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20 Easy and Adorable Crochet Toys That’ll Melt Your Heart

If you're not already hooked on crochet, these cuddly little toys should seal the deal. Not only are these crochet toys fun to make, these creative stuffies are perfect for children of all ages. Their larger-than-life personalities will make perfect gifts for all your friends and family!

If you enjoy crocheting toys for the little people in your life, check out these incredibly cute stuffies in the Crochet Anything with Hexagons class.

Here are 20 easy and adorable crochet toys that'll melt your heart – you need only basic crochet skills and small amounts of yarn.

Floppy Stuffed Bunny Crochet Pattern

This classic crochet stuffie is just your average, no-fuss, floppy-eared bunny, simple, plain and perfect. Feel free to dress her up, but we like my stuffed animals unadorned and easy to hug.

Via 1 Dog Woof

Little Lamb Crochet Pattern

Meet Lambert, the sweet little lamb that was originally designed to celebrate Chinese New Year!  Crochet one or a whole flock of fluffy sheep for yourself or your loved ones!

Via All About Ami

Crochet Teddy Bear

Here’s a gorgeous crochet teddy bear pattern sure to be adored by any child who’s lucky enough to receive it.

Via Lee Lee Knits

Zombie Bunny Crochet Pattern

Here’s a great crochet project for taking your first steps in the amigurumi world – not difficult to crochet, and includes all the most common techniques.

Via Engsidrum

Crochet Rattle Ball Toy

This rattle ball is fabulous as all the seams are on the outside and it’s easy to grab, throw and play with it very easily. And as she’s grown, she’s continued to enjoy it. Almost every day it gets launched across the room or skittles over the floor, tinkling as it goes.

Via Next Tonicx

Crochet Love Bunny

Only a few centimeters high but such a huge heart!  Love bunny is a small quick and easy-to-crochet bunny, an amigurumi that has to be replicated in all colors and offered endlessly.

Via Ravelry

Crochet Owl Pattern

You don't need much yarn for this owl, which makes it a great crochet project to use up any scrap yarn. It doesn't include any complicated stitches or crochet techniques either!

Via Engsidrun

Sterling The Star Crochet Pattern

Meet Sterling! He may not be the brightest star in the sky, but he hopes that he can brighten up your day a little with a hug.

Via Love Crochet

Mitty Mouse Crochet Pattern

Mitty is easier to make than she looks, so take each step as it comes and you’ll discover that she’s a dream to make. Little boys need not miss out either! If you omit the skirt, make the braces in yellow and sew each one to the topmost yellow round of the trousers, you’ll soon have a male version.

Via Top Crochet Patterns

Zip Zip Bunny Crochet Pattern

This cute little crochet bunny is a fast project to make as a gift for Easter or any time of the year. Can be made in 2 hours.

Via Ravelry

Ragdoll Unicorn Crochet Pattern

We are loving ragdoll-style amigurumi lately! Here’s an absolutely adorable ragdoll unicorn that children will love to bits.

Via Spin A Yarn Crochet

Baby Humpback Whale Crochet Pattern

You’ll be sure to make a splash with this sweet baby humpback whale, perfect for gift giving.

Via 1 Dog Woof

Strawberry and Blackberry Doll Crochet Pattern

Do you have jam on the brain? Well, this designer did when she created these adorable strawberry and blackberry crochet dolls.

Via Lalylala

Cuddle Me Crochet Bear

This little crochet bear is always ready for a sweet and squishy hug.

Via Amigurumi Today

Jip the Owl

This cute little owl is named Jip – how cute is he with his little winking eye.

Via Ravelry

Karma Chameleon

When the summer sun is beating down, Karma the chameleon loves nothing more than taking a rest on a cool leaf. And if she senses danger nearby, her multicolored torso is ready to transform!

Via Ravelry

One Skein Crochet Bunny

Adorable, floppy bunny! Great for a gift or a toy for your young one.

Via Yarnspirations

Visitors From Outer Space

Learn how to crochet these fabulous and colorful creatures from outer space.

Via Ravelry

Ragdoll Fox Crochet Pattern

As usual, this crochet fox pattern is made with Lion Brand Vanna's Choice in the Ragdoll style; separate pieces are worked in flat rows and then joined together to give them that unique 2D look.

Via Spin A Yarn

Oso Donato Crochet Pattern

This sweet bear is a perfect size and shape for little hands to pick up and cuddle.

Via Lanukas

Here are 20 easy and adorable crochet toys that'll melt your heart - you need only basic crochet skills and small amounts of yarn. Makes a perfect gift.

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  • Riya Sen
    August 12, 2022

    These crochet toys are so adorable! I love how they are all different and unique.

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