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Check out the Ideal Me DIY Beauty Digital Course  to learn how make your own beauty products. You'll get over 30 DIY recipes for lotions, scrubs, shampoos, soaks and more

Here's A Bit Of What You'll Discover In The DIY Video Guide: 

  • A shopping list of the ingredients you ACTUALLY need to make the best beauty products
  • What is a preservative and how to use it
  • How to customize any recipe you find online and make substitutions in order to make it right for your skin type
  • The 8 essential oils you need and how to make substitutions without ruining a recipe and tailoring it to your desired health benefits
  • How To Make Body Butter, The Different Types Of Butters And There Benefits.
  • Scrubs: Sugar vs Salt vs Coffee what is the right scrub for you and how to make amazing scrubs with ingredients found in your kitchen that you'll love
  • How to make shampoo bars - excellent for traveling and amazing for your hair

All of these techniques use all natural ingredients.

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