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20 Unique Recipes For Canning Jam

One of the best parts of summer is eating all the juicy and delicious fruits and veggies fresh from the garden. While we'd love to eat like this all year round, the reality is that the cold weather sets in eventually and all of our summer treats come to an end. Fortunately, we can capture a little bit of summer gold to hoard away for the winter in the form of jam.

Canning jam is a way of preserving summer produce in a natural process that destroys the organism that spoils food. From maple whiskey peach jam to kumquat jalapeno jam, you’ll find endless combinations sure to delight all year round!

Check out our wonderful collection of 20 yummy and unique recipes for canning jam now.

Peach and Pepper Jam

Use this sweet and spicy Peach and Pepper Jam on cheese and crackers or try it as a glaze for chicken or shrimp.

Via Seasons and Suppers

Raspberry Lemon Thyme Jam

This jam is pretty straight up bright raspberry with a zing of lemon and just a hint of something herbalicious.  The lemon thyme helps to give a little extra kick.

Via Jules Food

Maple Peach Whisky Jam

This jam would be great on toast or scones, inside a grilled cheese, spooned over ice cream, or, you could do what we did – spread it on a crostini and top it with blue cheese and prosciutto.

Via Kelly Neil

Pink Grapefruit and Vanilla Bean Jam

This citrus jam is a little different because grapefruit has a characteristic bitter flavor which most people either love or they don’t.  If you like marmalade, then you will probably like this.

Via The View From Great Island

Pink Gooseberry Elderflower Jam

It’s a happy coincidence that elderflowers are often out when gooseberries come into season, and so the classic combination of gooseberry and elderflower is often seen in old cookbooks, as well as in modern-day shops and restaurants.

Via Lavender and Lovage

Zucchini Peach Jelly

You can use this jelly as a condiment. It's always a conversation piece—everyone wonders about the “green” ingredient! This beautiful jelly is so easy to make and I often use it as a gift-giving item for the holidays.

Via Taste of Home

Pear Vanilla Jam

For those who usually give away their jams as gifts, you may be in trouble with this recipe. It’s so tasty, you definitely won’t be sharing.

Via Flour On My Face

Honey Sweetened Rhubarb Fig Jam

A thick, perfectly spreadable jam is achieved with this delightful recipe. Because neither of the fruits are high in acidity, and there isn’t a boatload of sweetener in it.

Via Heart Beet Kitchen

Blackberry Vanilla Basil Jam

Here’s something delicious – a little different with layers of unexplainable sweet, yet slightly savory spreadable goodness.

Via Jules Food

Cucumber Vanilla Jam

This jam tastes like vanilla with the subtle freshness of cucumber. You should try it, it’s pretty amazing.

Via Like A Strawberry Milk

Kumquat Jalapeno Jam

This jam is a little labor intensive, but it is SO good and has such unique flavor! Serve jam on crackers with some Brie cheese – the PERFECT pairing!

Via Prairie Californian

Banana Kiwi Jam

Sweet bananas and acidic kiwis. This interesting jam literally takes only a few moments to prepare, with a few hours of cooking, and the  jam is ready. (Polish)

Via Wypieki

Rose Petal Plum Jam

Here’s another favorite jam from this season…sweet, tart fresh plums with just a wisp of summer rose. Perfect for breakfast or afternoon tea on a cold fall-ish day.

Via Jules Food

Strawberry Chipotle Jam

At first taste, it’s pure delicious strawberry.  But, comin’ up from behind is a lovely smoky, slow burn from the chipotles.

Via Tide and Thyme

Habanero Jelly

This jelly served on top of a block of cream cheese is just about the best cheese and crackers event in town.

Via The Meaning of Pie

Cranberry Sriracha Pepper Jelly

This ruby-hued, sweet and spicy jelly is made from cranberries, fresh orange juice, jalapeños, sugar and a favorite condiment here at The Café, Sriracha. Sriracha is a fabulous hot sauce made from sun ripened chilies, and in combination with the jalapeños, adds a unique, delicious layer of heat.

Via The Cafe Sucre Farine

Garam Masala Nectarine Jam

We absolutely recommend trying this jam… it's better than plain old peach and it will be a pleasant surprise in the pantry on a cold winter morning.

Via Jules Food

Pineapple Passion Fruit Jam

Delicious on toasts, this pineapple & passion fruit jam is low in sugar and high in fruit.

Via The Flexitarian

Kentucky Bar Fight Jam

We love the name of this jam – a sweet and spicy jam made with blackberries, blueberries, jalapenos, and bourbon.

Via Tasty Kitchen

Carrot Jam

This delicious 3-ingredient carrot jam is based on a recipe from 1865. It’s bright, tasty and super-easy with no unusual equipment needed. It tastes like apricot jam!

Via Veggie Desserts

It is very important to use the correct method for the foods you are canning and preserving.

The best part of summer is eating delicious fruits from the garden. Here are 20 unique recipes for canning jam to delight your taste buds all year round!

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  • Amelia Miller
    March 1, 2022

    Pear Vanilla Jam! This is delicious. I love this combo.

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