Module 6:Week 2  Live Training

Please allow several minutes for the video to buffer as it's a very long recording. I'm working on preparing notes for this training (step by step instructions) as well as reference points to where the key learnings are in the video above.

Guide to Replay of Live Training on 14-08-31

Below is a guide to where you'll find specific parts of the training and at what minute mark

Q & A

06:50 Steps to Testing a product

-      How do I know when I have a winner?

-      The 100 Rule

-      When to pause the campaign

-      Start communicating with Alibaba suppliers during your test campaign

-      How many suppliers to ask samples from?

-      With the a winner the goal is to pay for lead generation costs. Real profits is in the back end (emails follow up)


12:05 Q: What if I can't find my product in Alibaba? How do I contact directly manufacturers?

12:20 How does the Funnel Change after you've chosen your product and sourced it?

(from affiliate link to your own listing on Amazon FBA)


13: 40 Inside Brittany’s Ad Campaign –  This week Stats/Results

-      You can start at $20 per day

-      “Not everything is 100% success or failure”

-      Start a little specific on target, then broad it a bit

-      Inside the Etsy account

-      How to get customers to order more then 1 unit

-      Bonus information product  (recipe) - how to maximize profit

-      Cross-selling



25:10 Optimize your Funnel

If you're making sales that's a good thing. But what if you're not making enough to break even?

-      Decrease cost of Facebook ads

-      Increase conversion rate on item

-      Sell the list other/more items


31: 45 Strategies to Optimize Facebook Ads Cost

- A look Inside Facebook ads reporting

- Every niche has a demographic sweet spot: find it

39:10 The Donut Soap Optin-page with right hand side ad + Amazon


40:00  Product Costs + Margin Guidelines

-  Reply from China manufacturer

- Using Amazon Cost Calculator


46:15  Start communicating with manufacturers as soon as possible

46:50 Thank you Page

-      Brittany’s example

-      The importance of getting them to email you: opportunity to build relationships with your customers – building Trust

49: 05 Q&A

-      Amazon stock running low – notifications

-      Amazon cheap rates on shipping to them


50:30  Creating a Listing on Amazon

Inventory > add a product

You need one UPC Code per product (not unit/item)

Where to get UPC codes:

Images and Shipping  – covered next week

Creating a Sales Page - writing sales letter


01:02:00 Q&A

-      When to start branding/labeling your product?

-      Do you test the product yourself?

-      Does Amazon requires you put your product in a polybag?

-      What if you don't have a company? Do you get a domain matching your name?

-      Does Amazon tell you if a product is damaged?

-      Is there a certain number of product you need to order to be able to use Amazon FBA?

For complete information on Amazon FBA:

Sign in as individual vs as professional (recommended)


01:10:00 Email marketing: The 12 Emails Sequence


1: 8:40 Creating your Tripwire – one time product offer

-      Price

-      Purpose

-      Format

-      Brittany’s example

-      Curating content form around the Internet

-      Pitch to continuity program

-      Project description for outsourcer for creating a Trip Wire

-      Trip Wire Sales Letter

-      Optimize Press / WordPress free sales letter template / Outsource to

-      Quality


01:34:00 Continuity

-      What content

-      Format

-      Sales letter

-      Aweber + PayPal

01:46:30 Q&A


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