Essential Oils Guide: A guide to over 30 essential oils, their health benefits and specific chapters to solve dozens of problems like "Get Rid Of Anxiety" and "How to get rid of cellulite"

Years in the making, this is the training I wish I had when I first got started using essential oils. You will use this as your go to reference book when it comes to essential oils and their health benefits, understanding how to use essential oils and recipes for common alignments.

A Small Sample Of What You'll Learn In This Essential Oils Guide

  • History And Tradition

    Discover how essential oils came to exist, how they were discovered and why they are used in modern medicine to heal 1000's of ailments.

  • Essential Oils Buying Guide

    Manufactures and recipes may lead you to believe that you need every essential oil known to man but this just isn't the case. Save yourself some money by forming a collection of 10-12 oils that can be used in every recipe and understand how to make substitutions when a recipe calls for an oil you don't have based on three criteria: scent, physical effect and aromatherapy effect.

  • Aromatherapy Decoded

    Understand the difference between absolute oils, blended, carrier, extraction methods, hydrosols, neat and organic oils.

  • Health Benefits

    Discover recipes to tackle dozens of ailments and the health benefits of each essential oil.

  • Essential Oils Reference Guide

    Over 30 + Essential oils explained. Discover these essential oils health benefits, precautions, how to best use them and basic recipes for many health benefits.

  • PDF Printouts & Pretty Info Graphic Guides

    Get PDF printouts to keep and start creating your own reference guide based on your favorite essential oils

Do you need to: reduce anxiety?  Feel more relaxed? Clear your Skin? Reduce wrinkles?

This book contains guides for specific health issues

  • Best Oils For Insomnia
  • Best Oils For Cleaning
  • Best Oils For Skin
  • Best Oils For Cellulite
  • Best Oils For Scars
  • Best Oils For Wrinkles
  • Best Oils For Snoring
  • Best Oils For Acne
  • Best Oils For Stress/Anxiety
  • Best Oils For Eczema
  • Best Oils For Rosacea
  • Best Oils For Weight Loss
  • Best Oils For Increasing Circullation
  • Many, Many more!

You Will Love This Training...Guaranteed.

 I'm so proud of this training and the time and effort that has gone into it. I really believe that it can benefit anyone who is committed to using essential oils in their life. I believe in it so much that I'm going to guarantee it. If you buy this guide, and it's not what you expected, or doesn't live up to the promises that I've made right here, simply contact me within 30 days to receive a full no questions asked refund.

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100% Money Back Guarantee

If you decide the training wasn't what you expected or that it's not for you simply ask for a refund anytime within 30 days of signing up and I'm happy to provide your money back.. but I know you'll love this training 🙂 It's the training I wish existed when I first got started.