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One Click Software Instantly Uncovers Hundreds Of Proven "Crowd Pleasers" Product Ideas On Pinterest In Just 60 Seconds!

Profitable T-Shirts, Physical & Info Products Gift Wrapped For You In ANY Niche

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Pinterest Is A Treasure Trove Of Marketing Ideas

One Search Reveals Dozens Of Socially “Proven” Pins

You can search for quotes, product ideas, and in demand tips. All broken down into very narrow niches, perfect for a niche marketer.

Any One Might Be A Profitable T-Shirt, Physical Or Info Product!

In seconds you’re given hundreds of Pinterest pins with potential ideas for your next offer, all with stats to show how engaging they are.

The More Re-Pins, The More Proven The Idea

A pin with high engagement is socially validated. It means the crowd has spoken and is telling you that it likes what it sees - whether that’s a quote, a tool or a tip.

More re-pins means stronger proof that the idea will work for you.

Which Would You Choose For Your Next Tee-Spring Campaign?

6,360 Repins VS 283...

A pin with high engagement is socially validated. It means the crowd has spoken and is telling you that it likes what it sees - whether that’s a quote, a tool or a tip.

More re-pins means stronger proof that the idea will work for you.

Which Would You Choose For Your Next Amazon FBA Product?

3,126 Repins VS 184...

Again, one is validated by almost SEVENTEEN times more people. That shows you that it is FAR more likely to work as a product on Amazon or Etsy.

In fact - it practically guarantees you’ll have success with the offer.

Which Would You Choose For Your Next Lead Magnet, Or Info Product?

8,291 Repins VS 5!

These are the most engaged people in the hunting / fishing niche tell you that they REALLY REALLY want to know about deer tracks. Crappie fishing? Not so much.

So which one will you use to opt people into your squeeze page?

Which one would you consider making an information product about?

Obvious, right?

The Problem? Pinterest “Buries” It’s Most Popular Pins

Why does it let popular content sink to the bottom of the feed? Sinking over time under hundreds, if not thousands of less engaging posts?

The short answer is that it keeps the content fresh.

I mean, it’d get a little boring if every time you came to the site the same 10 pins were sitting there at the top of your feed. Make sense?

Sifting Through The Junk Takes Hours

Digging through all the garbage pins with 3 re-pins to find a massive winner is gruelling, labor intensive work. It can take hours to find anything useful.

There’s no built in way to sort pins by popularity.

… So We Fixed Pinterest’s Biggest Mistake

We recruited a crack team of software developers to fix Pinterest. We built the single most in demand feature that - up until now - marketers were forced to do without.

With ONE click, you can sort the results for ANY Pinterest search by popularity. Instantly “floating” the most proven pins (and ideas) to the top.

Giving you profitable tee-shirt, physical and info product ideas without the work.

It’s obnoxious how easy Pinsearch makes the process of finding winning tee-shirt and product ideas on Pinterest. Let me break it down for you.

STEP ONE: Install Pinsearch.. 

Downloading and installing Pinsearch takes less than five minutes.

STEP TWO: Do A Pinterest Search...

Do a search for tips, tools or quotes in your niche.

STEP THREE: Sort Your Results & Pick A Winner..

One click re-ranks the results to put the most re-pinned posts at the top. Pick one, and you’ve now got a 100% validated product idea…

That’s It - You’re Done

24 Hour Dedicated Support Desk

Have any problem with the software? Stuck on a technical issue? Can’t figure out how to install it? No matter what your problem is - we’ll solve it fast.

Plus Training Videos In The Member's Area


We give you the “inside dirt” on how to get the most value from PinSearch with four training videos. So you can start identifying your first profitable T-shirt designs, physical products, lead gen ideas and information products within 60 seconds of using the tool.

Training Video Number 1: Identify Profitable Tshirt Design Concepts

This video will walk you through how to identify profitable T-shirt design concepts

Training Video #2: Identify Profitable E-commerce Products

Coming up with ideas for physical products can be a this video I'll walk you through how I use the Pinsearch tool to identify physical product ideas that can be private labeled and sold on sites like Amazon, shopify and other ecommerce stores.

Training Video #3: Identify Profitable Ebook Ideas

Creating an ebook that sells and sells well can be difficult. In this video I'll walk you through how I use the Pinsearch tool to get ideas for information products that convert!

Training Video #4

Need blog post content, ideas for emails to send to your list, high converting lead gen report ideas or want to identify content that will be highly shared on your social media platforms in order to grow your following? This video is for you!

Bonus Pinterest & Pinsearch Training Webinar

As a special surprise bonus, if you invest in Pinsearch today I’ll invite you to join me on a live webinar training event.

On the call you’ll discover..

  • Sneaky tactics I use to harvest Pinterest for product ideas, and deadly accurate market research that leapfrogs me miles ahead of the competition.
  • Live walkthroughs of how I’d turn a post into a t-shirt, fully sourced physical product, info product, lead magnet or content email.
  • My Pin-2-Idea-2-Business formula for starting with a high re-pin post and creating an entire 4, 5 or 6 figure profit earning machine.
  • The simple “idea bank” I use to stockpile brilliant product ideas, so that I always have something ready to monetize at my finger tips.
  • Plus an extended Q&A session where you can pick my brain about Pinterest, product creation, Amazon FBA, Etsy, Tee-Spring, Info-products… or whatever it is that’s keeping you from executing and making money.

How Much Will Unlimited Proven Product Ideas Cost?

How Much Would Unlimited Tee-Spring Campaigns Like This Be Worth? ...Or Equally Profitable Info / Physical Offers?



"I've sold hundreds of thousands of dollars of Tshirts. This Tool will give me a shortcut to sell hundreds of thousands of dollars more"

Matt Schmitt

Results From Matts Tshirt Campaigns

Building This Software Yourself Costs Much More Than What I’m Making It Available To You Right Now

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  • Lifetime Access To The Pinsearch Tool

  • Lifetime Access To The Pinsearch Tool

  • 4 Training Videos

Here's What You Get When You Order Today:

  • Lifetime Access To The Pinsearch Tool
  • Training Video Number 1: How To Identify Profitable Tshirt Design Concepts
  • Training Video Number 2: How To Identify Profitable Physical Products To Private Label On E-commerce Stores
  • Training Video Number 3: Identify Profitable Ebook Product Hooks
  • Training Video Number 4: Generate ideas for blog posts, email content, viral posts and more!


  • Bonus Pinterest Training Webinar
Pinsearch Tool

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  • Q.Will This Work On A Mac And P.C?

    A.Yes absolutely. The Pinsearch tool works as a toolbar in your browser. You can use this on a Mac or a P.C.

  • Q.Are There Any Other Additional Costs Involved?


  • Q.Do I Get Lifetime Access To The Tools and Training?

    A.Absolutely! There are not hidden costs and you get access forever.

  • Q.Is it difficult to install Pinsearch?

    A.Not at all, it takes under 60 seconds to have the tool installed. It's as simple as clicking on the Pinsearch button in the members area and dragging it to your toolbar. We walk you through this step by step!