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29 Eye Catching Modern Beginner Quilt Patterns

Check out these eye-catching modern beginner quilt patterns, something easy that you can do to practice! You can sew any of these for yourself or as a gift or use as a starting point then customize any way you like.

These beginner quilt patterns come in various sizes so you don’t have to worry if the bigger patterns might be too much for you to take on.

All Star Baby Boy Quilt

This simple and easy quilt for a boy makes a great gift!

Via Happy Quilting

All Star Baby Boy Quilt - beginner quilt patterns

Easy Peasy Fat Quarter

This easy peasy fat quarter quilt shows you how to make an easy patchwork-patterned quilt out of varying types of fat quarter fabric.

Via The Stitching Scientist

Easy Peasy Fat Quarter - beginner quilt patterns

Pretty Pastels Log Cabin Baby Quilt

Easy baby quilt patterns like this are a treat for quilters of all skill levels; it's easy to make, looks beautiful with a number of different fabrics, and shouldn't take you particularly long to make.

Via Fave Quilts

Pretty Pastels Log Cabin Baby Quilt - beginner quilt patterns

Layer Cake Disappearing 9-Patch Baby Quilt

Make these layer cake quilts for an occasion or save them for an upcoming gift.

Via Reanna Lily Designs

Layer Cake Disappearing 9-Patch Baby Quilt - beginner quilt patterns

Blue Carolina Starburst Quilt

The gradual change from the dark navy to the white is so pretty and makes this quilt POP!

Via Fort Worth Fabric Studio

Blue Carolina Starburst Quilt - beginner quilt patterns

Fit for a Princess

This picnic quilt is fit for a Princess with pompom trim and beautiful, bright colors!

Via Sew,Mama,Sew

Fit for a Princess - beginner quilt patterns

Love Booth

This easy lap quilt won't take you long to make and will be the perfect gift idea for Valentine's Day if you want to make something that is truly special and unique.

Via Lets Quilt Something

Love Booth - beginner quilt patterns

Minky Rag

Sew a minky rag quilt either as a lap quilt or a new baby quilt. This super soft quilt is great for the beginning quilter.

Via The Crafty Blog Stalker

Minky Rag - beginner quilt patterns

Road Home Snuggler

These beautiful rich colors will make you want to curl up in front of a fire.

Via Happy Quilting

Road Home Snuggler - beginner quilt patterns

Fair Isle

A charming combo of a bear paw and a snowflake block, this quilt block pattern comes with a free downloadable pattern template.

Via Leigh Laurel Studios

Fair Isle - beginner quilt patterns

Easy Safari Party Charm Square

Since the prints are so vivid and fun, you can show them all off with simple squares making it look clean and lovely and allows the fabric to shine.

Via Coral And Co

Easy Safari Party Charm Square - beginner quilt patterns

Celtic Cross

This easy Celtic Cross Block Quilt can be turned into a mini-quilt or into a much larger quilt using several blocks.

Via Fort Worth Fabric Studio

Celtic Cross - beginner quilt patterns

Christmas Table Topper

Impress all the people on your gift list this Christmas with this beautiful handmade table topper under the tree!

Via Moda Bake Shop

Christmas Table Topper - beginner quilt patterns

Patchwork Quilt from Vintage Sheets

These are a beautiful (and fun) way to use and recycle thrift store items.

Via The Willow Market

Patchwork Quilt from Vintage Sheets - beginner quilt patterns

Quilted Christmas Ornaments

This easy quilt pattern is fun to make and is a great way to use up those odds-and-ends of fabric. It's also incredibly thrifty, as you likely have most of your materials already on hand.

Via Blossom Heart Quilts

Quilted Christmas Ornaments - beginner quilt patterns

Strip Quilt

This simple strip quilt finishes at the size of a throw or lap quilt, so it's perfect for snuggling under while you watch Netflix or while you're reading your favorite book.

Via Diary Of A Quilter

Strip Quilt - beginner quilt patterns

Courthouse Steps

I love the idea of trying out different quilt ideas on a smaller scale where you can actually finish a bunch of them. It’s also a great idea for decorating since they look so cute all hanging together on a wall!

Via Purlsoho

Courthouse Steps - beginner quilt patterns

Striped Chevrons

This quilt is surprisingly quick to sew up and is jelly roll friendly.

Via Kitchen Table Quilting

Striped Chevrons - beginner quilt patterns

Busy Bee Art

This is a great starter quilt project for someone wanting to try thread painting for the first time. Using the lines on a hexagon printed fabric a simple bee on a flower is created.

Via Sea Breeze Snippits

Busy Bee Art - beginner quilt patterns

You're a Gem Quilt

These little diamonds are so geometric and so cute! Used pinks, purple and grey with a polka dot binding and think it’s just right!

Via See Kate Sew

You're a Gem - beginner quilt patterns

Lattice Play Nine Patch Quilt

While it may not look like your typical nine-patch quilt, I assure you that it is.  Setting the nine-patch blocks on point can really change the look of your quilt.

Via Confessions Of A Fabric Addict

Lattice Play Nine Patch - beginner quilt patterns

Tree Owl Quilted Pillow

This super cute quilted pillow is appropriate for all skill levels and is a really fun project you can make in a weekend.

Via Connie Kresin

Tree Owl Quilted Pillow - beginner quilt patterns

Fat Quarter Baby Quilt

If you’re looking for a special gift to sew for a new baby you may like this tutorial for a simple baby quilt.

Via Polka Dot Chair

Fat Quarter Baby Quilt - beginner quilt patterns

Nebula Mini Quilt

Using a contrasting light and dark fabric color scheme will allow this celestial quilt block to shine brightly on any wall or as a pillow on any couch.

Via Blossom Heart Quilts

Nebula Mini - beginner quilt patterns

Cherry Dresdens Mini

This little Cherry Dresdens Mini Quilt goes together really quickly and it’s perfect for a little summery decor!

Via Flamingo Toes

Cherry Dresdens Mini - beginner quilt patterns

Bubble Puff Blanket

This blanket would work wonderfully as a padded play mat for toddlers, or even as a nursery room decor project for a colorful splash of fun!

Via Awaiting Ada

Bubble Puff Blanket - beginner quilt patterns

Teal Appeal

This stunning use of blue and minty hues is not your typical blue quilt. Using a combo of several different colors, you can beat the winter blues at their own game with this quilt top pattern.

Via Sew Fresh Quilts

Teal Appeal - beginner quilt patterns

Farmhouse Four Patch Quilt

This is a classic patchwork quilt pattern that works with lots of different color and fabric combinations.

Via Diary Of A Quilter

Farmhouse Four Patch - beginner quilt patterns

Upcycled Rag

Are you searching for a way to refashion all of your old t-shirts? Look no further! Try making this Upcycled Rag Quilt DIY Pillow.

Via Fave Quilts

Upcycled Rag - beginner quilt patterns

What do you think of these beginner quilt patterns? Do you think you can make these easily? We know you can!

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Check out these eye-catching modern #beginnerquiltpatterns, something easy that you can do to practice! #quilting #quiltpatterns #modernquilts

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