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16 Yoga Youtube Channels You Should Be Following

As much as I love taking yoga classes in a studio, a lot of the time I just really want to get my flow on at home. Plus, yoga classes can get expensive if you’re practicing multiple times a week.

Thank goodness for the wonders of the internet. There are tons of yoga Youtube channels out there to help you get your flow on anywhere, anytime.

I always recommend taking an in-person class if you’re a total beginner to avoid injury and to ensure that you’re easing into poses correctly.

But if this isn’t your first yoga experience ever, there are absolutely zero reasons to not take advantage of all the incredible yoga Youtube instructors out there giving away classes for free!

Here are 16 Yoga Youtube Channels You Should Be Following. You’ll find videos for every level, every intensity, and for pretty much anything you could think of!

So, what’s stopping you? Go get your flow on!


This is one of my all time favorite yoga channels! Sarah Beth has yoga videos for pretty much anything you can think of. She has yoga routines for stress relief, better sleep, flexibility, etc. She even has prenatal yoga videos.

She offers short videos to teach you tough poses, quick power yoga workouts and relaxing restorative routines.

My favorites are her power yoga workouts. They’re all 30 minutes or less but they still make each of those minutes count. I’m always pouring sweat after a power yoga flow from her.

Almost all of her flows and routines are 30 minutes or less, which means you never have an excuse to miss a practice.

She has a couple of longer free-flow videos which are great. The only thing is, I wish she had even more longer flows because sometimes my body needs a longer practice.

Cat Meffan

Cat is a UK blogger and fitness expert, and she has a fantastic yoga channel. Her flows range from 15 minutes to 45 minutes. Plus, she has routines for every level, from beginner to advanced.

She also did an awesome 31-day yoga challenge in January too. Her flows are mostly an even mix of easy and challenging.

I like her channel because it feels like a mix between a fitness and lifestyle/fashion channel. She has flows and workouts, but she also does hauls and vlogs to round it out.

The vlogs are great if you want to know where she gets her cute leggings—and trust me, you will!

O’M Yoga

O’M Yoga is my go-to solution when I’m looking for a longer practice. She has mainly full hour long flows which means your body gets to experience the benefits of a complete yoga practice.

She also has 45 minute and 30 minute flows so you can pick a practice that works with your schedule. Her routines really make me feel like I’m in a yoga class. She’s so detailed with her instructions and I find that most of her routines are just the right balance of challenging and relaxing.

She starts each practice with a quote, which is a great way to guide you into setting intentions for your practices.

I like to feel worked out and relaxed at the end of my practice, and O’M Yoga videos always accomplish that.

She also throws in a good mix of new and challenging flows and poses in each video so you don’t feel like you’re stuck doing the same thing across multiple videos.

Yoga With Adriene

This is one of the most popular yoga Youtube channels. Adriene has over 2 million subscribers, and it’s no surprise why. She’s super grounded and fun to watch.

She has tons of videos—so many that you’d probably never need to repeat one. But you’ll probably want to because the flows are super customized.

I particularly like her Yoga For Healing playlist. I use those videos when I’m feeling down or anxious and they have a nice, calming effect.

She has lots of other playlists, like weight loss yoga, and detox yoga, among others. Sometimes she’ll even have guest yogis lead her videos so you get a taste of different instructors.

Yoga With Tim

Tim’s another yogi who has guest instructors. I love the different styles of each video, and he has some of the sweatiest flows I’ve done.

I’m a big fan of his balance flows. They’ll work muscles you didn’t even know you had. His headstand tutorials are also really helpful.

I’m not quite all the way there with my headstand practice yet, but his videos have helped me a lot.

FightMaster Yoga

This is one of the most well-rounded yoga youtube channels I’ve come across. Plus, Leslie has such a soothing presence. Her practices feel personal and really thoughtfully planned.

She has lots of full-length practices to choose from, particularly vinyasa flows. She also has videos for yoga with kids, meditation, and prenatal yoga.

She starts each practice with a unique intention, and I find her practices to be very gently guided.

Yoga With Kassandra

Kassandra’s channel is unique because it has specialized practices. It has all the flows you expect like vinyasa, flexibility, balance, etc. But the cool part is, she has yoga flows specifically for athletes, designed to help recovery and performance.

Some yoga poses are rough on parts of your body like your knees, so having specially curated practices is really nice for athletes with over-stressed joints.

She also uploads vlogs like meal prep and answers burning questions from fellow Youtubers.

Brett Larkin Yoga

Brett’s channel is full of lots of yoga challenges and series dedicated to working on specific skills or types of yoga.

