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9 HIIT Workout Plans That Will Burn Fat Fast

If you’ve bounced around internet fitness blogs lately, you probably know that HIIT workout plans are taking over like a storm.  

I’ve slugged my way through a few HIIT workouts lately—and I’ve gotta say, I kind of get the craze.

They’re short, simple, and notoriously tough.

I have never felt as worked out in my entire life, and the workouts have never been longer than 30 minutes.  

So, what is HIIT?

HIIT is just a big fancy acronym for “high-intensity interval training.”  

This is a training technique that revolves around short, intense bursts of physical activity followed by a period of rest.  The thing is though, this rest isn’t always stopping dead.  

Sometimes the rest phases are still active.  

Why is HIIT so effective?

During each interval, you’re supposed to give 100% of your effort.  This way, you raise your heart rate quickly and keep it up, burning more fat at a faster rate.

HIIT also has metabolic boosting effects that last long after your workout ends.

This is one of the reasons why HIIT workouts have become a go-to for those trying to shed weight.  

My favorite part is that they’re convenient.  Most routines can be done in 30 minutes or less and you usually don’t need gym equipment, meaning you can get your sweat on from the comfort of your home.

HIIT workouts can be, well…intense, so it’s always a good idea to work up a basic level of fitness before diving right in.  I workout on the reg, and still find myself panting on the floor after a heart-pumping HIIT session.

If you’re interested in getting the workout of your life (and reaping the benefits), check out these 9 HIIT Workout Plans That Will Burn Fat Fast.

Core HIIT Workout for Women

This is a killer core workout.  I do this once a week and it’s painful in all the right ways.  The workout is 10 exercises, and you repeat each set 3 times.  

It’s just over 28 minutes long, so it’s the perfect workout to squeeze in.

This site has a bunch of other workout plans, including HIIT for lower body and full 2-month plans.  I like to mix and match the free ones.  Plus, they offer a built-in interval countdown timer for each workout so you don’t have to worry about timing yourself.

Via Spotebi

Partner HIIT Workout

If sweating solo isn’t your thing, then this is the perfect HIIT workout plan for you.

This routine works both your lower and upper body.  It’s also a little more intense because your rest intervals are only 10 seconds long.  

Bodyrock has tons of different HIIT workouts with full breakdowns—from different partner workouts to full body solo workouts.

These are intense, effective, and diverse enough to work whatever part of your body you want.

Via BodyRock

Booty HIIT Cardio + Butt Workout

If you’re looking to do double duty, then this workout is for you.  I did this workout for the first time and my glutes were feeling the effects for a full week after.

You can pretty much bet that any workout that combines both jump squats and jump lunges is a killer. But this workout combines some great heart pumping and booty toning moves for a tough, complete workout.

Via Lauren Gleisberg

HIIT Treadmill Workout

A lot of HIIT workouts focus on body weight exercises, but you can do HIIT at the gym too.  This is a great workout for anyone who wants to infuse their cardio sessions with some interval love.

This is a great treadmill HIIT plan to help you vary your intensity and running speed for maximum fat burning benefits.  It’s 25 minutes long, but you could shorten it a little if you’re looking for a shorter burst workout.  

Via Peanut Butter Fingers

Tone In Twenty HIIT Circuits

These HIIT workout plans by Fresh Fit Foodie are recent discoveries of mine, and I’m loving them!  I like workouts where I can mix and match what I’m working on.

I get bored by routine and sometimes a plan with a couple of great circuits don’t target all the areas I want to work in a day.  The best part about these HIIT workouts is that there are so many to choose from.

Each circuit is 20 minutes, so I’ll usually do one whole HIIT plan like upper body and then half of another like core or lower to mix in some extra target work.

Via Fresh Fit Foodie

Do Anywhere Bikini Circuit

Here’s your new go-to workout for the summer.  You’re welcome!  

I like this combo of circuits because it truly is a quick full body blast.

This is a perfect workout to apply your new HIIT knowledge too.  Although the workout itself is just a circuit workout, you can easily turn it into a HIIT routine just by changing the training technique timing.

This workout calls for you to complete a certain number of reps for each exercise.  Instead of counting reps, aim to do 30 seconds-1 minute of each exercise with 10-30 seconds of rest in between.  Then complete each circuit 3 times.  See how easy it is to tweak a circuit into an interval?

Via Popsugar

30 Day HIIT Challenge

If you prefer following longer term workout regimens, then this is a perfect plan for you.  

This 30 Day HIIT Challenge includes a calendar plan of which workouts to do each day of every week and links to each individual HIIT workout.

It’s completely comprehensive, free, and easy to do anywhere.  All you have to do is sign up.

Via SkinnyMs.

30 Minute Legs & Shoulder HIIT

This is a killer combo.  The exercises included in this routine work two muscle groups at once which means you’re doing double duty.

It’s easy to tire out on this one, but you’ll feel so strong when you push through it.  

There’s also a video included that will show you what each move should look like.

Via Nourish Move Love

Train Insane or Remain The Same HIIT Workout

Blogilates has a super popular Youtube channel where she guides tons of different styles of workouts. She also has a blog with workouts for pretty much anything you’d ever need.  This workout is great because she guides you through the first round via video in case you prefer guided workouts.  Then, just replay it if you want to follow along for the repeat cycles.  

This workout is great because she guides you through the first round via video in case you prefer guided workouts.  Then, just replay it if you want to follow along for the repeat cycles.  

Via Blogilates

HIIT training is a great way to mix up your workouts, boost your metabolism, and burn off extra fat.  Just a short 10-15 minute session is more effective at burning fat than regular cardio.

We can all work in a 10-minute sweat sesh, right?

Do you have a favorite HIIT workout?

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