Discover How To Turn Your Vision Into A Reality Using This Three Step System To Asses Where You Are In Life, Identify Areas You Would Like To Excel In And Develop Your Own Personal Roadmap To Get There!

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Despite their iconic success, they didn’t have much when they first started out…

They didn’t have the best resources.

They didn’t have power.

And they certainly didn’t come from privileged, well-connected families.

They started out just like most of us… except for one KEY thing.

They had an UNSHAKEABLE vision.

 They knew what they wanted to achieve—and never gave up on their mission.

You may want to earn six-figures or more, doing what you love.

Or finally get in the best shape of your life.

Or find the perfect partner—the one you’ve always dreamed of.

No matter how badly you may want and even desperately need these things to happen, making your vision REAL can be a struggle…

Just think of all the false starts—setting goals, diving in with both feet, only to eventually fall off the wagon (or never even start in the first place).

Hi, I’m Brittany Lynch, founder of Ideal Me.

Over the years, I’ve studied the success of others—the way people think, act, and achieve—and applied their strategies to my own life, with truly powerful results.

Today, I own a successful internet business—something I had always dreamed of—that surpassed the million-dollar mark when I was just 25 years old.

Trust me, I’m not sharing this to brag. I share this to demonstrate how powerful a vision has been in my own life—and how it can have a profound impact on yours.

Whether you realize it or not, every time you set a goal, you are using some form of visualization. You SEE yourself as a successful, happy, skinnier, richer version of yourself.

Visualization is a powerful process. But when most people think of visualization, they think of “The Secret”, The Law of Attraction, The Universe, and positive psychology.

There’s nothing wrong with those principles. Keeping a positive, optimistic outlook can absolutely help you persevere on your goals—and there are dozens of research studies to prove it.

But the downside to only focusing on the positive is that when challenges arise (and they always do), you aren’t prepared for them.

We often mistake these challenges as a sign that we aren’t ready, or that we aren’t meant to achieve these goals.

But nothing could be further from the truth.

Research now shows that anticipating BOTH positive and negative aspects of a goal—can INCREASE your chances of achieving that goal.

You want to a clear vision, but it needs to be COMPLETE and realistic.

And this is where successful people get it right…

Here’s how I approach a new goal:

STEP 1. I define my vision. I ask myself specific questions so I can diagnose where my life is currently at, and get crystal clear on the OUTCOME I want to achieve. (Most people mistakenly stop here, not realizing it’s just the first step.)

STEP 2: I set realistic, achievable goals. A goal isn’t a sentence you write down in your diary. There’s a lot of detail you need to add to it. I use the “GROW” goals model to help me set goals that are grounded in my current life reality.

STEP 3: I use visualization to help keep me motivated and on track. This isn’t a loosey-goosey version of a vision board, it’s a unique board I’ve created that brings the entire MAP of your goal into one easy-to-follow picture. (I call it an “Activity Board”.)

From what I’ve observed, 99.9% of people who set goals don’t go through such a detailed process as this one.

Do you?

When I started to search for visualization and goal-setting systems that include this entire process, I had NO luck.

But since I’ve had truly powerful results with this unique formula, I knew that there was something truly valuable to my personal approach.

And that’s why I decided to create…

This is the first system that combines realistic goal-setting with visualization. And what sets it apart from any other system out there are these 3 crucial components:

First, you’ll harness TWO types of visualization.

  1. Outcome visualization – This is the traditional technique where you get crystal clear on your end point. If you want to lose 20 pounds, you’d imagine what you will look like and feel like when you have achieved it (the compliments you’ll receive, the clothes you’ll wear, etc.)
  2. Process visualization – You’ll form a vision of what it will be like at every stage of achieving your goal. You anticipate challenges and how you’d overcome them on each step of your journey.

Second, you’ll use the proven “GROW” goal system. With this approach, you get very clear on where you are NOW, and what you realistically need to be successful. With this honest assessment, you are able to map out a clear, and ACHEIVABLE action plan.

Third, you create a visual map (“Action Board”). This is more than a vision board because it includes daily action steps, a clear deadline for your goal, along with the motivational elements, like quotes, images, etc.

The “Ideal Me Vision Kit Board” completes the circle for effective goal achievement. And it’s all laid out for you, step-by-step.

  • The Vision Tool Kit QuickStart Video with me, Brittany Lynch, walking you through the system, so you can quickly get started. (You’ll see how this combination of setting realistic “GROW” goals with a visual ACTION board can help you finally move forward on your goals.)
  • The “50 Life Questions” Self-Assessment – After completing this eye-opening exercise, it will be very clear what your VISION is, and where you want to go. (You’ll refer to this exercise again and again, as you achieve goals, and set new ones.)
  • The “GROW Your Goals” Video – Here’s where the rubber hits the road. You’ll learn how to create a concrete action plan that honors your current life reality. You’ll anticipate real obstacles and setbacks and mental blocks you may encounter (fear and procrastination) on your journey.  (Most systems fail because they don’t prepare you for this HUGE piece.)
  • The “Digital Action Board THIS Afternoon” Video so you can create your first “action board” right away. (You’ll have a digital vision board up and running the very same day, ready to print, and post on your wall.)
  • The Ideal Me “Vision And Action Board Swipe File” with 200+ inspirational quotes, affirmations, and top goals in all the major categories: relationships and love, fitness and health, wealth and career, and happiness and success.

This is a digital program, which means you’ll get INSTANT access!

Get YOUR Ideal Me Vision Kit for just $37 $17!

 If your current way of setting goals isn’t getting you results, is it time you try something new?

Imagine crossing over to the other side—being able to dream big AND also achieve. What is that worth to you?


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We take the risk you get the reward. Isn't that how business should be?


Here’s to your Ideal Me!

Brittany Lynch,

Ideal Me Founder & CEO