I know - It doesn’t sound believable. Like those “free” resort weekends where you wind up spending 12 hours locked in a timeshare presentation. But this isn’t that.

Now you can exploit the hidden rules of the air miles reward system to fly anywhere in the world for free - without worrying about blackouts or restrictions.

Including “trip of a lifetime” destinations like…

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20,000 miles + $6

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Buenos Aires
20,000 miles + $6

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Split, Croatia
30,000 miles + $39

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25,000 miles + $45

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37,500 miles + $45

If you’ve ever dreamed of visiting the far flung reaches of the Earth - from Paris to Mumbai or Timbuktu - this might be the most important message you ever see.

Hi - I’m Scott Grimmer - the “miles aficionado” and avid world traveler. I’m also the owner of the MileValue blog and award booking service. Over the last few years I’ve earned and redeemed hundreds of millions of miles for myself and my clients.

By the time I was 27 I’d been to 55+ countries. And yes - I flew most of those trips first class - either for free or very close to it. You may have seen my story on Mashable, the Huffington Post, Forbes, Lifehacker, or The New York Times.

Today I’m going to help you book an unbelievable dream vacation for free. Not only that, but I’m going to help you do it in the next 60 days - even if you’ve never redeemed a single air mile in your entire life.

You’re also going to discover…

  • Why airlines lie about their available rewards space and how to redeem hidden seats.
  • The secret to booking 5-star hotel rooms at 80% off for as little as $100 a night.
  • How to use free one way flights to add extra destinations to any trip you take.
  • Plus a lot more. But first, I need to share something important.

A Few Facts The Airlines Don’t Want You To Know

Air miles, points and loyalty programs don’t exist to give you free flights. Airlines use them as a marketing tool, and they really wish you wouldn’t redeem them at all - so they’ve gone out of their way to make things complicated.

If you’ve ever tried to redeem miles on your own - you’ve probably seen the blackouts, restrictions and limited availability for yourself. It’s outrageous how difficult it can be to book even the simplest flight if you don’t know what you’re doing.

That’s why most travellers scoff at air miles. And why a lot of smart people think it’s a scam, or that there’s no real way to fly for free. It’s also why…

99% Of Travellers Pay Through The Nose For Sardine Class Airfare

Only a few short years ago I was part of that group. I loved travelling - a lot. But there was no way I could afford to pay the criminal fees the airlines wanted. I was stuck at home dreaming of places I didn’t think I’d ever see.

Then one day I had a breakthrough.

A friend posted an extremely discounted flight to Honolulu for $300 on Facebook. Normally that flight would have cost $600 - so I was shocked at how cheap it was. I had to know how this deal was possible - so I dug in and did some homework.

What I discovered blew my mind.

It turns out that there’s an entire secret world of people gaming the travel industry. Men and women of all ages who were flying first class for free… staying in luxury hotels for pennies on the dollar… and unlocking all kinds of hidden perks.

They called themselves…

"Travel Hackers"

And while most people sit at home wishing they could swim the crystal blue waters of Bora Bora, or ski the Swiss Alps - they’re actually doing it.

The Art Of Travelling Anywhere In The World For Pennies On The Dollar

What most people don’t know is that the air miles reward system’s weird rules can actually work to your advantage. It’s the same with every other part of the travel industry - from hotels to perks and activities.

The best deals are hidden from the public.

When I found out the truth, I dove head first into the world of travel hacking. I learned everything I could about air miles and hotel loyalty programs. The little details of how airline alliances work - and what I needed to do to game them.

I came away with a handful of secrets about the travel industry.

Secrets that let me travel WHEREVER I want WHENEVER I want.

Today I’m going to reveal three of the most powerful ones to you…

Most people struggle to redeem their miles for an actual ticket they want. They look at their airline and see if any space is available and - surprise, surprise - there’s nothing available at all. So they give up, and swear off air miles altogether.

What the airlines don’t tell you is that there often actually is availability.

You just have to know exactly where to look, and how to navigate the tricky web of airline alliances and partnerships. When you learn how to do this, the blackouts and restricted dates vanish - giving you an open calendar to book your flights.

Once you’ve stayed in a 5-star hotel, you’ll never want to go back. Every desire is taken care of by the concierge. You spend your day in the lap of luxury, then you slip into an 1,800 thread count Egyptian cotton bed at night. It feels like sleeping on a cloud.

Yet most people will NEVER experience it for themselves.

