16 Easy Storage Ideas For Small Spaces

We’ve gathered here 16 easy storage ideas for small spaces that you can copy – whether that be in your bedroom, bathroom, kitchen or any other space!

Finding enough place to put all your stuff when moving or living in a small home is always a challenge. You need to have your necessities but also still be able to move freely – meaning not crashing into things as you go about your way.

Fortunately, there are a few tricks that you can do to add more storage space without actually using any more space.

Back of Closet

In space-challenged bedrooms, every square inch counts. Backs of closet doors, for example, can provide a few precious inches that can be put to everyday use for wardrobe planning. Install one pole and one over-the-door hook to plan out outfits for a day or two. Oft-worn accessories or other dressing items can also be put in easy reach, thanks to narrow hooks and plastic holders.

Via Better Homes & Gardens

back of closet - easy storage ideas

Bathroom Sink Shelving

For those with tiny bathroom sinks but need extra storage for all their beauty essentials, adding shelves like these on the sides is the solution.

Via Graceful Order

bathroom sink shelving - easy storage ideas

Storage Ladder

When you can’t fit a huge bulky cabinet or shelving in your bathroom or any room, really – this storage ladder should work great. Just add as many baskets or hooks as you need. As an added bonus, you can easily move this around!

Via Clean & Scentsible

storage ladder - easy storage ideas

Magnetic Spice Rack

For those who love to cook and have a huge collection of spices, this neat storage solution answers 2 things – how to easily find your spices and free up space in your cabinets or shelves.

Via Instructables

magnetic spice rack - easy storage ideas

Lid Rack

Pots take up the least space when you nest them, but that leaves the lids with no place to go. Give them a home of their own by installing metal towel bars inside your pantry door.

Via Martha Stewart

lid rack - easy storage ideas

Cutting Board Storage

Using a mesh file sorter hang that in one of your kitchen cabinets so it’s out of the way and you get to maximize the use of your storage space.

Via smARTaleck studio

cutting board storage - easy storage ideas

Railing System Caddy Storage

When you need all the counter space you can get but also need to have your essentials within reach. This railing system makes that all happen and it looks great to boot!

Via No. 29 Design

railing system caddy storage

Placemat Mail Sorter

This super simple project will take you about 15 minutes to sew (plus about an hour if you want to cut a stencil.)  This is made to hang from a sash rod on a bulletin board, but you can hang this mail sorter just about anywhere.

Via Dollar Store Crafts

mail sorter - easy storage ideas

Hanging Cup Hooks

Another way to maximize shelf space is to attach hooks for your mugs or cups.  The result can double the shelf space in a simple way and make everything easier to reach.

Via Penelope’s Oasis

hanging cup hooks - easy storage ideas

Under the Bed Storage

Here’s a nice idea for extra storage you can keep right under your bed! You can use old bookcases, shelves or even drawers to make your own – just add casters for easy pulling. Or, you might opt for plastic ones you can buy.

Via Do It Yourself Fun Ideas

under the bed storage - easy storage ideas

Extra Shelf Inside a Cabinet

Add an extra shelf to any cabinet without using any power tools. Super easy and you only need a few pieces of wood to make it.

Via Glue Dots

extra shelf - easy storage ideas

Undersink Storage

Inexpensive and functional pull-out storage bins and shelves help maximize storage under sinks and inside cabinets. An ideal solution for small spaces.

Via Behr

undersink storage - easy storage ideas


Over the Door Rack

Make the most of small spaces with an over-the-door rack to help you maximize space and find extra storage space. This can be placed on any door of the house!

Via I’m an Organizing Junkie

over the door rack - easy storage ideas

Floating Storage Crates

For rooms with not much wall space and therefore nowhere to place a cabinet, try hanging plastic crates on the wall. These work well for light toys and items.

Via Hometalk

floating storage crates - easy storage ideas

Magnetic Makeup Storage

This is so easy to get ready at your vanity & reach over to grab the makeup product you need.

Via Liz Marie Blog

magnetic makeup storage - easy storage ideas

Roll-Up Drain Rack

This roll-up drain rack is handy for small space living. It cleverly uses available space on your sink and can be stored very easily and compactly.

Via Centophobe

roll-up drain rack - easy storage ideas

Have you tried any of these yet? I bet you’re itching to try one of these storage ideas in your own small space.

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16 easy storage ideas for small spaces

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