She’s very peppy, and I find that I prefer her practices when I want to energize. She also offers a sprinkling of non-yoga workouts, like barre if you’re looking to switch it up.

This is another channel that, to me, is half fitness, half lifestyle because she also posts frequent vlogs and product reviews.

Tara Stiles

Tara’s channel is a recent discovery of mine and I love it because she specializes in short and sweet videos. Most of her videos are 10 minutes or under.

She has really fantastic videos breaking down tough poses like forearm stands and crow pose.

Pro tip: I like to combine 5 or 6 of her 5-7 minute videos into a playlist to make custom full-length workouts.

She has tons of clips so it’s kind of like a create your own workout channel.

Man Flow Yoga

You don’t have to be a man to take advantage of these awesome workouts. Obviously! Just like you don’t have to be a lady to flow with any female led channels.

With that said, the channel is definitely marketed towards men. Dean started yoga as a way to help heal his body from fitness related injuries and ailments. His flows are designed to help you focus on proper technique to keep you open and injury free while you train in other sports or fitness activities.

His knowledge of the body is obvious in all of his flows. His mini flows will help you nail techniques that help you with squats and lifts. He also has tons of flow videos focused on working the upper body.

Even though I love his channel for anyone looking to use yoga to enhance their overall athletic performance, it’s also a great way to finally get the stubborn male in your life to take the yoga plunge.

Leigha Butler

Leigha’s channel is my go-to for fast-paced flows that really make me sweat. I love a good slow flow when I need to breath into a pose, but sometimes, my body and breath work wants to go faster.

Leigha has plenty of beginner flows, but I’m a fan of her intermediate flows. I also think it’s a good idea to have a little basic experience with yoga before jumping into her videos. Even the beginner flows are a little bit faster than your usual flow.

She also gives you lots of opportunities to challenge yourself and play around with poses, which is great for expanding your practice.

Yoga By Candace

Candace’s videos are super soothing. She has a very calming personality and a variety of different styles of flows.

She has some great restorative yoga videos and some full-length breathing and meditation guides.

She also has power yoga, core yoga, and flows of a variety of different lengths. I do find her flows to be slower paced-even her intermediate and power yoga videos. So, she’s great for beginners or anyone who likes slower breathwork in their yoga practice.
Her videos aren’t the most challenging in terms of pacing, but they still make me sweat.


This is such a cool channel because they have partner yoga with different instructors for different videos. This way, you can find a style or instructor that vibes with your own likes.

I do their flows at least once a week, especially their morning yoga. I usually hate morning workouts, but I’ve been trying to do one workout early each week.

They’re short and sweet. They’re enough to wake my body up, but not so intense that I feel like I need to eat before.

Boho Beautiful

Boho Beautiful is absolutely a lifestyle channel. It’s run by a couple—Julianna and Mark who advocate a vegan, compassionate, conscious lifestyle.

Most of their yoga videos are under 25 minutes, so they’re a little too short for a full practice, but you can always combine a couple of different videos.

They also have guided meditations, pilates workouts, vegan recipe videos, and travel vlogs.

It’s a great inspirational channel for living more thoughtfully and consciously by incorporating yoga practice into your day.

Ekhart Yoga

This channel has everything from yoga for flexibility to strength building poses. They also have yoga for seniors and prenatal yoga.

The classes are anywhere from 10 minutes to 90 minutes, so you can fit it in on your schedule. This is another channel with multiple yoga instructors. It’s led by Esther Ekhart, but she has a nice crew of other yogis who pop in to teach flows and sequences.

New videos are released twice a week, so there’s no shortage of great videos to flow to.

Ali Kamenova Interval Yoga

Last but not least, Ali’s has SO many videos on her channel. She’s another recent discovery and I’ve been loving it. She specializes in interval yoga, which is particularly effective for fitness and athletic performance.

It’s nice to have a huge variety to choose from. Her weight loss workouts are killer, and she combines HIIT cardio in with yoga to maximize efficiency.

She has lots of true blue yoga workouts too but having power workouts that combine cardio and yoga are nice when you want to mix it up.

She also has healthy recipes and spot targeting flows.

There are tons of amazing yogis on Youtube, and now you have an easy list of the best ones!

Get your yoga on without leaving home. I do yoga Youtube workouts 3x per week, and I love it! From flexibility to weight loss and power yoga, there is no shortage of videos curated specifically for your yoga needs.

Youtube videos give you the chance to create your own custom practice every time!

Here are 16 Yoga Youtube Channels to start following - you’ll find videos for every level, every intensity, and for pretty much anything you could think of!

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