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Best Hacks for Wedding Planning on a Budget

Do you want to have a fun and memorable wedding, even on a very tight budget? Who doesn’t? We all imagine our weddings to be full of life and happy faces, as we share with our friends and family the start of a beautiful and successful union.

Before we get to that momentous event, however, there are certain things we need to get out of the way. Like, can we even afford the dream wedding we’ve always imagined? Can we invite everybody or should we cut down the guest list to just close friends and family? What can we do with just a limited budget?

The task of planning for a wedding may seem formidable, but with a few clever hacks, you’ll be planning weddings afterward like a pro. One thing that you should remember is to plan way ahead of the day itself. A few months to a year should be perfect, which means long engagements are advantageous to the success of the wedding.

Planning a wedding takes time and lots of help. Don’t drown yourself in all the details, when you can delegate these to skillful and helpful friends and family. If you don’t know how to do certain things, it’s better to get someone with the right talents to help you out.

If nobody is able, probably consider contracting people to help out in exchange for something that you can do for them. This ensures that very little expense is needed but both parties are equally satisfied.

From ditching a professional wedding planner to doing your own makeup, in this post we have gathered a great list of ideas you might want to consider to help you stay on track of your budget.


DIY Wedding Centerpieces on a Budget

Create the wedding of your dreams and save time and money with these DIY centerpieces, including: submerged flowers, succulent gardens, faux cotton plants, lace covered vases and tiny herb bouquets!

Via Hi Miss Puff


 Look for Gorgeous Budget Wedding Dresses

we totally get you want to look your absolute best, but it does pay to remember that most of us technically will only wear the thing one time.

Via Style Caster


Mix and Match Style

Mixing and matching is one wedding trend that doesn’t seem to be going away anytime soon. And that’s great news for brides on a budget.

Via Intimate Weddings



DIY Instead of Buy

Planning a wedding can totally consume you. These easy projects take less than an hour, and you’ll be able to shave some unnecessary expenses from your decorating budget.

Via Buzzfeed


Put Together Your Own Wedding Flowers

Learn the basics of floral design and arranging, and get a list of supplies and flowers to order for your wedding.

Via Mrs Fancee


DIY Hairstyle

From updo, braids, to half up half down style, the following bridal hairstyles ideas are the ideal for girls with a high glamor and elegance! And believe it or not, you can do this on your own?

Via Tulle And Chantilly


DIY Makeup

Brides get to have fun and be adventurous with their wedding makeup and hair, trying styles they may not consider daily. Also, you can even do your own makeup to help keep your budget in line – it’s not as hard as you think.

Via Make Up Tutorials



Budgeting for a wedding in this unpredictable economy is increasingly becoming a struggle for brides and grooms. In turn, this is forcing couples to look for ways to slash costs. Many couples today are deciding to prepare and self-cater their own wedding reception to significantly reduce the cost associated with food.

Via My Wedding Reception Ideas


Create Your Own Wedding Invitations

Save your budget and try your hand at homemade wedding invitations. From beautiful burlap to awesome 3D cards – here some awesome ideas to check out.

Via Coco 29



Inexpensive Edible DIY Party Favors

Trying to pick the favors for your wedding can be a challenge: You want the gift to be memorable and personable, but you probably don’t want to spend a fortune. Edible wedding favors are perfect because they offer a homemade, personal touch and no one is going to say no to a tasty treat.

Via Brit + Co


Make Use of Nature

For brides who are just planning their own rustic weddings, here is something perfect for you – tree branches! As great complement décor, tree branches are ideal for any wedding use.

Via Tulle and Chantilly


Ikea Hacks Wedding Decor

Whether you’re a total DIY bride or just craving some personalized decor that won’t break the bank, IKEA is a seriously smart starting point for crafting some unique decor elements for your nuptials.

Via Brit + Co


Wedding Favors Under $1

You're spending a lot on your wedding, so try to save on your favors by checking out these cute ideas that barely cost a thing!

Via Pop Sugar


Dollar Store Wedding Ideas

Stay under budget with these 25 dollar store wedding hacks.

Via Bridal Guide



Affordable Wedding Decorations

There’s no need to spend crazy money on your special day! A little creative thinking, some awesome DIY ideas and discount shopping will help keep the budget in line and leave guests feeling as if they were at a lavish event!

Via Coco 29


Homemade Wedding Decorations

When trying to save money and simultaneously planning your wedding, chances are, that you’ll find yourself in a bit of a difficulty. But with the help of homemade wedding decorations, suddenly, things are looking much brighter.

Via Ever After Guide


Transform Your Reception Space

Find out exactly what steps the wedding couple can take to decorate a bare space on a budget and still have her dream reception space.

Via the Pink Bride


Ultimately, remember that the amount of money you spend on your wedding day is not a direct correlation to how wonderful it will be or how much you love your significant other. You can have a beautiful, memorable day for far less than the average wedding by implementing a handful of these awesome hacks.

Best hacks for wedding planning on a budget. You can still have a stylish, fun, memorable wedding, while saving money at the same time. Here are some of the best ways to do just that.

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