Module 9:Week 6  Live Training

NOTE about this weeks video recording: Go To webinar recording failed again. The video was captured but the audio was not. Luckily I had a backup recording which worked fine however the last 15 minutes of the audio (2 hour 30 mins to 2 hour 45 mins) is missing. The video is available and the last 15 minutes are really just a recap of the copywriting training as well as an opportunity to work with Conor.

If you're looking at hiring a copywriter to outsource sales page or email copy Conor has some special rates for the group at the moment and he is very very good at what I believe is a very low price for such great copy. You can reach him at

In the mean time you can play this video - however I'm going to contact Gotowebinar and see if we can salvage the original gotowebinar recording that has the higher quality audio.

Please allow several minutes for the video to buffer as it's a very long recording. I'm working on preparing notes for this training (step by step instructions) as well as reference points to where the key learnings are in the video above.