“World’s Laziest Copywriter” Reveals His “Career Secret” To Cheating At Email Marketing!

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WARNING: This Cheating Copywriter Swears On His Mother’s Life That His Secret Strategy Does NOT Require Any Blackhat, Illegal Or Unethical Tactics… Even If It Does Make People Helpless To Stop Themselves From Emptying Their Wallets AND Buying ALL His Offers!

This Opportunity Vanishes In...

Russell Brunson

Not only does Conor GET email marketing. He GETS copywriting.

Russell Brunson Dot Com Secrets

Brittany and Conor Lynch here…

In only a moment we’re giving up the goods on the most powerful collection of email marketing tools we’ve accumulated over almost 15 years online.

But first, we need to answer the one absolutely critical question that MOST newbies never think to ask...

How Much Can You REALLY Earn From ONE Email?

Email Marketing Has The Highest Return On Investment Of ANY Marketing Tactic!

4300% ROI

According to the Direct Marketing Association, every $1 you spend on email will return over $43 in profit. Now - how happy would you be if you could invest $100 today, and earn $4,300 by tomorrow?

Spend $1, Earn $43

In 4 Days, We Earned $5092.00 From THREE Emails To Brittany’s List...

But What If Your List Is Small Or Nonexistent?

We ALSO Earned $XXX.YY From ????? Emails To A Brand New List With ONLY YYY Subscribers!

We created this list from scratch one week before we sent these emails.

The results prove something important...

YOU Can Make Money Even With A Tiny List!

The Only Non-BS Passive Income Machine Online?

A lot of business models promise but fail to deliver truly passive income. With our email secret you can write a high converting message in 15 minutes…

...And Get Results Like This:

You’ll witness sales start to roll in almost instantly.

The #1 Reason You’re NOT Making Money With Email Today…

Writing Email From Scratch Sucks!

Ask yourself this...

Do You Hate Writing Email More Than A Root Canal?

Are You Struggling To Come Up With Even Mediocre Email Ideas?

Is Selling Through Email Tougher Than A $2 Steak?

Do You Have No Clue How To Engage Your Readers?

Do You Fear You’ll Never Be A Strong Email Writer?

If you answered “YES” to any of those questions, don’t worry. You’re in excellent company -  I’ve experience ALL those feelings at one point or another.

What If EVERY Obstacle To Email Success Was Suddenly Eliminated?

What if you could…

Never Write Another Email From Scratch Again.

Never Struggle To Come Up With Another Email Idea.

Never Get Stuck With Writer’s Block - Staring At A Blank Page.

Have An Endless Supply Of High Converting Emails.

Have Professionally Written Emails To Send EVERY DAY Without Fail.

Have The Perfect Email For EVERY Situation.

Stop Stressing About Writing Emails, Start Earning.

I know you’re skeptical - but it’s 100% possible.

This World Class Copywriter Is Saving You With A World Class Confession... 

Conor has written email copy for some of the biggest marketers online. 

Alex Jeffreys

Insert Alex Jeffreys Testimonial

Alex Jeffreys Marketing With You
Tim Castleman

Insert Tim Castleman Testimonial

Tim Castleman KD Outsourcing

He's written hundreds of marketing emails in just this year alone. 

700+ Emails In 2014

He's written for niches as varied as…

  • Real estate.
  • Weight loss.
  • B2B Software.
  • Investment.
  • Internet Marketing.
  • Kindle.
  • Dating.
  • Career development.
  • Survival.
  • Raw food.
  • Time management.

His email copy converts...

My Darkest Secret: I’ve Cheated At Email For Years

It’s true, and I’m not sorry.

At one point it took me hours to write a single email. I’d struggle to come up with a sales angle, and suffer through placing each word on the page.

The only reason I kept going? I was broke and I had no other choice.

Then I had a breakthrough.

I Noticed Patterns In My MOST Successful Emails

I discovered my best performing emails shared at MOST a few dozen basic patterns. These patterns could be repeated over and over - for different offers in different niches.

Proven Over THOUSANDS Of Mailings

At first I worried that it was a fluke, but after digging deeper I found that these hidden patterns repeated themselves over ALL of my emails. Literally thousands in total.

No matter what, they always worked.

That’s when I made a decision that changed everything.

I Stopped Playing Fair - I Stopped Writing Email From Scratch

I turned my very best emails into a hardcore set of 27 proven templates. So whenever I need to send an email, all I have to do is fill in the blanks.

Any offer. Any niche. I have an email that WILL work.

For Internet Marketing…

For Cosmetics…

For Muscle Gain...

Go From START To SEND In 15 Minutes!

