26 Free Baby Blanket Knitting Patterns

One of any avid knitter’s favorite projects is knitting baby blankets! They are usually not too complicated and oftentimes quick to finish. This is why having an arsenal of free baby blanket knitting patterns is important.

You never know when you’ll be needing to cast on for a sweet gift to a newborn. Or maybe, you just want one for your little ones or yourself!

Whether it’s a gift or not, knitting baby blankets are just a lot of fun. All of the patterns are free and are perfect for beginners and advanced beginner knitters alike.

Speaking of being new to knitting, if knitting is still a new skill for you and you'd like to take things to the next level so that you can be a confident knitter, check out the professionally filmed Learn to Knit class.

Fair & Square

This is a happy little baby blanket knit in the round from the center out. The fun stripes provide an opportunity to play with color and the transitional knit/purl row between each stripe lends lovely texture and dimension.

Via Espace Tricot

Fair & Square - free baby blanket knitting patterns

Malt Blanket

Malt is a beginner baby blanket knitting pattern. The malt blanket is knit in rows from end to end. It is a simple and modern baby blanket.

Via Tin Can Knits

Malt - free baby blanket knitting patterns

Himalaya Baby Blanket

The chevrons ended up looking a bit like snowy mountains (hence the name). The knitting pattern is written for a baby-size blanket, but if you want a larger blanket you can either increase the needle size/yarn weight or cast on more stitches and repeat the color pattern more times.

Via Squigglidinks

Himalaya - free baby blanket knitting patterns

Textured Baby Blanket

With just 2 skeins of Plymouth Baby Beenz yarn, you'll be able

to knit a fun textured baby blanket.

Via Noble Knits

Textured - free baby blanket knitting patterns

Self-Striping Baby Blanket

You’ll love how colorful this blanket is without having to add new colors of yarn! The suggested yarn does the color changing for you while you just keep knitting. Start now and have the perfect gift ready for the next baby shower.

Via Red Heart

Self-Striping - free baby blanket knitting patterns

Alex's Baby Blanket

This is a small carriage blanket, made for a newborn, uses less than half of the pound of love. The knit blanket consists of moss stitch edges, and a tulip lace body.

Via Squirrels Go Like This

Alex - free baby blanket knitting patterns

Bernat Ripple Knit Baby Blanket Pattern

Cozy knit baby blanket with gentle ripples.

Via Yarnspirations

Bernat - free baby blanket knitting patterns

Chocolate Parfait Baby Blanket

This baby blanket is a straightforward design in which the basic principles for calculating a square blanket using stash yarn are utilized.

Via Ravelry

Chocolate Parfait - free baby blanket knitting patterns

Big Baby Blocks Knit Blanket

The embossed square pattern creates the baby blocks and bordered using seed stitches.

Via Michaels

Big Baby Blocks - free baby blanket knitting patterns

“Lots of Love” Knit Baby Blanket

Hearts are a common pattern element for knitting since they are easily broken down into a geometric pattern that translates to stitches. You could also make this blanket as a throw if you adjust the size (both horizontally and vertically), and pick a home-friendly color.

Via Knits, Bits & Pics

Lots of Love - free baby blanket knitting patterns

Palm Tree Puff Baby Blanket

This puffy knit blanket is reminiscent of tropical forest canopies. The nature of the stitch allows the blanket to be durable and provides a gentle texture for a developing child.

Via Ravelry

Palm Tree Puff - free baby blanket knitting patterns

Cabled Eyelet Baby Blanket

A lightweight knit blanket that's perfect for a baby on the go!

Via Nancy Hearne

Cabled Eyelet - free baby blanket knitting patterns

Saurey Baby Blanket

Little ones will love being wrapped in this lightweight, soft, botanical lace blanket.

Via Berroco

Saurey - free baby blanket knitting patterns

Knitted Baby Rainbow Quilt

Pastel tones in silky homespun yarn give this easy knit baby afghan a quilted look.

