Meet Britt, the owner and founder of Ideal Me

I started Ideal Me because I see way too many people STUCK in lives that feel far off from what they truly want.

Whether it’s being able to buy your dream home.

Or, hire a personal assistant or a personal trainer.

Or turn your hobby into a 6-figure business.

I want to show you how to align your life with your passions. Things you really want. Things you’ve always dreamed of.
I’ve done it for myself—and trust me, these things are NOT as out of reach as you may think.

I’ve learned that it’s 100% possible to DECIDE on what you want in life, and make it happen. And every single resource at Ideal Me is designed to help you accomplish this.

Browse our Resources section to get clear on your Ideal Me vision, calculate how much your ideal lifestyle costs, turn your hobby into a 6-figure lifestyle business, and more!

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