What they don’t know is that you can book a 5-star hotel room - anywhere in the world - for 60% off or less...and sometimes even for free. Imagine staying in a luxury Bora Bora hotel that usually goes for over $1,000 a night...for no cost! It’s all made possible by a little known trick on one of the biggest travel sites in the world.

Did you know that you can add a 100% free one way flight to your next trip? It works by taking advantage of the stopover rules - with certain airlines and certain kinds of miles - to give you a free bonus flight.

Imagine taking a trip to Paris and getting an extra flight to Southern France without paying another dime. Visiting the white sand beaches of the Côte d'Azur in Nice or Monaco at no cost.

This is the most important of the travel industry’s secrets. Most people have no idea that there are actually 5 kinds of miles. Each has advantages and disadvantages, but each can also be used in specific situations to stretch your free travel MUCH further.

Booking with one type - a trip might only cost 40,000 miles instead of 80,000.

The key is to figure out your dream trip in advance and work backward. Once you know what you want to do, and where you want to go - it’s just a matter of “working the system” to get the best deal. That’s how powerful this information is.

Once I Discovered The Truth - The World Opened Up

I have flown First Class or Business Class to every inhabited continent on planes with full bars, private suites, and even onboard shower spas. I've been driven to my boarding gate in a Porsche - and puffed away in the Cigar Lounge of First Class Terminal.

My travels have taken me to Machu Picchu, the Alhambra, Angkor Wat, the Amazon Rainforest, Iguazu Falls, the French and Australian Open tennis tournaments, plus dozens of other adventures.

I’ve hiked on a glacier, trekked in Patagonia, slept on a manmade floating island and safaried in the Serengeti. I’ve tracked chimps and mountain gorillas, cliff jumped in Croatia, drunk beer at Oktoberfest and scuba dived the Great Barrier Reef.

I’ve even been to North Korea and Cuba.

My Followers Are Now Travelling The World!

Thousands of my fans and followers have benefited from my techniques, and travelled the world - in style. Listen to what they have to say…

Booked A Round Trip Ticket From Chicago To Hawaii For $86.20

I would be considered a casual traveler, though I travel frequently it is not enough to accrue many miles. However, I did have some with Singapore and Qantas.

Because of your previous blog posts on Hawaii, I was able to get my mom from Chicago to Maui for $5.60 and then bought a $75 from Maui to Kona, then I was able to get a return from Kona to Chicago for $5.60. That means I got a round trip ticket to Hawaii for my mom with my miles for $86.20!

I just wanted to write and say thanks for your work!

Melinda M

They Flew Round Trip To Paris & Only Paid Baggage Fees

My wife and I were able to fly to Paris and visit my sister for two whole weeks, spending just a small amount of money for our baggage fees -- no other airline expenses.

This was the trip of a lifetime! We wouldn't have been able to do it without you. I'm forever grateful -- and recommending your site to everyone I know.


Six Multi-Country International Trips In ONE Year!

I made six multi-country international trips this year and have booked the same number for next year, all via business or first class, and still have a million-and-a-half points in my stash. Wouldn’t have been possible without people like you.

Safe travels in 2015 and again, thank you.


Now You Can Travel The World Like They Did

You might think trips to Paris or Hawaii or around the world are out of your reach. The kinds of experiences reserved for the lucky - or the wealthy - few. That’s simply not true. In just 60 days you WILL book the trip of your dreams.

Today I’m going to show you how.

In this guide you’ll learn exactly how to book the following trips:

  • How to get $450 in free flights, hotels, and car rentals that you can use in the next 60 days, maybe for a trip home for Christmas from opening one credit card.
  • How to get $3,142 in free flights on Southwest Airlines for you and a companion in 2016 and 2017 from opening two credit cards.
  • How to see 11 cities in South America in one big trip from opening two credit cards.
  • How to book the same Delta flights to Hawaii that Delta charges 45,000 miles roundtrip to book for 25,000 miles. And book Delta's flat beds to Hawaii for 45,000 miles roundtrip instead of 80,000.
  • How to work through your dream trip backwards to make sure it becomes a reality.
  • The best miles for Europe, East Asia, South Asia, the Middle East, Australia, New Zealand, Hawaii, Africa, Latin America, and the Caribbean.

But we don’t just give you dream trips, we teach you how to design and book your own.

Take a look at what you’ll discover:


Travel Hacking Basics

  • Discover the inner workings of air miles rewards systems, including airline alliances, mile types and how to use them all.
  • How to "reverse engineer" your dream trip and make a step-by-step plan to flying there for free.

