Top 10 Underrated Destinations to Put On Your Bucket List

Top 10 Underrated Destinations to Put On Your Bucket List

A true traveler, don’t just trek to popular hotspots where you’ll surely be just another tourist. No, they find underrated destinations that boast beautiful people and culture – minus the multitudes of tourists!

Why waste your time and energy worming your way through crowds of tourists – who’s just as clueless as you? Meeting locals and learning more about their country and culture is much more satisfying.

Out of all the less popular destinations, you can travel to, we’ve gathered here our top 10.


While Bhutan is one of the smallest countries in the world, its cultural diversity and richness are profound. Due to Bhutan’s location and unique geographical and climatic variations, it is one of the world’s last remaining biodiversity hotspots. Bhutan’s tourism sector is regarded as one of the most exclusive travel destinations in the world. Today tourism is a vibrant business with a high potential for growth and further development.

Via Tourism Council of Bhutan

Bhutan - underrated destinations


In this small Mediterranean country, virgin nature and cultural mysteries come together to create a unique sense of place. From the pure, white snow of the mountains to the red fields of spring poppies, Albania’s landscape is ever changing with the seasons, offering visitors a warm summer beach holiday or a challenging mountain trek during the fall. Visitors are welcomed as guests as part of the country’s rich cultural traditions and heritage. The warm hospitality of Albanians will make everyone feel at home in this small, wonderful land.

Via Albania

Albania - underrated destinations


Guyana is a paradise for nature lovers, adventure seekers, and the Eco-tourist alike. It  boasts an irresistible combination of fascinating and breathtaking natural beauty, pristine Amazonian rainforests, immense waterfalls, amazing wildlife, blended with a vibrant indigenous culture, rich heritage and the most hospitable and friendly people in the world.

Via Guyana Tourism Authority

Guyana - underrated destinations


If you’re drawn to places where echoes of ancient civilizations resonate down through the ages, Iran could be your thing. Some of history’s biggest names – Cyrus and Darius, Alexander the Great, Genghis Khan – all left their mark here and the cities they conquered or over which they ruled are among the finest in a region rich with such storied ruins. Iran’s greatest attraction could just be its people. The Iranians, a nation made up of numerous ethnic groups and influenced over thousands of years by Greek, Arab, Turkic and Mongol occupiers, are endlessly welcoming. Offers to sit down for tea will be an everyday occurrence, and if you spend any time at all with Iranians, you’ll often find yourself invited to share a meal in someone’s home. Say yes whenever you can, and through it experience first-hand, Iranian culture, ancient, sophisticated and warm.

Via Lonely Planet

Nasir al-Mulk mosque pnorama


Predicted to be one of the next global travel hotspots, Mongolia is more than just the home of the Mongols and the great Genghis Khan. In this majestic country, the ancient meets the modern and the result is guaranteed to take your breath away. Whether you want to explore the capital of Ulan Baatar, trek across the Gobi Desert on horseback or experience a homestay in a family yurt, this country is an adventure lover’s dream.

Via Discover  Mongolia Travel

Mongolia - underrated destinations


Iceland is a country of sharp contrasts. A place where fire and ice co-exist. Where dark winters are offset by the summer’s midnight sun. A country where insular existence has spurred a rich and vibrant culture. Thanks to the Gulf Stream, Iceland enjoys a cool, temperate maritime climate, with refreshing summers and surprisingly mild temperatures in winter. Icelandic culture has been shaped by isolation and the extreme forces of nature. These conditions have created a resilient people, where family ties are close, the sense of tradition is strong, and the bond with nature is tight.

Via Promote Iceland

Iceland - underrated destinations


There’s so much to see and do in each region of Tunisia: a wide variety of landscapes, a coastline spanning 1,250km, studded with islands and archipelagos, a fantastic array of traditions and customs and a rich historical heritage. We are delighted to introduce you to these regions by breaking them down into three areas: the north, the center, and the south.

Via Tunisian National Tourist Office

Tunisia - underrated destinations


From its green valleys spread with vineyards to its old churches and watchtowers perched in fantastic mountain scenery, Georgia (Saqartvelo, საქართველო) is one of the most beautiful countries on earth and a marvelous canvas for walkers, horse riders, cyclists, skiers, rafters and travelers of every kind. Equally special are its proud, high-spirited, cultured people: Georgia claims to be the birthplace of wine, and this is a place where guests are considered blessings and hospitality are the very stuff of life.

Via Lonely Planet

Vineyard and Alaverdi Cathedral with Caucasus Mountains in background.


Croatia has an unusual shape (similar to a croissant) that is unlike any other country in the world, which comes as a result of five centuries of expansion by the Ottoman (Turkish) empire towards Central Europe (although Croatia was never conquered by the Turks).

Via Visit Croatia

Crotia - underrated destinations


Come and wonder at a really regal nation. Denmark is full of castles, manor houses, and formal gardens to be visited. Get up close to Danish royalty of the past and present at famous castles such as Kronborg and Egeskov or find your own Viking treasures, walking amongst ancient rune stones. Many Danish castles are still used by the Royal Family today, including Queen Margrethe, Crown Princess Mary, and Crown Prince Frederik.

Via Visit Denmark

Denmark - underrated destinations

Ever been to these underrated destinations before? Now is the best time to start planning on visiting these places – while the throngs of tourists are still unaware.

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