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Get Inside The Mind Of Someone Who Has Successfully Achieved Your Biggest Goals & Wildest Dreams And Get The Exact Blueprint They Used For Success-How They Think, The Secrets They Use & The Step By Step Plan They Follow, Now!

If you ask successful people what their “secret” is, they’ll say luck had nothing to do with it.

But when you get into their minds, you realize that successful people think and act completely differently than the average person.

I’m Brittany Lynch, founder of Ideal Me. And like you, I’ve had my ups and downs when it comes to achieving goals.

On the one hand, I’ve had more success than I ever imagined, starting my own profitable internet business in my 20s that today brings me a healthy 7-figure income.

But there have also been times when I’ve fallen off the wagon on goals—like the time I went out and bought a guitar only to never play it (not even ONCE!).

One day, I sat down to crack the code to my own success once and for all.

Why had I succeeded in some areas and failed in others?

Here’s what I discovered…

(This process is called “reverse-engineering”. I break down what that person has done, identify what they did right and wrong, and then formulate a specific activity plan.)

Once I’ve nailed down the specific formula, I’m able to RECREATE their success in my own life!

Most people waste too much time and energy trying to overcome obstacles that have already been dealt with and crack a code to success that’s ALREADY been cracked! The answer is already out there, that’s why…

But you can’t just look at what these people DO, and get their secrets.

You have to get inside their minds.

You have to model not just their actions—but their mindsets as well.

You have to form a complete, holistic picture that understands:

  • What a realistic, achievable goal really looks like. (There’s a 99.9% chance you’re making a HUGE mistake right here.)
  • How to break the goal down into two categories: One-Time Events (things you do once, like joining a gym or buying a guitar) and Required, Repetitive Activities (little actions you do every day, like drinking more water, doing squats).
  • Understand what challenges you can expect to run into, and how to overcome them. (If you skip this part, you’re setting yourself up to fail—this is a proven fact.)

Most people NEVER form this complete picture when they set out to achieve a goal.

Because they either don’t know someone in their life who has already been successful at this goal, or they don’t know how to properly MODEL success... (And I mean model in such detail that you’ve mapped out every single step you need to take in order to be successful.)

What happens instead is you shoot for the moon with no support, no one to model, and no clear action plan.

You likely know how the story ends (if it ever gets off the ground in the first place).

You just need a map to follow, so you can MODEL their success.

This holds true for ALL TYPES of successful people, by the way:

  • entrepreneurs earning 6-figures and more by following their passion
  • ex “couch potatoes” who’ve completely transformed their bodies
  • couples in happy, loving relationships

The more I started sharing these ideas with people around me, I realized that there was no place out there that clearly laid out a complete blueprint for successfully achieving goals based on a proven model of success and not abstract guesses and theories.

Sure, there are thousands of renowned universities that conduct research studies on success.

And there are hundreds of thousands of articles on “success secrets”.

But they never “reverse-engineer” each person’s success, and break it down into simple steps.

And they certainly don’t give YOU an action plan that you can follow, starting TODAY.

Success can be studied, and it can be replicated. But what’s missing is laying it all out for YOU in a clear plan.

That’s why I created Success Academy…

Every week, we take a real-world case study—someone who has achieved something worthy of replicating—and put them under the microscope.

  • A struggling artist who launched a thriving 6-figure business…
  • A mom who lost 100 pounds after giving birth to her 3rd child…
  • A couple on the verge of divorce who turned their marriage around…
  • A dedicated athlete who bounced back from an injury…
  • And many, many more…

You’ll receive a concrete LIST of action steps YOU can implement immediately to replicate their success in your own life. (These are the TWO categories of actions you MUST do in order to achieve a goal: One-Time Events and Required, Repetitive Actions.) 

You’ll also get a “Universal Success Blueprint”—a complete picture of common traits, behaviors, and ways of thinking that successful people share that can help you achieve ANY goal.

