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38 Free and Simple Square Crochet Patterns

Crochet squares are a classic motif, also sometimes called granny squares. They can be used alone as washcloths or joined together to make bags, blankets, even sweaters and other projects. 

Crochet granny squares are a great project for both beginners and experienced crocheters alike. There are so many different ways to make crochet squares, they can be a great way to learn new skills. 

These simple square crochet patterns are great for beginners or those who like to bring a classic look to their projects.  

Table of Contents

What is a Granny Square?  

A classic granny square is a small crocheted form typically made by working in rounds from the center outward. It starts as a circle that is shaped into a square by working strategic increases.

These crochet squares don’t have a set size, but most patterns are made to be two, three, or four inches square. Most of these squares can be stand-alone but it is common to create multiple small squares or motifs that are assembled to make clothing, bags, blankets, and many other kinds of projects. 

Why Are Crochet Squares Popular with Crocheters?

Crochet squares are a very popular choice for beginners and experts alike for various reasons, namely:

  • Crochet squares are quick and easy to make
  • They can easily be customized to use different colors, make different sizes, or use different stitches
  • Crochet squares are a portable project because you’re only work on a little piece at a time
  • They can be used to make a lot of different kinds of projects
  • They are great for using up leftover yarn from your stash

What Type of Crochet Projects Can I Use Crochet Squares for?

There are many projects you can make using crochet squares, the most iconic being crochet blankets. But granny square sweaters have become quite popular in the past few years, which has led to an explosion of wearables using crochet squares. 

Now you can easily find crochet square patterns to make tops, cardigans, sweaters, skirts, dresses, overalls, shorts, and pants.

But the list doesn’t stop there, you can also make bags, hats, balls, stuffed toys, and many more. Really if you are creative enough you can create anything with crochet squares.

Crochet Square FAQs 

What Stitches are Used in Crochet Squares?

Crochet squares can be made using any kind of crochet stitch. Typically, traditional granny squares are made of what’s also known as granny stitch, which is clusters of double crochet (dc) stitches. 

If you’re looking at a pattern for a crochet square and don’t know how to make a stitch or follow a technique that it calls for, our Crochet Fundamentals workshop can help!

What’s the Best Way to Finish a Granny Square?

You can finish off granny squares in the same way you’d finish off any other project worked in rounds, by completing the last stitch and making a slip stitch to join the beginning and end of the round. 

Doing an invisible finishing technique makes the project look more polished because you really won’t be able to see where the end of the round was. It’s pretty easy to do but check out this tutorial (photo and video) from The Loopy Lamb for all the details.

What are the Best Ways to Join Crochet Squares Together?

There are many ways to join your crochet granny squares but here are four of the most popular joining techniques that crocheters use to connect crochet squares for a project:

  • Join with single crochets: hold two squares, right sides together, and make a seam along one side with single crochet stitches. Get the tutorial from LillaBjorn Crochet
  • Whip stitch: hold two squares right sides together and sew together with whip stitch. Bunny Mummy will show you how.
  • Zip method: This technique is demonstrated by Look at What I Made. It’s done with blocks sitting next to each other and working slip stitches to join them. 
  • Seamless join: This method continues the granny stitch clusters between the blocks so that it looks like a continuous block with no seam. Carina’s Craftblog will show you how it’s done. 

How Do I Block Granny Squares?

It is inevitable to have slight differences in the size of each crochet square even if you use the exact same yarn, pattern, and hook. If you want all your blocks to look the same size in your finished project, then you should consider blocking your crochet squares.

There are several different methods of blocking but the easiest is to soak or wash your squares, then pin them out to the desired size and allow them to dry. You can even buy a special blocking board made for crochet squares that allows you to stack your squares while they dry.

Materials You Need to Create a Crochet Granny Square


Crochet squares can virtually be made with any yarn weight. While crochet squares can be made with fine crochet thread, because we are focusing on crochet square patterns for beginners, we don’t have any of those patterns here. 

There are a couple of projects that call for superfine (yarn weight 1) yarn and they range up to weight 4 or worsted weight yarn. Of course you can always use a heavier yarn if you feel more comfortable with that, just be aware that your squares will come out bigger than the pattern suggests.

