A 30 Day Crochet Challenge: Pillows & Poufs

A 30 Day Crochet Challenge: Pillows & Poufs

Well, that’s a wrap of this month’s pillows & poufs crochet challenge!

It’s been an absolute blast to watch the project come to life in so many different and creative ways.

Over the last month, I’ve had many people email in to tell me they missed this challenge and ask if I could share updates.

So Today, I wanted to take some time to share the Pillow & Pouf journey with you in this blog post.

(If you missed this challenge but would still like the pillow & pouf pattern & video tutorial you can get that here: https://idealme.com/pillow-pouf-challenge . If you’re interested in joining the next crochet along challenge, sign up to get notified here https://idealme.com/crochet-waitlist )

So let’s get into it!


The Pillow and Pouf Journey

This month we tackled two projects: a pillow and a pouf.

The Challenge started with the pillow which used a beautiful basketweave stitch.

Here are a few pictures from our Crochet Challenge Members:

crochet basket weave in variegated yarn

crochet basketweave pillow front

finished crochet basketweave pillow

finished crochet basketweave pillow light blue


I love the texture of this pillow and it can be worked up in so many fun colors.

During the second half of the challenge, we tackled the pouf.

For those unfamiliar with a pouf, it’s a versatile home decor piece. You can use it as a bean bag or chair, an ottoman to kick back and rest your feet on, or even a side table or coffee table.

The Pouf Challenge

crochet pouf

crochet pouf & basketweave pillow

crochet multi-coloured pouf and basketweave pillow

crochet pouf

finished crochet pouf

Both the Pillow & Pouf are great for your own home or as gifts for grandkids, friends, and family.

If you missed the Pillow & Pouf Challenge but still want access to the pattern and video tutorial you can get those here: https://idealme.com/pillow-pouf-challenge

Professional Instructor, Daily Tips, and Homework Assignments

To help lead us in the challenge and make sure we knew what we were doing, we had the amazing Annette Corsino Blair who runs the Knitting Tree L.A yarn shop (it’s close to the L.A.X airport so make sure to stop in next time you’re in town, or check out her online shop here) as our class instructor this month.

Every day she would post a new tip and ‘homework’ assignment for us to help keep us focused, motivated and encouraged.

Take a look below:

crochet challenge

This daily tip and homework assignment has been so, so helpful.

Plus, Annette is always hanging around in the group ready to answer questions from any of the challenge participants when they come up!

This is another thing that really sets the Ideal Me crochet challenge apart from other crochet alongs or learning on your own. We have a professional crochet instructor to help us every step of the way.

She’s there to give us advice, and to answer our questions so that we’re never stuck and are always moving along.


The Crochet Challenge Brain Trust

Speaking of professional crochet instructors….

Not only do we have our class instructor Annette, we also have the newly formed Crochet Challenge Brain Trust.

What is the Crochet Challenge Brain Trust you ask?

It’s a group of 4 pro crocheters who also run their own crochet blogs.

I invited them to participate in the challenge and act as ‘expert moderators’ in the group. So when you have a question or need some encouragement these lovely ladies are also hanging about in the group ready to help you.

Meet The Members Of The Crochet Brain Trust

Jamey Ekins – Jamey runs the cool and creative crochet and DIY blog Dabbles and Babbles and has some amazing projects on her site. I’ve worked with Jamey for a year and not only is she very creative, she’s thoughtful and always helpful.
Maria Weaber – Maria runs the blog Marias Blue Crayon. She is an amazing teacher and really took the time to answer any participants’ questions in detail. She went above and beyond and I’m looking forward to having her in the next challenge.
Joanita Theron – Joanita runs the blog Creative Crochet Workshop and she has a wealth of crochet knowledge. It’s been really fun getting to know her and have her participate in the challenge as a brain trust member.
Jesse Van Ln – Jessie runs the blog Projectarian and she has some of the most creative projects I’ve ever seen, especially for those interested in Amigurumi.

