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The Mission of the 4% club: is to help you reach financial independence and shave decades off of your goal retirement date. Financial independence is defined as when your assets generate income that is greater than your expenses.

The Approach: I’ve always believed that the best way to reach a goal is by paying to get access to the knowledge of those who have accomplished that goal before me.

When you join the 4% club, you’ll get access to all current and future weekly interviews, pdf transcripts, video trainings, tools and infographics that I’ve used on my path to financial independence.

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Here’s a glimpse at just some of the information, tools and trainings waiting for you in the 4% club when you join.

  • Early Retirement Interview with Justin who stopped working at 33 years old, after only 10 years because he reached financial independence, despite never making more than $65,000 per year.
  • Interview with Scott who has figured out how to fly in first class for free to any destination in the world using points and miles. Using his techniques you can save thousands of dollars a year on travel and travel in more luxurious conditions than before.
  • Start a side business interview with Aman who rents out houses long term, then flips them on Airbnb for short term rentals - collecting a huge profit along the way. 
  • Location Independence Interview with Vic who runs a very successful freelancing business while living in Tropical Thailand.
  • An in depth video training with Boris who makes over $1,000,000 per year with his one hour e-commerce drop shipping formula.
  • An interview with Winnie And Jeremy whose investments pay them to never work again and travel around the world…you’ll learn their investment strategies and the cool ways they make passive income work for them.
  • Early Retirement Calculator - With it you’ll figure out exactly when you’ll be able to retire…and you’ll identify ways to shave years off your goal retirement date. This knowledge is the foundation of financial freedom  

The 4% club is focused on helping you reach retirement & become financially independent in many different ways: from luxurious frugality (cutting costs, without reducing your lifestyle), investing, passive income businesses and much more!

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