Redeeming Your Miles

  • Discover which airlines to pick, and how to redeem your miles to get the most bang for your buck.
  • How to book your flights - and which miles you must choose - to get the best possible deal.

Advanced Mile Redemption Tactics

  • How to use sophisticated mile redemption strategies with stop overs, open jaws, free one ways and obscure foreign programs.
  • The secret to piecing together an around the world trip from under priced one ways.

Credit Card Signup Bonuses

  • In this module we’ll give you a blueprint for getting the maximum mileage without risking your credit score.
  • The top 10 list of the very best credit cards to sign up for in order to get the most miles.

Manufactured Spending & Free Mile Tricks

  • The best ways to ethically and legally “manufacture spending” to earn free miles or maintain your credit card’s minimum spend.
  • Earn miles without actually spending any money.

Free Accommodation

  • How to use points and free night certificates to stay at 5 star resorts for free.
  • A Top Ten List of the best luxury destinations for under $50 a night.

Traveling Cheap Without Points

  • Don’t want to use your miles? Discover the best travel deals using tools like Kayak Alerts and the ITA Matrix.

Mile Hacking For Non-Americans

  • We’ll go over an extensive list of travel hack strategies for international hackers.
  • Get the complete guide to buying hotel points and miles at an enormous discount.

Putting It Into Practice

  • Putting It All Together: We take everything you’ve learned and put it into a step by step plan.
  • 5 Dream Destinations - We break down 5 dream destinations, what the best miles to use, how to get them and booking your flight.

{  BONUS Interview  }

Recently I sat down with a fellow travel hacker who is on the road traveling to his dream destinations, 365 days a year. He stays in 4 and 5 star luxury hotels every night, and is constantly checking locations off his bucket list.

In this interview he will reveal a set of tricks for getting free accommodation that even I hadn’t heard of. You can use these to start staying at 5 star hotels 100% for free.

Trust me - you do not want to miss this.

With These Tools You Could Book A $7,531 First Class Flight From New York To Bali For Free

That’s just ONE of the trips you’ll discover how to book in the next 60 days, with clever air miles strategies alone. If you book just one of these trips a year, this advice will easily save you tens of thousands of dollars in your lifetime.

Milevalue eBook

Frequently Asked Questions

Will This Work For People Outside The United States?


While many credit cards offer the largest bonuses for people in the United States, all of the tactics outlined in the program will work no matter what country you live in. Free one ways, the five kinds of points and and our redemption / collection tactics work in every country.

What If You Have Bad Credit Or Don’t Want To Use Credit Cards?

It’s true that using credit cards is the fastest way to earn miles, but we make sure to give several other options. We also explain how credit works and what hurts your credit in the guide. I’ve personally seen my credit score increase despite having over 15 credit cards.

What If You’ve Used Miles Before And Haven't Been Able To Redeem Them?

This is a very common mistake people make.

Most people don't realize that airlines actually hide miles from them, and that often when you can't find a seat you want it's because you're not looking in the right place. We include a list of where to search for availability for over 60 airlines to look to ensure you find availability to redeem your miles.

Is This Illegal Or Too Good To Be True?

Not at all.

Everything in this guide is 100% ethical and legal. We're just teaching you how to take advantage of the complicated rules that the travel industry created :)

30 Day 100% Satisfaction Guarantee

I’m confident that when you try "The Fly First For Free Guide" for yourself you’ll love it. You’ll be amazed at how the world opens itself up to you - with free flights, discount 5 star hotels and more perks than you ever imagined in your wildest dreams.

But if for any reason you aren’t completely satisfied - I’ll refund the full amount of your purchase with no questions asked. All you have to do is send me an email within the next 30 days with the subject “REFUND.” I’ll process it within twenty-four hours.

So there is no risk for you today when you take action.

Milevalue eBook

Where Will You Be 60 Days From Now?

Will you be browsing Facebook at home on your couch - jealously scanning through your friend’s travel pictures. Wishing you could visit exotic destinations like Bali, or Prague, or the Himalayas. Knowing you’ll never see them for yourself.

Or will you be booking your tickets…

Getting ready to fly away on the trip of a lifetime 100% for free.

The choice is yours. And let me remind you - because of our generous 100% satisfaction guarantee there is no risk if you invest in "The Fly First For Free Guide" today.

Milevalue eBook
Milevalue eBook