Via Better Homes & Gardens

Rainbow Quilt - free baby blanket knitting patterns

Mosaic Baby Blanket

This baby blanket and lap afghan knitting pattern feature an interesting three-color design that looks complicated but is rather simple and easy to follow. The mosaic design is wonderful for blankets because it looks great in both bold colors and muted tones, and is easy to adapt to match any room or nursery décor.

Via Felt Magnet

Mosaic - free baby blanket knitting patterns

Marching Elephants Baby Blanket

An unlikely combination chevrons and elephants – quirky and cute!

Via Needles & Knits

Marching Elephants - free baby blanket knitting patterns

Cozy Corners Knit Crib Blanket

Simple and soft, textured and inviting: the best blankets for babies are the ones that will be used and re-used, as enjoyable for you to make as they are for your little ones to cuddle up under.

Via Purl Soho

Cozy Corners - free baby blanket knitting patterns

Soft-as-a-Cloud Baby Afghan

Knit up a reversible afghan that is full of texture and warmth. It’s just the right size for cuddling your precious little one.

Via Beautiful Skills

Soft-as-a-Cloud - free baby blanket knitting patterns

Sheep Baby Blanket

The blanket is a basic Knit and Purl pattern but the little sheep are made using Intarsia knitting, which will make the project a bit challenging if that is something you haven’t done before.

Via Two Sisters

Sheep - free baby blanket knitting patterns

Thine Receiving Blanket

Stunning lace blanket perfect for receiving new babies with!

Via Ravelry

Thine Receiving - free baby blanket knitting patterns

Bold Stripes Baby Blanket

This easy-to-knit knit blanket is striped & bright, perfect for baby!

Via AC Moore

Bold Stripes - free baby blanket knitting patterns

Heavenly Baby Blanket

This knitted baby blanket is composed of a combination of cables and lace panels. The pattern is easy to memorize and lots of fun to knit.

Via Posh Knits

Heavenly - free baby blanket knitting patterns

Easy Knit Baby Blanket

Baby blankets are so much fun to knit and it’s even better when you don’t have to think too much. This pattern is perfect for that sort of thing. You do have to concentrate for the first few rows, but once you get into a rhythm, you can pretty much just knit on autopilot!

Via Leelee Knits

Easy Knit - free baby blanket knitting patterns

Seed Stitch Knit Baby Or Throw Blanket

Even if you are still learning to knit and need to go at a slower pace, this chunky knit seed stitch blanket is a really speedy project in general thanks to the fluffier yarn and bigger needles. A perfect chunky knit blanket project to make a new throw for your couch or to gift to any babies you know being born in the cooler months! The final product is a super cozy and beautiful (not to mention WARM) blanket perfect for fall and winter.

Via The Sweeter Side of Mommyhood

Seed Stitch Knit - free baby blanket knitting patterns

Dean's Blanket

This knitting pattern can easily be modified to make it larger or smaller as well as changing the border. The coin stitch pattern is a multiple of 4 stitches plus 1.

Via Ravelry

Dean's - free baby blanket knitting patterns

Soft Vines Baby Blanket

This quaint baby blanket knitting pattern makes a charming addition to any baby's nursery. The delicate lacework combined with the soft mint hue of the Soft Vines Baby Blanket gives off a pleasant, soothing vibe. Knit with chenille yarn, this cozy blanket features a velvety soft texture.

Via All Free Knitting

Soft Vines - free baby blanket knitting patterns

Aren’t these free baby blanket knitting patterns just the sweetest? Any of these knit blankets will surely make any new parent and baby feel super loved, not to mentioned warmed!

If you've enjoyed these patterns, here are a few more knitting patterns posts for you.

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    Lovely knitting patterns which I would love to have but not sure what I have to do to get them?

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    I do not have a printer at this time but I would like to know if I could have the 26 knitted baby patterns mail to me I would be glad to pay for printing and sending them.

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      Hi Cindy! The pattern posts are linked right before each photo. Ex. Via Espace Tricot

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