t discovered yet the awesome flexibility of polymer clay and the myriad of creative ideas you can turn it into – then you need to stop and read.
Like your kid’s play dough, you can mold polymer clay into anything under the sun! And once you’re pleased with your creation, you can harden them by baking under low temperatures.
Our list here can be a great starting point for your creative clay adventures. These are clay polymer jewelry projects that are not only easy to make but can be gorgeous pieces you can actually wear and even gift to others.

Faux-Stone Jewelry

There must be some sort of magic in rocks because it seems all people, young and old, are naturally drawn to the pretty ones. The only problem is after you find a great rock, what are you going to do with it? Jewelry is a great option but sometimes these rocks can be a bit too heavy to wear as earrings or even around your neck. That’s where this Faux-Stone Jewelry made with Polyform Souffle Clay comes in handy.

Via Tried & True

clay polymer Faux Beach Pebbles Jewelry

Beautiful Pendant on Beaded Necklace with Matching Earrings

Follow this easy tutorial of a simple but spectacular pendant – using the same technique, create a set with beaded necklace and earrings.

Via Livemaster

clay polymer beaded necklace pendant earrings jewelry

Marbled Gem Jewelry

Create gems out of marbled polymer clay and use on rings and earrings.

Via I Spy DIY

clay polymer marbled gems ring earrings Jewelry

Faux Hammered Gold Rings

When you can’t have the actual gold rings, you can always sculpt your own with clay – and none will be the wiser.

Via Fall For DIY

clay polymer Faux Gold Hammered Rings jewelry

Metallic Knot Stud Earrings

Quirky, interesting pieces that stand out from

the norm are some of the best conversation starters. These metallic knot stud earrings definitely fall into that category! Inspired by a pair of metal Kate Spade earrings, this DIY project uses oven-bake clay and metallic spray paint. These earrings are a great idea for anyone who loves nautical style or simple, statement-making accessories.

Via eHow

clay polymer metallic know stud earrings Jewelry

Faux Agate Polymer Clay Necklace

Making this necklace involves some very basic jewelry making skills, along with a little work with polymer clay.  It may seem scary at first, but it’s much easier than you think!

Via Dawn Nicole Designs

clay polymer faux agate necklace Jewelry

Helichrysum Clay Earrings

Based off of the dainty everlasting flower, Helichrysum – these are just as ornate with its tiny petals with gradient hues.

Via Livemaster

clay polymer Helichrysum flower earrings jewelry

Wisteria Flower Earrings

Inflorescences of wisteria are beautiful due to their shape and color. Embody the wisteria in elegant earrings made of polymer clay. In combination with a suitable dress, these will look very elegant and stylish.

Via Все о полимерной глине (All About Polymer Clay)

clay polymer wisteria flower earrings Jewelry

Easy Silkscreen Polymer Clay Jewelry

If you haven’t experimented with polymer clay, stop reading this and go find some.  You will be amazed at the gorgeous pieces you can make right off the bat, from jewelry to home decor and more.  It is a medium that is very forgiving, versatile, and doesn’t require a bunch of expensive tools and equipment to get started.

Via Saved by Love Creations

clay polymer silkscreen Jewelry

Word Pendant

This is a simple word pendant that you can easily customize into other messages and designs.

Via Then She Made…

clay polymer word pendant Jewelry

Feather Necklace

This is an easy project and a great way to get a custom piece for your wardrobe. Very easy late night project.  This would be a fun project to make for a girls craft night.

Via Crafted Sparrow

clay polymer feather necklace Jewelry

Spirálkové Beads

Create these intricate spiral design beads to assemble your own necklaces, bracelets or earrings. Make these in varying sizes to add depth and interest.

Via Nemravka

clay polymer spiral beads Jewelry

Charming Clay Flower Earrings

These are charming clay flowers to wear, use for decoration, etc. The sky’s the limit!

Via Happy Together

Baked Clay Essential Oil Diffuser Necklaces

To get the therapeutic benefits of essential oils on the go, make essential oil diffuser necklaces. Once you have all of the supplies, they are so easy to make!

Via Happy Mothering

clay polymer diffuser necklaces jewelry

Faux Opal

Many find opal as one of the loveliest the gemstones. The most recognized are the white opal, but there are also black opals, fire opals, milk opals, boulder opals, and others. Polymer clay can emulate many natural materials, and luckily for us, opal is one of them.

Via Polymer Clay Web

clay polymer faux opal Jewelry

Carved Polymer Beads

This simple polymer bead design has a carved stone look and is especially convincing with a charcoal-coloured clay.

Via Aesthetic Outburst

clay polymer carved beads Jewelry

Wasn’t that a cool list of beautifully crafted clay polymer jewelry? 

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