Some of our favorite yarns in the different weight categories featured here are:

(1) Super fine

(2) Sport

(3) DK

(4) Worsted

The pattern you are looking at will also suggest a yarn so you can just use what they recommend if you have it on hand or can easily get it. Otherwise stick to the same yarn weight as suggested unless you want to alter the size of your square. 

Other Supplies to Make Crochet Squares

  • Crochet hook: use the size crochet hook that the pattern calls for or that corresponds to the type of yarn you want to use.
  • Yarn needle: since weaving in ends and sewing blocks together are essential components of working with squares, a good yarn or tapestry needle is a must. 
  • Scissors: to cut all those yarn ends you’ll want to keep a little pair of scissors handy.
  • Stitch markers: a stitch marker helps you keep track of the end of the round when working squares in rounds. You can also use locking stitch markers like safety pins to hold squares together while you sew.
  • Blocking tools: as mentioned above, having blocking mats and pins handy makes it easier to make all your blocks the same size.

Now that we’ve covered all the basics, let’s get down to the patterns! These easy free crochet patterns for squares are great for beginners and others who want to put a project together block by block. 

38 Free, Easy, and Simple Square Crochet Patterns

Finding the right crochet square can sometimes feel overwhelming but we’ve collated 38 easy crochet square patterns for you to choose from, or you can even make a bunch of them and sew them together for a fantastic and unique patchwork. 

Simple and Basic Crochet Square Patterns

The best way to start making crochet squares is by tackling crochet square patterns for beginners. These squares are great for learning the basics and can easily be used in simple projects. 

Traditional Crochet Granny Square

Traditional Crochet Granny Square

Designer: Sarah Maker
Yarn weight: (4) Worsted
Suggested yarn: Lion Brand 24/7 Cotton

This is the (grand)mother of all crochet squares. It’s the perfect basic free granny square pattern to start with for beginners. To make this you just need to know how to crochet chain stitch, slip stitch, single crochet, and double crochet stitch.

Solid Granny Square in pink beside a crochet needle

Solid Granny Square

Designer: Sarah Maker
Yarn weight: (4) Worsted
Suggested yarn: Lion Brand Jeans 

Sometimes your crochet patchwork project requires crochet squares that don’t have spaces in between. This solid crochet square is the answer to that! This is typically made with a solid yarn color but feel free to use any yarn and in any color combination you want.

Circle to Square  Crochet Granny Squares

Circle to Square Granny Square

Designer: Just Be Crafty
Yarn weight: (4) Worsted
Suggested yarn: Lion Brand 24/7 Cotton 

Combine a variety of colors together in this modern, easy granny square. These are adorable as cheerful coasters, or combine them into a larger project (maybe a baby blanket?) if you like. 

Sunburst Crochet Granny Squares

Sunburst Granny Square

Designer: Sarah Maker
Yarn weight: (4) Worsted
Suggested yarn: Lion Brand 24/7 Cotton

The sunburst crochet square is a great variation of your typical crochet granny square. As the name suggests, when used with the right combination of color it can look like the sun in the center of the square. In different colors it looks like a flower.

Simple Crochet Squares

Simple Square Pattern

Designer: Nilla K
Yarn weight: (2) Sport
Suggested yarn: Lion Brand Oh Baby

This square is a simple variation on the basic granny square pattern. The pattern is easy to memorize, and you can crochet all day long playing with putting different color combinations together. 

Two-Color Solid Crochet 
Granny Square

Two-Color Solid Granny Square

Designer: Crafty CC
Yarn weight: (3) DK
Suggested yarn: Lion Brand Coboo

The fun thing about making crochet patchwork projects is the different crochet square combinations you can make. But why not combine two colors in a single crochet square? This crochet square is easy to make and has endless combination options!

Plain Crochet Granny Square

Plain Granny Square

Designer: Cypress Textiles
Yarn weight: (3) DK
Suggested yarn: Lion Brand LB Collection Cotton Bamboo 

This humble crochet granny square is yet another variation to the traditional granny square. This mostly solid square comes out about 6 inches square, so it’s great to use as a little washcloth or coaster on its own.

Mitered Crochet Granny Squares

Mitered Granny Square

Designer: Bella Coco Crochet
Yarn weight: (4) Worsted
Suggested yarn: Lion Brand Pound of Love

Turn your crochet square projects on their side with this fun mitered crochet square. Since it is worked from the corner you can easily create a unique design by using different colors in your square.

