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15 Quick and Easy Crochet Washcloth to Make This Weekend

For a beginner, these easy crochet washcloths are the perfect projects to take on. They are not only quick to make, you learn lots of different kinds of crochet stitches and the end product is quite useful, too!

If you're still new to crochet, you'll want to learn to crochet in a way where you'll be armed with the fundamental skills that will give you the confidence to tackle any project with more enjoyment. You may want to consider these amazing step-by-step Crochet Fundamentals video classes if you're starting out OR you feel like you never learned the proper way to do some of the basics.

Back the post now, these 15 quick and easy crochet washcloths are the best that we’ve found on the web. Try them out and see just how many you can make in one sitting!

Farm House

This crochet washcloth pattern is really easy and it uses the spider stitch.  This stitch uses beginner crochet stitches and you simply need to know how to single crochet and make a chain stitch. It is “farmhouse style”, which means it’s generously sized and durable for all the scrubbing that needs to be done around the house.

Via Mama in a Stitch

Farm House - crochet washcloth

Basket Weave

The basketweave stitch really makes it look like it's been woven somehow. There’s a little border around the edge of this washcloth using single crochet and half double crochet – which frames it nicely.

Via Megmade with Love

Basket Weave - crochet washcloth

Crunch Stitch

This pattern uses a combination of the half double crochet (hdc) and the slip stitch (sl st). Together, it is called the “crunch stitch”. It really does have a fairly stiff “crunch” to the texture that just makes it so easy to scrub up your dirty pans!

Via CDM Handmade

Crunch Stitch - crochet washcloth


Dishcloths or washcloths are very quick and easy to crochet. Making a few of them could be a great way to practice your stitches. This crochet pattern uses a simple repeat to give you a great texture. Make a few to match your kitchen decor and you have something that looks good and is useful too.

Via Crochet Dreamz

Textured - crochet washcloth


Tunisian crochet is a deceptively easy crochet technique that is a little bit crochet, a little bit knitting and looks like weaving. The resulting fabric is quite thick and spongy making it a perfect choice for wash or dishcloths, potholders, cushions and more. This is a quick and easy project finished off with a crochet border in Linen Stitch and perfect for gift giving.

Via My Poppet Makes

Tunisian - crochet washcloth

Easy & Thick

This crochet dishcloth pattern is about as easy as it gets – a perfect crochet pattern for beginners. You only need to know 2 stitches, the chain stitch and the single crochet stitch.

Via Dabbles & Babbles

Easy _ Thick - crochet washcloth


Turn a yucky chore, like dishes, into a pretty one with these easy round crochet dishcloths.

Via Mrs Brits

Round - crochet washcloth


The herringbone stitch is so full of texture and interest. The stitches slant back and forth and make for a nice washcloth. These are simple to make and great for a beginner crocheter.

Via The Purple Poncho

Herringbone - crochet washcloth

Simple Lacy Look

Crochet cotton dishcloths are absorbent and textured – great for cleaning dishes, washing off counter tops, and soft enough to be used as a facial wash cloth, if you wish.

Via Everyday Handmade

Simple Lacy Look - crochet washcloth

Mama’s Crochet Dishcloth

This is a simple little textured cloth that works up without much brain energy but can be made in any colors or any size.

Via Felted Button

Mama’s - crochet washcloth

Blossom Stitch

These crocheted washcloths are made with a stitch called the blossom stitch. It is slightly more open and lacy than the stitches normally used for dishcloths or washcloths but still solid enough to work.

Via Craftaholics Anonymous

Blossom Stitch - crochet washcloth


This spa-style washcloth will pamper your skin – try stitching it in organic cotton for the ultimate in natural luxury. Measures a generous 9” square and is great for adults or babies. What a wonderful gift wrapped around a bar of handmade soap!

Via Ravelry

Waffle - crochet washcloth


These ribbed crochet washcloths are just what you need if you've been hoping to learn to crochet. You can practice chain stitches and single crochet stitches and still have something to show for it. Make some new dishcloths for your kitchen in bright summer colors or wrap some up with a nice bar of soap and give spa cloths to a friend. Hand-made, 100% cotton yarn cloths like these are a nice little luxury.

Via Aesthetic Nest

Ribbed - crochet washcloth

Easy Peasy

This washcloth is easy to make, it's simple to master and you'll soon be making 1 to 2 each night! They make great gifts paired with a nice fancy soap.

Via CraftyRie

Easy Peasy - crochet washcloth

Baby Washcloths

So gentle and soft, this beautiful baby washcloth is perfect for the newest addition in your life. It's also a nice little pattern to help you learn how to crochet a shell stitch.

Via Allicrafts

Baby Washcloths - crochet washcloth

Have you ever created or used a crochet washcloth before? These things are super easy to make and make fabulous handmade gifts that will surely be appreciated.

For those that are visually inclined, there are a number of great washcloth tutorials on YouTube as well. Here are a few ones that we think you'll really like.

If you'd like some more inspiration for crochet patterns, take a peek at some of my other blog pages here: 55 Fun Pot Holder Crochet Patterns

For a beginner, these easy crochet washcloths are the perfect projects to take on.

2 Responses
  • Cyndy King
    August 16, 2022

    What specific yarn do you recommend for wash clothes and what yarn for dish clothes?

    • Berkeley
      September 5, 2022

      I’ve been crocheting since 2008 and and I only use 100% cotton yarn for both both dishcloths and wash cloths because anything else will not absorb the water and soap the same way. An acrylic yarn is not good for absorption & a wool yarn will ‘felt’ when scrubbed and used in hot water. And the cotton yarn dishcloths and wash cloths only get softer after every laundering.

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