Here are a few other special moments that we all experienced during this month’s Crochet Challenge that I want to share with you:

Proud Moment

This month I was so proud of Crochet Challenge Member Judy Huss, who initially experienced some frustration with tackling the basketweave stitch that was used for the pillow pattern in this class.

crochet pouf and basketweave pillow challenge

Learning a new skill like crochet is fun, but with learning anything new sometimes you run into frustration along the way.

This happens to everyone.

Why Our Crochet Challenge is Different

This is one of the biggest reasons why I created the Crochet Challenge and one of the big reasons that it’s different than learning by yourself or from Youtube Videos…

With the Crochet Along Challenge you get an entire community of people and professional crochet instructors who rally around you to help you push through those frustrating times, give you advice and encouragement and tell you to keep going.

And guess what?

Judy did keep going.

And she made a gorgeous pillow, learned a skill and got to have a moment where she felt amazing for overcoming an obstacle.

crochet basketweave pillow

This really made me proud of not only Judy, but the way the community came together to rally behind her and any other member who had questions and needed help along the way.


Creative Moment

Another fun moment I wanted to share with you involved some real unique creativity.

Crochet Challenge member Cynthia Larsen used the basketweave stitch she learned and mastered from the Pillow Video Tutorial to create an amazingly creative Yarn Stash Basket.

Take a look:

crochet basketweave owl basket

So you see the skills you learn in these crochet challenges go beyond the projects we tackle each month.

Each skill builds on the others and soon enough you’ll be freestyling your very own crochet patterns yourself!

If you missed the Pillow & Pouf Challenge but still want access to the pattern and video tutorial you can get those here: https://idealme.com/pillow-pouf-challenge

Prizes, Prizes, Prizes

Look, who doesn’t like prizes and giveaways? They’re a fun way to keep you motivated to finish your project and have a bit of fun.

This challenge we had four winners.

Judy Huss – Most Helpful/Encouraging & Overcame Biggest Obstacle (mastering the basketweave stitch and pushing through when times got tough) Prize: Crochet Mug
Cynthia Larsen – Most Helpful/Encouraging & She’s Darn Creative.I loved her take on the basketweave stitch owl stash bag. Prize: Crochet Mug
Angeles De Obaldia – Most Helpful/Encouraging. Angeles has been amazing at posting the progress she’s made on all her projects and helping others along the way. Prize: Crochet Mug
Rachel Adegoke – Random Draw Winner. Every month everyone is entered to win and this month Rachel has. She has also been a tremendous contributor to the group and wouldn’t be the same with out her. Prize: $50 Gift Certificate To Knitting Tree L.A
The Winners Will Get To Choose Between 1 of These 2 Amazing Crochet Mugs.

So there you have it…the Pillow & Pouf Crochet Along Challenge wrap up. I hope you enjoyed looking back on the challenge. I know I sure did!

If you missed the Pillow & Pouf Challenge but still want access to the pattern and video tutorial you can get those here: https://idealme.com/pillow-pouf-challenge

If you’re interested in joining this crochet along challenge or a future crochet along challenge then you can join the waitlist notification list here: https://idealme.com/crochet-waitlist

During every crochet along challenge you get:

One: A Pattern & Professionally Filmed Step-By-Step Video Tutorial

Two: An Expert Crochet Instructor – Your Instructor Will Be There To Answer Questions And Help You If You Get Stuck.

Three: The Ideal Me Crochet Community – Meet Like Minded People And Experience The Amazing Community.

Four: The Essential Crochet Skills Video Library – Pack With Over 30 Step-By-Step Crochet Tutorials From The Crochet Beginner Series Of Videos Like How To Chain On, Do The Single Crochet & Double Crochet, Seam and Finish Your Project To More Creative Stitches Like The Moss Stitch & The Herringbone Stitch.

Five: Participation In Monthly Crochet Prize Packages – Yarn, Kits, Needles & Prizes from We Are Knitters, Wool & The Gang, Knitting Tree L.A And More!

Six: Discounts & Savings On Yarn – Save Lots Of Money Every Month On Your Yarn & Tools By Using The Coupon Codes & Exclusive Discounts In The Members Area

So go ahead and join the waitlist here to get notified when the next crochet challenge enrollment is announced.

That’s all for now.

Have a great day!


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