How To Sell Something That Doesn’t Exist

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Black Friday Sale: How To Sell Something That Doesn't Exist – Create A Product That Sells Out Before You Spend Time Making It

[text_block style=”style_1.png” align=”left”]Most people believe they need to create a product before they sell it.

You spend hours, days, months even years creating a product, perfecting it and launching it..

And then…nothing.


Maybe you can relate to this. I know in the past I can.

Just about everyone I know has fallen into the trap of falling in love with their own idea, pursuing it only to realize it wasn't their audience that wanted that product. It was them.

The reality is the best way to sell a product online is to first test your market to see if people actually want to buy it.

You do this not by creating the product first..but by selling it.

Why spend time, energy and resources building something that may not even work out?

This up coming Wednesday I'll be holding a paid online training: How To Sell Something That Doesn't Exist – Creating A Product That Sells Out Before You Spend Time Making It.

And I have a 24 hour black friday discount for you to take advantage of today only. Sign up below now!

My entire business is built around this philosophy and I've made millions of dollars in multiple markets implementing it.

Why this model?

If you're creating a product that supports yourself, your family or other people, you can't afford to take any risks.

You need to know that what you're spending your time on will work.

With pre selling you will:[/text_block]

  • Get paid before you create your product. This is an incredible motivator, that helps eliminate procrastination when it comes to creating a product.
  • Take the stress off of “what if this doesn't work” and allow you to focus on just creating great content
  • Get valuable insight into customer behaviour and what your customer actually wants and answer questions like “What causes customers to buy? What causes them to hesitate/ objections they may have?” allowing you to make adjustments in your sales process.
  • Genuinely be able to use scarcity to your advantage by setting hard limits on how many people you'll be letting on the call, and build social proof for the demand of your product.
[text_block style=”style_1.png” align=”left”]

Here's just a small glimpse at what I'll be going over on the call:


  • 3 killer tactics I use to identify problems in a niche that prospects are willing to pay MONEY for!
  • How to set up feedback loops in your business to learn what your customer actually wants to buy
  • How to use this information to outline the solution and create a product that you know will actually sell
  • Identify the best format to create your product (PDF, Worksheets, Video, Webinar, act) to increase sales and customer satisfaction.
  • How I create my minimum viable sales material (sales pages, emails, social media) to promote my product
  • The sales sequence I use to pre-sell my products.
  • You've pre-sold your product, now what? How to create and deliver your product flawlessly.
  • How to price your product
  • How to easily convert your product into evergreen so you can continue to sell your product for years to come.
  • Techniques and strategies to implement in your product to encourage testimonials and social proof
  • Much much more!

Sign Up Now – $77 Before Price Increases

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