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26 Easy Quilt Blocks Perfect for Honing Your Quilting Skills

It’s time to snuggle up under a new quilt. Once you dive into these exciting, easy quilt blocks patterns, you’ll be a quilt expert in no time.

These tutorials take you step-by-step through the process, giving you all the need-to-know information it takes to construct a beautiful quilt. We’ve picked out all the quilt patterns that instruct you clearly and simply on exactly what you need to do to start and finish your next quilting project.

Make a log cabin, a starflower, winding staircase, bear paw – with names as fun as these, it’s hard to choose which one you’ll want to do. Maybe you’ll just have to try them all.

Stepping Stones

Being relatively easy and quick to work up, this free quilt block pattern would be a great pattern to use to make a weekend quilt to give as a gift or snuggle into.

Via Sew Fresh Quilts

Stepping Stones Quilt Blocks

Star Flower

The Star Flower Quilt Block is an easy quilting pattern that will take you half an hour to an hour to complete depending on your quilting skill level.

Via Piece And Quilt

Star Flower Quilt Blocks

Two Tone Log Cabin

This log cabin layout allows for a really dynamic and beautiful contrast between your two fabric shades.

Via Quilting Stories

Two Tone Log Cabin Quilt Blocks

Scrappy Rainbow Star

This is a great block to bust some of those scraps and who doesn't love working with rainbows.

Via Happy Quilting Melissa

Scrappy Rainbow Star Quilt Blocks

Starry Skyline

Do you want to know the best part about this block? You only have to cut out 12 squares of fabric to complete it! Awesome! No tedious triangle cutting, or cutting on the bias.

Via From Blank Pages

Starry Skyline Quilt Blocks

Seaside Boardwalk

This is called the Seaside Boardwalk because it reminds me of a planked boardwalk spanning over the greywater of the sea.

Via Hey Lets Make Stuff

Seaside Boardwalk Quilt Blocks

Winding Staircase

Pick out a bold print from a series of charm quilts and use this free quilt block pattern to make a winding effect with simple piecing.

Via Bijou Lovely Designs

Winding Staircase Quilt Blocks

Wonky Corners

This wonky quilt block gives you a feeling of staring down a tunnel in a funhouse! The Wonky Corners Block is made by piecing increasingly larger scraps of fabric to two sides of a center square for crazy scrap quilt blocks.

Via Judith Just Jude

Wonky Corners Quilt Blocks

Bear Paw

Made with a floral fabric bundle, this bear claw quilt pattern is beautiful and striking. By making a few of these quilt blocks, you can eventually have a pretty quilt that looks like a rainbow bear walked on it.

Via Sew Can She

Bear Paw Quilt Blocks

String Star

The String Star Quilt Block is a great way to add interest to a string quilt pattern. Stitch strings across two corners of a solid colored square, and then piece the four squares together to create a star quilt block.

Via Molly Flanders

String Star Quilt Blocks

Tea Towel

Whether you're bringing food to a party or giving it as a gift, you'll want to wrap your loaf of warm bread in some extra love with this quilt block.

Via Simple Simon And Co

Tea Towel Quilt Blocks

Quarter Square Triangles

Quarter square triangle quilt blocks are absolutely everywhere this season. They are so easy to make, and they present a fun alternative to the ever-popular half square triangle quilt block.

Via Sew Preeti Quilts

Quarter Square Triangles Quilt Blocks

Snake Trail

Can you believe something as curvy and and intricate can be designed using a Dresden plate pattern ruler? If you have any doubts, then you just have to try the Snake Trail Quilt Block Pattern.

Via Leedle Deedle Quilts

Snake Trail Quilt Blocks

Fabric Origami

Transfer the traditional art of Japanese paper folding into quilting with the Fabric Origami Quilt Block.

Via My Patchwork

Fabric Origami Quilt Blocks

On the Plus Side

Sometimes, you just need to create something pretty. Fortunately, the On the Plus Side Quilt Block has you covered, and makes a lovely addition to any quilt pattern. When it comes to quilt block patterns, the simplicity of this block is one of the many aspects that make it a delight to create.

Via Wild Olive

On the Plus Side Quilt Blocks


Quilt blocks like this one allow you to use the piecing method along with very basic cuts to create a cute little quilt block that is the perfect addition to quilts you may be making for students or gifted artists in your family.

Via I Am Luna Sol

Pencils Quilt Blocks

Tulip Applique

Nothing says spring like tulips! Seeing these bright beautiful flowers come up in the garden brings me joy and lets me know summer is right around the corner! This tulip block is raw edge applique and easy to make. Choose your favorite color tulip and create it in fabric.

Via Damsel Quilts & Crafts

Tulip Applique Quilt Blocks


The basic concept is similar to other square in a square quilt block patterns, but the balance here between striking solids and scrap quilt designs adds even more pizzazz.

Via Little Miss Shabby

Stashbuster Quilt Blocks

Scrappy Bear Paw

This beautiful bear paw block is a fantastic idea for charm packs and uses easy half-square triangles, making this a great block idea for beginners. You can create a stunning quilt perfect for a rustic mountain lodge or even use this HST block idea to make charming mug rugs or table runners.

Via Sew Sisters Quilting Bee

Scrappy Bear Paw Quilt Blocks


Made with delicate shades of pink, this easy dresden block is a nod to vintage quilting while playing with girly and modern prints and colors. This quilting project for girls is absolutely perfect for upcoming baby showers and is sure to be a hit with your granddaughters.

Via Polka Dot Chair

Dresden Quilt Blocks

Into the Sunset Flying Geese

Create a gorgeous play on ombre colors by taking a traditional block pattern and giving it a modern update with this Into the Sunset Flying Geese Block.

Via During Quiet Time

Into the Sunset Flying Geese Quilt Blocks

Step It Up

This Step It Up Block Tutorial uses the traditional courthouse steps design, as well as the always popular quilt as you go method, meaning you can create this pretty block in no time at all.

Via Hey Lets Make Stuff

Step It Up Quilt Blocks

Bring The Summer

The entire quilt has a fun, warm weather vibe, but this block, in particular, feels notably hot.

Via Suzy Quilts

Bring The Summer Quilt Blocks

Air Castles

Made in scrumptious colors like fresh raspberry and creamy white, this quilt block tutorial shows you how to design a simple star using half square triangles, making it perfect for quilting beginners.

Via Fort Worth Fabric Studio

Air Castles Quilt Blocks

Rail Fence

Rail fence blocks are one of the easiest quilt blocks to create and work with a variety of different styles of fabrics… especially those that use low volume prints!

Via Simple Simon and Co

Rail Fence Quilt Blocks


There's a unique artistry to the design that will get any flower quilt pattern you include this on noticed right away, and it's just as gorgeous as part of a small quilt project or decoration.

Via Hey Lets Make Stuff

Bloomin Quilt Blocks

Which quilt did you try? Where did you use it? Quilts make wonderful gifts for friends and family. Maybe you made your quilt so you can give it away. Maybe you used it to add a little extra warmth to your bed.

Wherever you used your quilt, we want to see what you made. Making and sharing projects with others is our passion, and we love to see how you’re doing that.

26 Easy Quilt Blocks Perfect for Honing Your Quilting Skills - It’s time to snuggle up under a new quilt. Once you dive into these exciting, #easyquiltblocks patterns, you’ll be a quilt expert in no time. #quilting #quiltpatterns #quiltblocks #quiltblockpatterns

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  • Riya Sen
    August 8, 2022

    I love this quilt block tutorial! It’s so easy to follow and the results are beautiful.

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