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24 Fun Themed Kids Birthday Cake Ideas

Birthdays are supposed to be fun, whether you’re a kid or a kid-at-heart. That’s why coming up with fun themed kids birthday cake ideas brings bright colors, characters, and designs into mind.

It’s not too difficult to think of what your kid might want for a birthday cake, just ask them what their favorite thing is and that should give you an idea. Usually, it’s their most favorite cartoon character or maybe a favorite book you read to them.

Here, we’ve come up with 24 of the most popular and fun kids birthday cakes you might like to try for your next kid’s birthday bash.

Ice Cream Cone Drip Cake

This cake is a turquoise color with pastel color mix confetti on the bottom, and with waffle ice cream shape cake on top with pink color, cream dripping (like if it would a real ice cream melt). The perfect main cake for an ice cream theme party.

Via Kara’s Party Ideas

ice cream cone drip - kids birthday cake ideas

Shopkins Birthday Cake

Kids love those cute little Shopkins which can be in the form of an adorable looking shopping bag or lettuce! This Shopkins birthday cake incorporates those tiny toys with a giant Shopkins cupcake to top it off.

Via Cake Central

shopkins birthday cake - kids birthday cake ideas

Watermelon Cake

Savor the sweetest slice of watermelon you'll ever eat! The chocolate seeds are a melt-in-your-mouth prize. Although it doesn’t taste like watermelon… it’s still super delish!

Via Betty Crocker

watermelon cake - kids birthday cake ideas

Gummy Bear Layer Cake

This cake is five layers of chocolate buttermilk cake layered with salted butter icing and each layer of icing is tinted to match the colors of the gummy bears on top. SO FUN.

Via Raspberri Cupcakes

gummy bear layer cake - kids birthday cake ideas

Jackson Pollock Piñata Cake

Six layers of cake, each a different color with M&M’s in the middle that spill out when you slice this extra special Jackson Pollock Piñata Cake.

Via Mom Loves Baking

jackson pollock pinata cake - kids birthday cake ideas

The (Very) Little Mermaid Cake

With very mermaid colors and the scale-y top layer.

Via The Frosted Petticoat

very little mermaid cake - kids birthday cake ideas

Disney Frozen Ice Cream Cake

This Disney Frozen Cake is amazing from the Ice Candy Mountain, the whipped cream topping, the little figurines and it also has a secret inside… ICE CREAM!

Via Sprinkle Some Fun

disney frozen cake - kids birthday cake ideas

Minion Cake

Making a minion cake is so much fun! The little ones in your life will love this whimsical cake, and you will too because it is delicious.

Via Blahnik Baker

minion cake - kids birthday cake ideas

Moana Birthday Cake

This cake is a blast to make and the perfect birthday cake for any Moana fan. It is actually simple to put together and a design anyone can tackle, no matter how much cake decorating experience you have.

Via ezeBreezy

moana cake - kids birthday cake ideas

Ice Cream Sundae Cake

This sundae-flavored ice cream cake, topped with miniature ice cream cones is, in fact, the summeriest summer thing that ever summered. Ice cream! Filled with cherries and peanuts and waffle cone pieces! Topped with sprinkles and whipped cream and wee little ice cream cones!

Via Sugar Hero

ice cream sundae cake - kids birthday cake ideas

Monster Truck Cake

The perfect cake for that monster truckie kid, who’s not afraid to get down and dirty when having fun. Those crushed chocolate cookies totally nailed the dirt!

Via Spaceships and Laser Beams

monster truck cake - kids birthday cake ideas

Unicorn Cake

There isn’t anything more fun than rainbows and unicorns, is there? The cake uses fondant for the ears and horn, with pastel rainbow icing for the mane.

Via 100 Layer Cake-let

unicorn cake - kids birthday cake ideas

Cookie Monster Birthday Cake

Moist, dark chocolate mocha cake, with a delicious layer of cookie dough in the middle…  Pretty much heaven in cake form.

Via Instructables

cookie monster cake - kids birthday cake ideas

Candyland Cake

Candyland cake, red velvet cake with white chocolate buttercream! Every kid or big kids dream!!

Via Instagram/lottieandbelle

candyland cake - kids birthday cake ideas

Dr. Seuss Cake

If you love Dr. Seuss, you’ll love this ‘1 fish, 2 fish, red fish, blue fish’ inspired tiered cake. Super adorable!

Via tiny oranges

dr seuss cake - kids birthday cake ideas

Dinosaur Cake

This cake has vanilla buttermilk cake and chocolate cake for each of its tiers. You can use toy dinosaurs or if you would be so inclined – create them from scratch using fondant!

Via Lick the Bowl Good

dinosaur cake - kids birthday cake ideas

Sesame Street Cake

Elmo, Cookie Monster, and Big Bird are featured on the cutest Sesame Street cake!

Via Sugarland

sesame street cake - kids birthday cake ideas

Pastel Carousel Cake

The prettiest carousel cake. The soft pastel colors make this even more charming!

Via Cakes Decor

pastel carousel cake - kids birthday cake ideas

Moon Landing Space Cake

Your little astronaut will love this moon landing cake as much as a real astronaut. It’s a no-brainer to decorate, too!

Via Sara Westbrook Photography & Design

moon landing space cake - kids birthday cake ideas

Cotton Candy Poke Cake

This cake’s got a light cotton candy flavor plus a colorful white chocolate pudding soaked in, then topped with cool whip and cotton candy. Cuz who says you can’t cover an entire cake with cotton candy?

Via I Scream for Buttercream

cotton candy poke cake - kids birthday cake ideas

Jungle Cake

Your fondant molding skills will definitely be put to the test with this spectacular creation.

Via Bubolinkata

jungle cake - kids birthday cake ideas

Circus Birthday Cake

Colorful and bright, this cake is sure to bring the circus to any party!

Via Flickr/The Cake Chic

circus birthday cake - kids birthday cake ideas

Bubble Bears Cake

This adorable cake is just fun to look at, I don’t think you’d want to ruin it. But it is intriguing to take a bite out of those shiny bubbles.

Via Cakes Decor

bubble bears cake - kids birthday cake ideas

Woodland Birthday Cake Tree Stump

A tree stump decorated with woodland creatures and mushrooms for that back of the woods party!

Via Fat Cakes

woodland tree stump birthday cake - kids birthday cake ideas

Whether you are making your kid’s birthday cake yourself or looking for an inspiration to give to your baker, we hope you liked these 24 treats we came up for you.

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24 fun themed kids birthday cake ideas

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