FREE:  I'm Giving Away 500 Yarn Stash Totes Starting Black Friday At 1pm PST. Get One Free Before I Run Out
"So Many Yarns So Little TIme"
Yarn Stash Tote
I'm giving away 500 "So Many Yarns, So Little Time" totes to celebrate The Holidays and Thank you, my blog subscribers. I'll pay for the tote, you cover the shipping. Get one now before I run out!
Update: I only have 27 bags left. These will go quickly so make sure to get a FREE tote now before we run out!
This Yarn Tote Is Yours FREE Exclusively From 
Ideal Me 
Today, your "So Many Yarns, So Little Time" yarn stash tote is FREE! Make sure that no matter where you are, you are showing your love for yarn! Use the tote to bring your works in progress and yarn on the road with you. You love yarn, and so do we!
  •  Printed in the USA
  •  Off white/cream color
  •  Use to carry project supplies: yarn, needles, hooks and other supplies
  •  Use as a project bag for your WIP or to store extra yarn
  •  Perfect for carrying projects to crafting groups or while traveling
  •  Bring to work to have projects available to work on during lunch hour 
  •  Gift the tote for a yarn loving friend or family member this holiday 
  •  Size: 15"x14.5" tote
Take A Sneak Peek Inside...
The Yarn Stash Tote
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