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Have you ever thought of introducing a good habit in your life or accomplishing a goal, but never got around to doing it? 

Perhaps you even tried it for a few days, but then lacked the motivation, information and accountability to continue afterwards. 

If so, the Ideal Me Challenge is for you.

Join Brittany Lynch, founder of for 30 feel good videos designed to walk you through mapping out and creating your Ideal Me.  

What is it? 

30 days of goal setting in 2-5 minute long online video sessions which we send you directly to your email inbox one day at a time. We provide the classes and the teacher, and you get daily inspiration and goal setting in your living room every day. It’s that simple!

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Part 1 Of 2: The Ideal Me Challenge
Day 1 - Getting Started
Ready. Set. Go! It’s time to kick of your challenge and starting designing your Ideal Life! Want to know a little secret? It’s all about balance...
Download: Life Balance Worksheet
Day 2 - Health & Fitness
Let’s kick off day 2 and jump right into selecting your Health & Fitness goals. Plus, find out why you should actually be making two lists.
Download: Health & Fitness Goals Worksheet
Day 3 - Travel & Adventure
I hope you’re feeling adventurous because today we’re talking Travel & Adventure goals. Want to hike the Appalachian trail or travel to a new country every month? There is no goal too big or too small.
Download: Travel & Adventure Goals Worksheet
Day 4 - Finance & Career
Let’s talk money...and career. Join me in selecting your ultimate finance & career goals. Want to switch jobs or eliminate debt? Today is all about putting your financial goals in check.
Download: Finance & Career Goals Worksheet
Day 5 - Hobbies
Wine, knitting, writing, hiking, collecting, crafting—it doesn’t matter what you’re into. Today’s the day to plan out your ultimate hobby goals.
Download: Hobbies Goals Worksheet
Day 6 - Home & Relationships
Whether you want this to be the year you settle down or you just want to make your home your oasis, today is all about setting your foundation.
Download: Home & Relationship Goals Worksheet
Day 7 - Creating Your Ideal Me List
Today you’re going to take all of your selected goals and narrow them down to create your Ideal Me Challenge List. One goal per month, and today’s video is going to show you how!
Download: Ideal Me Challenge List Worksheet
Day 8 - Creating S.M.A.R.T Goals
Not all goals are created equal. Today’s challenge will teach you how to get specific and create SMART goals that will optimize your success.
Download: Ideal Me S.M.A.R.T Goals Worksheet
Day 9 - Research Your Goals
How do you make a plan of attack when you don’t know how to achieve your goal? That’s the exact question we’re going to tackle today. 
Download: Research Your Goal Worksheet
Day 10 - Reverse Engineer Success
Sometimes it’s better to throw out convention. Find out why I think working backwards is the best way to make an action plan.
Download: Your Goal Action Plan Worksheet & Your Interview Questions Worksheet 
Day 11 - Finding Your Type
There are 2 types of successful people in the world—ones who need to see the big picture and ones who need to take things day by day. Which type are you?
Download: Find Your Type Worksheet
Day 12 - RRAs & OTEs
Today is all about organizing your plan. What the the big milestones you have to achieve to make your goal a reality, and what are the small daily steps you have to take to keep you moving forward?
Download: Your OTE/RRA Idea Generator Worksheet
Day 13 - Anchor Your Habit 
We all have a routine, so doesn’t it seem to reason that connecting your goal habit to things you already do on a daily basis would make that habit second nature? Don’t know how? Find out how to anchor your habit in today’s video!
Download: Your Anchor Your Habits Worksheet
Day 14 - Your Reason Why
What would it mean to you to accomplish these 12 goals on your Ideal Me Challenge List? Understanding the root of your goal, and why you desire to achieve something is critical to your success.
Download: Your Reason Why Worksheet
Day 15 - Vision Board
Don’t underestimate the power of visual motivation. Today is about creating your very own reminder that you CAN accomplish your goal. Photo inspiration, quotes, checklists—you name it.
Download: Your Vision Board Planning Worksheet
Day 16 - Don't Break The Chain
Sometimes a little competition can be a great motivator. Think of today’s lesson as a little game. Use this simple method to challenge yourself to keep going and don’t break the chain!
Download: Your Don’t Break the Chain Worksheet
Day 17 - Accountability
Telling others keeps you accountable, and knowing they’ll check up on your progress puts some positive pressure on you so you stick to your guns until you’ve crushed your goal!

Day 18 - Mindfulness
Unfortunately, none of us are immune to stress, but successful people know just how to tackle overwhelming feelings when they start to creep in. A little mindfulness can go a long way.

Day 19 - Narrow The Scope
When you’re overwhelmed by your day or it feels like there are still so many steps to go until you’ve accomplished your goal—narrow your scope!

Day 20 - Finding Time
Too much to do and too little time—or at least, it feels like it. Get ready to track your time, eliminate distractions, and find at least 30 minutes of extra time that you can dedicate towards crushing your goal.
Download: Time Tracking Worksheet
Day 21 - Motivation Versus Ability
The fact is, motivation comes in waves. When it’s at it’s peak, you could run a marathon, but when it’s barely there, 15 minutes feels like a struggle. Find out how to adjust your expectations when your motivation leaves you out to dry.
Download: Your Low Motivation Back-up Plan
Day 22 - How To Start When You Struggle
Sometimes it’s all about baby steps. If you’re struggling to get the ball rolling on your goal crushing crusade, then you cannot miss out on today’s formula for succeeding through the struggle. 
Download: Your Little Win/Opposites (Attract Success) Worksheet
Day 23 - Create Rules Instead Of Goals
Today’s challenge includes a recipe for success. Your new mantra? Rules over resolutions. Check out today’s challenge to find how creating your own rules will help you stay on the hook and build a goal crushing routine.
Download: Anchoring Your Rules Worksheet
Day 24 - Filter Out Noise
Feel like you’re being pulled in too many different directions? Find out how to filter it out so you can focus on what’s really important.
Download: Filter Your Noise Worksheet
Day 25 - Dealing With Enablers
What do you do when your circle isn’t giving you the support you need? Check out today’s challenge to learn my best strategies for how to deal with negative people in your life.
Download: Bad Habit Enablers Worksheet
Day 26 - How To Conquer Aversions
What’s holding you back from accomplishing your goal? Check out today’s challenge to find out how to work with your reluctance and make your habit work for you, once and for all.
Download: Your Rooting Your Reluctance Worksheet
Day 27 - Habit Relapse
Today we’re talking relapses. Find out my fool proof strategy for making peace with your mistake and moving on to get out of your rut and back on your goal crushing track.
Download: Getting Back On Track Worksheet
Day 28 - The Art Of Letting Go
Sometimes our own expectations are the things that weigh most heavily upon us. So let it go.  Find out how to make peace with your limitations here.
Download: Let Your List Go Worksheet
Day 29 - Start Small
You can’t be on top of your game 100% of the time, but don’t let your rut stop you dead in your tracks. I have the secret for getting you out of that rut, and it’s starts with one small thing...
Download: Stuck In A Rut Worksheet
Day 30 - Fail Faster & Next Steps
You made it to the end of the challenge, but it’s just the beginning of your Ideal Me journey. Join me today and select your next goal. Find out how to optimize success and make a plan for the rest of your Design Your Ideal Life journey!

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