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12 Sock Knitting Patterns for Beginners Using Circular Needles

One of the most fun things to knit are socks! They don’t require all that much yarn and are quite useful. Plus, you can’t have too many socks, especially during the cooler months!

That’s why these sock knitting patterns for beginners are perfect for those who are looking to improve their skills and up their knitting game. Socks can be intimidating to knit at first so don't worry! I have a Learn to Knit class that you can watch free for 2 days! Check out the step by step videos here.

These knitting patterns call for circular needles but you can totally use double pointed needles too if you are more comfortable with those.

Check out our list of sock knitting patterns and start making pairs of these for you and your whole family this winter!

Want to add an additional flare to your socks? I have a Knit Library with 50 Knit Stitches that you can use to customize socks or any other knit pattern! It is a great way to add your personality into your projects. Check out all the stitches here.


The construction of these socks ais quite simple.  It is knit from the top-down with a heel flap, traditional gussets, and a basic toe. But this simple form allows the intricate patterning to shine. The front and back of the sock feature an elaborate criss-cross n pattern (it's easier than it looks, and all done without a cable needle). The front and back are separated by a charming bit of fancy ribbing which carries on down the side of the foot and the heel.  The combination is lovely and reminds me of intricate tile work.

Via Knitty

Inlay - sock knitting patterns

Flying North

Flying North provides a simple texture stitching to add to your favorite sock pattern. The knit sock is worked from the toe, up to the cuff with a short-row or afterthought heel (specific heel instructions are not provided, see heel suggestions in the pattern). The texture is worked on the top of the foot until the heel and then worked around the cuff and completed with a 1×1 ribbing and stretchy bind off. The pattern is written using the Magic Loop method but can be easily adjusted to using double-pointed needles or other sock knitting methods.

Via Ravelry

Flying North - sock knitting patterns

Ribes Jumeaux

This sock pattern is knit from the top down. It features a twisted rib cuff, contrasting slip stitch heel, and stripes in the cuff and toe. The stitch pattern in the leg is called Twin Ribs, thus the fancy name for these socks. Ribes Jumeaux is Twin Ribs in French. It's written in 2 sizes- men's and women's medium, which is about a size 7-8 shoe.

Via Beadknitter Patterns

Ribes Jumeaux - sock knitting patterns


Basic socks using a 12 or 9-inch tiny circular needle. If you haven't tried knitting with these tiny needles, now's your chance. A sock miracle!

Via Smitten

Basic - sock knitting patterns


This is a simple straightforward knitting pattern for my favorite top-down with a heel flap Vanilla Socks. These socks are knit in stockinette with a little ribbing at the sides. The ribbing at the sides keeps these socks fitting, and not slouching. They're super simple, great fitting, easy to knit, and the pattern is free!

Via My Knitted Heart

Vanilla - sock knitting patterns

Basic 4-Ply

This sock-along is designed for beginners who’ve never knitted socks before but have always wanted to have a go. From choosing yarn and needles to creating tension squares to determine your perfect fit, we’re going to work through the whole process of knitting a top-down, heel flap sock together – with lots of pictures!

Via Winwick Mum

Basic 4-Ply - sock knitting patterns

Relax at Home

These knit socks are perfect for wearing around the house instead of clunky slippers. Of course, if your boots are roomy, these socks are perfect for around town too. Choose fun colors and knit them for yourself or as a gift that’s sure to be appreciated.

Via Red Heart

Relax at Home - sock knitting patterns

Mini Cable Spirals

Spirals on your heels and toes – fun to knit and fun to wear. The simple mini cable pattern works up quickly, and the afterthought heel (a modified star toe) and star toe finish off these socks with style!

Via Danni Knits

Mini Cable Spirals - sock knitting patterns

Warm Socks

This knitting pattern can be used to make socks of any size using whichever wool and needle combination you like. You start at the toe and increase until you have the desired width. Then you keep working in rounds until it’s the right length.

Via Crochet and Knitting

Basic Warm - sock knitting patterns


These socks are knitted toe-up with a short row heel. The knitting pattern is written in a way that you can adapt it to your foot size – even in a way that you don’t have to knit a swatch.

Via Knitting and so on

Alignment - sock knitting patterns

Summer Sox Cable Ribbon

These socks use cable stitches with large expanses of ribbing in between so they don’t run too tight. And the picot cuff is worked on fewer stitches so it doesn’t flair.

Via Classic Elite Yarns

Summer Sox Cable Ribbon - sock knitting patterns


There is something strangely intimidating about turning a heel. It seems a bit like magic, some decreases, some short rows, and boom – your heel fits perfectly in an item that is otherwise a tube. We assure you it’s as simple as 1, 2, 3! Heel Flap, Heel Turn, and Gusset!

Via Tin Can Knits

Rye - sock knitting patterns

How many of these sock knitting patterns do you think you can finish before the year ends? You’ll surely be happily bundled in warm socks if you start knitting them right now!

If you love these knitting patterns, check out some of our other knitting pattern round-ups below:

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