Module Two: Testing With The Amazon Affiliate Program And Selecting Your Product

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If you have 100% decided on a niche, I'd suggest that instead of direct linking traffic to your amazon affiliate link to put up an optin page and on the thank you page and first two emails promote the test product. The reason being is that you're able to recycle traffic. If you decide that the first product doesn't convert well enough, you can try a new product and promote it to the list you already built in that niche.

Testing Your Product Without Using The Amazon Affiliate Program

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Note: you (would) only need to be an Amazon Affiliate for the purpose of testing products, so after the testing phase you will be able to follow the rest of the course as everyone else.
FBA = Fulfilled By Amazon (they ship the product to each customer after you ship in bulk to their storage)
Fullfilled by you (you are the one who ships the product to each customer)
To learn more about the fees associated with selling on Amazon take a look here:

Amazon Seller Fees: in to become an Amazon Seller:
I recommend you choose Professional over Individual, for the extra benefits and you get first month free.
Ali Express - To buy product unit(s) to ship after you get an order(s):