18 Easy Baby Quilt Patterns to Make For Your Pregnant Friends

Quilting may look daunting for a complete beginner, but that shouldn’t stop you from making a beautiful blanket.

These easy baby quilt patterns are just a few of numerous quilting projects you can make for yourself or a lucky someone.

Making baby quilts is not difficult and is a great place to start practicing your quilting skills. It’s not too big – so it's not overwhelming. Plus, you can gift it to practically anyone who appreciates handmade items – most especially would-be-parents!


This quilt is a “cheater” quilt.  The name sounds a little ugly but the quilt most certainly isn't. Cheater quilts are great because you don't have to piece the top.  Find yourself a nice piece of fabric with a patchwork pattern and you sandwich a piece of batting in between your pretty patchwork fabric and a backing fabric. You then sew along the edges in whatever fashion you choose.  Bind the quilt.  Wash it.  Boom.  Gift complete.

Via Decor and the Dog

Cheater - easy baby quilt patterns

Receiving Blanket

This easy baby quilt is made from receiving blankets. It takes very basic sewing skills and starts with a pack of coordinating flannel receiving blankets.

Via Confessions of a Serial DIYer

Receiving Blanket - easy baby quilt patterns

Easy Four Patch Baby Quilt

The pattern is a very easy one – ideal for a beginner quilters. The finished quilt measures approximately 36″x44″ (92x112cm), but it would be very simple to make it larger if you needed. It uses Jelly Roll strips or yardage or scrap pieces, whichever you prefer.

Via Mack and Mabel

Easy Four Patch - easy baby quilt patterns


This baby quilt is quite simple to put together with an asymmetrical diamond design. A little piecing is also done at the back for some visual interest.

Via Shiner’s View

Asymmetrical - easy baby quilt patterns

Color Blocked

It’s a very simple design, no need for a pattern. The blocks are arranged in color order with the darkest at the top going down to the lightest at the bottom.

Via Polkadot Chair

Color Blocked - easy baby quilt patterns

One Hour Triangle

Just in case you are intimidated by piecing and sewing a quilt, this quilt is made even easier.

Via See Kate Sew

One Hour Triangle - easy baby quilt patterns

Flannel Baby Rag Quilt

This is the softest little quilt made of flannel. The best part about it is how dang easy it is to make! You can have it done in just a couple hours.

Via Do It Yourself Divas

Flannel Baby Rag - easy baby quilt patterns

Stacked Coins

This quilt used the Stacked Coins pattern – very easy and very quick along with free-motion quilting.

Via Sew Handmade

Stacked Coins - easy baby quilt patterns

Sherbet Lemon Jelly Roll

This baby quilt used jelly rolls to create this vibrant and structured design.

Via Katherine’s Dabblings

Sherbet Lemon Jelly Roll - easy baby quilt patterns

Citrus and Mint

The colors of this quilt were inspired by a design seeds color palette for a little girl’s nursery. The citrus and mint colors paired with a soft cream is lovely, but you can make this quilt in a variety of colors and it would look beautiful!

Via Craft Buds

Citrus and Mint - easy baby quilt patterns

Hundred Hugs

This quilt is inspired by all the people who live far away and your hugs can only be carried by a beautiful handmade quilt. 

Via Wedding Dress Blue

Hundred Hugs - easy baby quilt patterns

Strip and Flip

This fun scrappy quilt is quick to put together and great for beginner quilters. Use lots of different colors to keep it bright and fun…or just a few colors to keep it calm and simple.

Via Cluck Cluck Sew

Strip and Flip - easy baby quilt patterns


This baby quilt used fat squares and arranged to have color gradations. It’s quilted in parallel diagonal lines, with navy and coral threads close to the fabric colors.

Via Bonjour Quilts

Wildwood - easy baby quilt patterns

One Patch

This is an incredibly simple baby quilt with only 2 types of printed fabric for the top and 1 dotted for the backing. It is both machine-quilted and held together with knots –  a very easy pattern for quilters of all skill levels to complete.

Via Quilting Stories

One Patch - easy baby quilt patterns

Baby Strip

This baby quilt is easy – perfect for those of you who want to try quilting but may feel too intimidated and don't know where to start.

Via The Crafty Mummy

Baby Strip - easy baby quilt patterns

Flying Geese

This baby quilt uses the flying geese quilt block in soft tunes of variegated pinks, and neutral hues of beige, from taupe to white.

Via Quilting Stories

Flying Geese - easy baby quilt patterns

All-Star Charm

One sweet little baby quilt using a charm pack, craft size warm and white batting, and solid brown flannel for the backing.

Via Write It Down

All Star Charm - easy baby quilt patterns

Sweet and Simple

Pretty much anyone with basic sewing skills can make this baby quilt! And it only took about 2 hours.

Via Cloud9 Fabrics

Sweet and Simple - easy baby quilt patterns

What did you think of our choices for baby quilt patterns? Have you ever quilted a blanket before? If not, one fo the quilt patterns above is a great place to start.

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18 baby quilt patterns

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