With These Templates ANYONE Can STOP Stressing And START Earning Passive Income Even If You…

  • Have No Technical Skills.
  • Have No Writing Skills.
  • Hate Writing.
  • Have Never Had ANY Marketing Success
  • Are A Total IM Newbie.
  • Have A Tiny List...
  • Or Don’t Have A List At All.

Now We're Opening Our Vault And Giving Our BEST Email Templates To You!


Email Cheat Sheets

You Get My BEST Email Templates…

Email Name 1

Description of what that email does.

Email Name 2

Description of what that email does.

Email Name 3

Description of what that email does.

Email Name 4

Description of what that email does.

Email Name 5

Description of what that email does.

Email Name 6

Description of what that email does.

Email Name 7

Description of what that email does.

3 Email Promo Sequence

Description of what those emails do.

5 Email Promo Sequence

Description of what those emails do.

5 Email List Induction Sequence

Description of what those emails do.

3 Webinar Registration Emails

Description of what those emails do.

3 Webinar Attendance Emails

Description of what those emails do.

3 Webinar Recording Emails

Description of what those emails do.

3 Trust Building Content Emails

Description of what those emails do.

3 Seed Planting Pre-Sell Emails

Description of what those emails do.

3 JV Activation Emails

Description of what those emails do.

100 "Must Open" Subject Lines

Description of what those emails do.

If you take action and invest in the Cheat Sheet today, you’ll also get…

Bonus: Email Mastery Live Webinar

How Much Will You Have To Invest?

I know you’re wondering. But the real question, the one you should be asking - how much is all of this worth?

When You Can Earn $XXX Per Email With A YYY Subscriber List…

These Templates Are Worth $XX,XXX Per Year!

And With A 10xYYY Subscriber List…

They're Worth $XXX,XXX Per Year!

Even though you can use these templates to directly achieve those kinds of 5 and 6 figure results - you will not have to invest anywhere close to that.

Hiring A Professional Copywriter Would Cost You $10,000 Minimum

If you wanted to get a professional copywriter to create a years worth of email for you, you’d almost certainly invest at least $10,000. For a copywriter approaching my level of skill and experience, you could be investing $20-40,000 or even more.

These templates give you the exact same value as hiring ME personally… but you STILL won’t have to invest anywhere close to that amount.

You’re Getting All Of This...

  • Email Name 1 - $XXX
  • Email Name 2 - $XXX
  • Email Name 3 - $XXX
  • Email Name 4 - $XXX
  • Email Name 5 - $XXX
  • Email Name 6 - $XXX
  • Email Name 7 - $XXX
  • 20 High Converting Email Templates - $XXX
  • Email Psych-Ops Video Training - $XXX
  • Bonus - YYYY - $XXX

For A Grand Total Of $X,XXX.XX!

Today, and for a razor thin 72 hour window - you won’t have to pay the full and fair value of The Email Cheat Sheet.

That’s because we’re giving you a special one time only 99% Discount!

So you will get EVERYTHING for a one time investment of only $27.


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Can You Really Copy Our Results?

100% yes.

Answer these two questions.

  1. Do you have basic reading and writing skills?
  2. Can you fill in the blanks?

Unless either of those are a problem for you - this WILL work.

What If You Don’t Have A List?

If you don’t have a list you need these templates more than anyone. Why? Because when you start building your list you can do it with proven email copy.

That’s one major element of the list building equation you’ll never have to worry about.

Will These Templates Work In Your Niche?

We’ve used them in dozens of niches with success. Everything from real estate to forex to weight loss to soap making. If they can work for ALL of those niches - they will work for yours.

Will These Templates Ever ‘Burn Out’?

We’ve used these templates to write 700+ emails THIS YEAR. They’re still converting just as well as they did on January 1st. Actually, I’m confident they’ll never stop converting.

These Email Templates Are Based On Universal Psychological Principles

They Are Infinitely Customizable For THOUSANDS Of Offers

You can write TWO emails from the same template and your list may NEVER suspect they were both secretly the same email.

You Need To Act RIGHT NOW (72 Hour Window)

In only 72 hours from the start of this launch we’re pulling down Email Cheat Sheets. We may offer it again - but we don’t know when, or where or for how much.

When the clock hits ZERO, you’ll be forced to write ALL of your own emails again. And we both know you DO NOT want to do that.

If in the next 30 days - you’re not completely satisfied with Email Cheat Sheet. Or if you don’t have 15 minutes to send one of our high converting templates, or if you’d like a refund for any other reason you can think of…

All you have to do is send me a one line email with the words “Please refund my purchase.” We'll refund your purchase within 24 hours, no questions asked.

Sound fair?


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