C2C Crochet Granny Square

C2C Granny Square

Designer: Bella Coco Crochet
Yarn weight: (4) Worsted
Suggested yarn: Lion Brand Pound of Love

If you love the corner to corner crochet technique, then you will love the C2C granny square pattern! Create a beautiful textured square or use different colors to make a design in your block or across your squares.

Crochet Ndebele Tile 4

Ndebele Tile 4

Designer: Yvonne van Zijl, via Ravelry
Yarn weight: (1) Super fine
Suggested yarn: Lion Brand Sock-Ease

This mitered square worked in two colors gives you practice stitching stripes and makes a bold statement. You can keep making this square as big as you like or keep it small to make more of a patchwork project. 

Crochet Granny Squares

Crochet Granny Square

Designer: The Spruce Crafts
Yarn weight: (3) DK
Suggested yarn: Lion Brand LB Collection Cotton Bamboo 

This sweet little crochet square has a single crochet border, which gives the block a finished look at a little more stability. Wouldn’t these be cute as a little bunting? I’m sure you can come up with lots of uses for them! 

Solid Crochet Granny Squares

Solid Granny Square

Designer: Yarnhild
Yarn weight: (4) Worsted
Suggested yarn: Lion Brand Pound of Love

This simple solid granny square uses a contrasting color as an edging, which is a great way to tie squares of different colors together if you use them in the same project. This is a good option for stash busting all your leftover yarn.

Square Wheel Crochet Coasters

Square Wheel Coasters

Designer: Heather C Gibbs, via Ravelry
Yarn weight: (3) DK
Suggested yarn: Lion Brand Coboo

Make your own coasters or create wonderful squares for an afghan with this fun pattern. They’re pretty worked all in one color of you can do the “wheel” in one color and the “square” part in another. 

Granny Wheel Crochet Square

Granny Wheel Square

Designer: Minspiration
Yarn weight: (3) DK
Suggested yarn: Lion Brand LB Collection Cotton Bamboo

Sometimes you want a little twist to your traditional granny squares, and this might just be what you’re looking for. Instead of increasing to make corners, this square is first worked as a circle for a few rounds before being squared off.

Fun Multicolor Crochet Squares Patterns

Sometimes what your crochet patchwork project needs is a touch of fun color with each square. Here are 12 fun and free multicolor crochet square patterns you can make!

Rainbow Puff Crochet Square

Rainbow Puff Square

Designer: Crafty CC
Yarn weight: (3) DK
Suggested yarn: Knit Picks Swish DK

If you’ve been wondering how to incorporate your yarn scraps into a crochet patchwork blanket, then this is the way to go! Learn how to hold two strands of yarn while you crochet so that you have fewer ends to weave in, which is always welcomed by crocheters who don’t like having lots of ends to weave in.

Summer Garden Crochet Granny Square

Summer Garden Granny Square

Designer: Attic 24
Yarn weight: (3) DK
Suggested yarn: Lion Brand 24/7 Cotton DK

Capture the summer garden feeling with this special crochet square! Create a bunch of colorful crochet squares and join them together in your preferred patchwork project to create something reminiscent of a garden blooming with summer flowers.

Feather Stitch Crochet Square Motif

Feather Stitch Square Motif

Designer: Merri Purdy, via Ravelry
Yarn weight: (3) DK
Suggested yarn: Caron Skinny Cakes

For some projects you might want a solid block that brings a lot of texture and color to the party, which this square does. This crochet square is also a great way for you to learn a new crochet stitch, the feather stitch!

Spiral Crochet Granny Square

Spiral Granny Square

Designer: Happy Berry
Yarn weight: (4) Worsted
Suggested yarn: Red Heart Soft

Add a bit of color and personality to your crochet project by using a fun crochet spiral square! This is perfect for blankets, pillow covers, and many other projects.

Crochet Citrus Fruits Granny Squares

Crochet Citrus Fruits Granny Square

Designer: Raffamusa Designs
Yarn weight: (4) Worsted
Suggested yarn: Lily Sugar’n Cream

Sometimes having a cute crochet square pattern is just what you need, and this crochet citrus fruit square might be just the thing to liven up your projects. By changing one color in your square, you can turn your lemon crochet square into an orange, lime, or even a grapefruit! Perfect for a summer themed crochet project.

