15 Awesome Productivity Blogs That Will Motivate You

Ah, productivity.  It’s both our enemy and our friend depending on how well it’s working for us.

So many of us feel overworked, overwhelmed, and like we’re coasting through a routine.  

Improving productivity isn’t just about increasing the rate at which you do work.  It’s all about transforming your mindset, how you view the way you work, and how it affects your overall lifestyle.

These productivity blogs all offer advice, strategies, and perspectives on how you can reclaim your time, find better fulfillment, and boost productivity to help you live your best life.

From time management to embracing minimalism, there’s no shortage of great content on these productivity blogs to keep you motivated.

Zen Habits

Zen Habits is a great blog that focuses on mindfulness to foster productivity, as well as a conscious and minimalist living.

The blog

itself is very clean and streamlined, with access only to the many articles that fill it.

The articles range from advice on forming positive habits to disconnecting in order to boost productivity.  This blog really is zen and each article will help you feel more present and mindful in life and in work.


This blog is led by productivity expert, Mike Vardy whose followers are self-proclaimed productivity enthusiasts.

Combing through this blog, it’s clear that productivity is the imminent theme.  It covers every aspect of productivity from how it relates to your work life to how it affects your earning potential.

He also offers a podcast and a free email management course to help you clear out the clutter and start off on a clean foot.

Time Management Ninja

One of the biggest enemies to productivity is poor time management.  That’s where this blog can help come to the rescue.

Craig’s aim with his blog is to help both companies and individuals learn to manage their time effectively for the ultimate productivity.

Peruse his blog and find out his best tips and tricks for hacking your time and making every minute count.

Jocelyn K. Glei

I like this blog because it focuses on a detailed view of procrastination and how our small everyday bad habits can have a profound impact on our overall productivity.

From evaluating normalized time wasters like constantly checking email, to reevaluating your mindset for sharper focus, this blog will have you thinking about productivity in a whole new way.

This blog has such unique advice and perspectives and I find myself coming to it when I need a little mental boost.

Study Hacks

This blog is all about—you guessed it—procrastination.  This blog is run by a Georgetown professor, so you’re getting great tips from an academic who understands the need for productivity first hand.

This blog challenges threats to productivity like social media but also tackles some more unconventional topics like the open office trend.

I like this blog because the pieces have a very clear perspective, regardless of whether I agree with it or not.  Plus, he shares some of his own research and study strategies.

A Life of Productivity

This blog has plenty of helpful productivity tips and articles, but the real draw is far more unique.

A Life of Productivity features productivity experiments tested by the mastermind behind the blog, Chris.

His challenges range from entertaining concepts like being a slob for a week to long-term, ambitious challenges like using his smartphone for just one hour every day for 3 months.

Following his extreme productivity efforts is both entertaining and highly motivating.

The Productivity Pro

Aside from an abundance of blog articles with expert time management strategies, Laura also offers books, videos, and even quizzes related to the topics of productivity.

I like her articles because they’re very concept based.  Her posts explore productivity strategies as they relate to office politics, personal efficiency, and global perspectives.

Carson Tate

Carson is known for creating a killer productivity course for businesses, but her blog focuses heavily on personal productivity.

Her articles often take a different perspective, which I find refreshing.  For example, one her articles discuss how time management isn’t the most effective strategy for corporate productivity.

Definitely, give her a blog a read for nuanced tips and perspectives.

Laura Vanderkam

The reason this is one of my favorite productivity blogs is that it aligns very closely with the ideals of a lifestyle business.

She’s all about finding ways to maximize your time so you aren’t always trading time for money on an endless cycle.

She writes for a lot of other successful publications as well but I love that her focus is on taking control back over your career, your time, and your lifestyle.  

From strategies to help you add more time to your week and cut back on work hours to how to change your perspective on business, she has incredibly posts that will challenge conventional perspectives.  

Pick The Brain

Pick The Brain is one of my favorite blogs for personal motivation, self-improvement, and increased proficiency.

The articles on this blog emphasize both actionable steps you can take to improve productivity, as well as mindset shifts you can make for overall self-improvement.

They break their posts down into 5 categories: Personal Productivity, Motivation, Philosophy, Psychology, Self-Education, and Writing so that you can find posts relevant to your current needs.

Michael Hyatt

Michael has a lot of information about productivity.  He offers a podcast, articles, and tools/apps that will help you increase efficiency, organization, and time management.

His blog focuses on creating success at work predominantly, but also in your home life.  From his view, you can’t have success in work without creating a good home balance.

This blog has a good mix of content related to both career productivity as well as personal development.

A Daring Adventure

This blog is run by a certified life coach who left his corporate job and changed his life to creating fulfillment through a new lifestyle.

There are lots of anecdotes that I find motivating and comforting, as well as posts related to stress management, motivational stories, and letting go of self-limiting behavior.

It’s one of the best productivity blogs to comb through for overall self-improvement and empowerment.

Asian Efficiency

What I like most about this blog is that it’s very actionable, matter of fact, and no-nonsense.

The energy of the blog, from the moment you visit the first page, is super focused and determined.  Just reading the articles makes me feel confident that I can boost my productivity easily and effectively.  

They also have a productivity quiz so you can determine your current level of productivity and then find articles that can help you improve upon it.  

The posts are also tagged based on their focus like email management or productivity for easy identification.

Becoming Minimalist

Surprise, surprise—this blog is all about minimalism as a lifestyle.  It focuses on how our emphasis on consumerism and clutter can derail both our daily productivity, as well as our ability to live in the present.

If you think you could benefit from simplifying, streamlining, and decluttering your life then this is the blog for you.

Simplifying your surroundings can help create space physically and mentally to allow for better focus and productivity on the things that really matter.

Steve Pavlina

Steve is all about growth in a variety of aspects of your life.  His posts focus a lot on the big picture of how your lifestyle can impact every smaller aspect of your life.

The way you live your life and the daily choices you make can impact your overall productivity and fulfillment.

His blog aims to help you on your journey of self-development from lifestyle and values to creating success and productivity.  It’s a great blog to follow for the long haul.

Productivity is a huge interest of mine as an owner of a lifestyle business because my work is all in my own hands.  I’m in charge of motivating myself, and I find these productivity blogs instrumental in helping me stay focused and motivated so that I can continue to stake a claim over my time and career.

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