No matter WHERE you are in your life right now…

No matter how many people don’t GET you, or your dreams…

The success of others can guide you in the right direction…

It’s believed that we subconsciously MIRROR the people around us. We start to think, believe, behave, and even dress the way they do.

Do your 5 closest friends share your ambitions? Or do they keep you stuck in a cloud of unhealthy patterns?

The Ideal Me Success Academy helps you consciously break out of old patterns and step into a new world filled with NEW possibilities with instructive weekly guides and plans that model the success of others.

By getting this material every week, you’ll start to MIRROR successful people, and truly absorb how they work, live, think, and ACHIEVE.

  • A FRESH case-study every week showing you how to MODEL a real person’s success. Some are well-known (like Virgin Airlines mogul Richard Branson), others are off the radar (like Steve, an expat in Thailand who built and painted a home for himself for less than $10K in just 6 weeks!)—but ALL of them are beating the odds, creating the lives of their dreams. (We’ll put them under the microscope and reveal their secrets—that’s 52 mentors for you to MODEL!)
  • A concrete list of the two types of action you must take to successfully achieve your goal: One-Time Events and Required, Repetitive Actions. I’m an experts at “reverse-engineering” success, so you get easy-to-follow steps that take all the guesswork out of what you need to do next. Think of it as your map to success. (This is the “secret sauce” of Success Academy—there’s nothing else out there that’s so simple, and easy to understand.)
  • Powerful content featuring inspiration, motivation, or “how-to” advice. To reinforce what you learn from each master, we’ve compiled the BEST research-backed strategies out there—from wealth and career to health, fitness and finance to love, travel, creativity, and MORE!)
  • The invaluable support of a success-minded community. If people in your life don’t support your vision, or simply don’t want you to change, it’s CRUCIAL that you surround yourself with fresh mindsets and people who believe and achieve. This is why the weekly format is so effective. It will pull you out of your current reality and give you a support structure so you can take positive steps towards a better life.
  • How to start a profitable business based on your passion.
  • How to lose 27 pounds of fat without dieting.
  • How to reboot your life and live abroad.
  • How to find the love of your life.
  • How to get over stage fright.
  • How to learn a language in 30 days.
  • How to write a book in a month.
  • How to land your dream job.
  • How to travel to exotic, expensive cities on just $50/day
  • And so much more!

Every week, we’ll walk you through a unique success story. And no matter how far their story seems from yours, there are universal patters of behavior, skills, mindsets and beliefs that successful people do and hold and I give these to you in EVERY case study so that you can put them to use in YOUR life.

Remember, it’s about discovering the specific steps and blueprint you must take but also the MINDSETS of successful people, so you can approach your problems with a fresh perspective, and make choices and decisions you would NEVER think of on your own.

***SPECIAL BONUS: Japanese Goal-Setting “Daruma Dolls”***

(Only available for a limited time!) 

Successful people take ownership of their goals—even if they don’t know exactly HOW they’ll achieve it.

When things get tough, or something goes awry, they keep their faith, and bounce back.

One of the BEST ways to hold this lesson in mind is with a Japanese Daruma doll.

Daruma is based on an ancient Japanese proverb that says, “Fall down seven times, get up EIGHT”.

A Daruma doll is a physical representation of a specific goal you want to achieve AND a reminder to be persistent. (If you knock a Daruma Doll over, it will always bounce back to its original position, reminding you to persist.)

The Daruma doll is the perfect complement to Success Academy. As you work through each powerful weekly series, you’ll have the strength of the Daruma doll to bring you FAITH, every step of the way.

As a special gift for joining Success Academy, you’ll receive a set of FOUR Daruma Dolls. A red Daruma doll for bringing LUCK, purple for HEALTH, gold for WEALTH, and white for LOVE!

ALL FOUR Daruma Dolls are yours FREE when you join Success Academy today!

Just hurry—we only have a limited supply of Daruma Dolls.

Get yours FREE today!


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Brittany Lynch

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