Light Fantastic Crochet Square

Light Fantastic

Designer: Christine Bateman, via Ravelry
Yarn weight: (4) Worsted
Suggested yarn: Caron Simply Soft

Create a stained-glass effect with this stunning crochet square pattern! Just like its name in this pattern you can create a fantastic light effect that looks almost like stained glass.

Seriously Simple Crochet Granny Square

Seriously Simple Granny Square

Designer: Miss Neriss
Yarn weight: (1) Super fine
Suggested yarn: Scheepjes Catona

The Seriously Simple Granny Square is so easy that you’ll be churning out these beautiful multicolor crochet squares in just about 10 minutes flat. What a great way to whip up a project on the double. 

Two Color Cluster Crochet Squares

Two Color Cluster Square

Designer: Crochet ‘n’ Create
Yarn weight: (3) DK
Suggested yarn: Bernat Softee Baby Cotton

Made with only five rows, the Two Color Cluster Square is a beautiful crochet square that you can use to create blankets, bags, and more!

Crochet Granny Pinwheel Square

Granny Pinwheel Square

Designer: Mycrochetory
Yarn weight: (4) Worsted
Suggested yarn: DROPS Paris

If you love using multiple colors in your square in a clean-cut way, then this is the crochet square you need for your project. This beautiful granny pinwheel square combines three yarn colors to elevate a simple square into a stunning final crochet project. The tutorial includes how to make an afghan with this square.

Pretty Weave Crochet Squares

Pretty Weave Square

Designer: The Giraffe's Hat
Yarn weight: (3) DK
Suggested yarn: Lion Brand 24/7 Cotton DK

Bring warmth and texture to your crochet square with the Pretty Weave Square. This technique can also be used on squares of different sizes to create coasters or a dishcloth.

Block Stitch Crochet Square

Block Stitch Square

Designer: Maria Bittner
Yarn weight: (4) Worsted
Suggested yarn: Knit Picks Shine Worsted

If you’ve been wondering how to do the crochet block stitch or mosaic stitch, then this is the perfect pattern to start. Working on squares is a great way to try out new stitches without using too much yarn, and it doesn’t take up much time, so give it a try!

Linen Log Cabin Crochet Square

Linen Log Cabin Square

Designer: Divine Debris
Yarn weight: (4) Worsted
Suggested yarn: Lion Brand Pound of Love

The Linen Log Cabin Square creates a wonderful geometric and retro look. It is beautiful as is and can be used as a coaster or a dishcloth, but if you put blocks together it makes an intriguing blanket or other project.

Beautiful Floral Themed Crochet Squares

Who doesn’t love a lovely floral addition to their patchwork crochet projects? Here are some gorgeous flower motif crochet square patterns you can use together or add to projects with other blocks listed above.

Easy Peasy Flower Crochet Squares

Easy Peasy Flower Squares

Designer: Knit Purl Hook
Yarn weight: (3) DK
Suggested yarn: Lion Brand Coboo

What could be more beautiful than a patchwork crochet project combining flowers and plain squares together? The easy peasy flower square is the perfect airy and lacy crochet square to add to your next project!

Elloth Crochet Granny Squares

Elloth Granny Square

Designer: K.A.M.E. Crochet
Yarn weight: (3) DK
Suggested yarn: Lion Brand 24/7 Cotton DK

This is an absolutely beautiful block that can stand alone as home décor. The Elloth Granny Square is a very versatile floral crochet square that can perfectly fit any crochet project!

Crochet Flower Granny Squares

Crochet Flower Granny Square Pattern

Designer: Winding Road Crochet
Yarn weight: (4) Worsted
Suggested yarn: Red Heart Super Saver

Maybe instead of giving your mom a flower bouquet as a gift you can make a blanket, poncho, bag, or headband made with a crochet flower granny square pattern! The pattern includes a video tutorial so even beginners should be able to make this one.

Marigold Sky Crochet Granny Square

Marigold Sky Granny Square Pattern

Designer: Heart Hook Home
Yarn weight: (3) DK
Suggested yarn: Knit Picks CotLin

Floral granny squares are usually relatively flat like other granny squares, but this one has a flower that literally stands out! It’s made with popcorn stitches and you can see how the designer used it to make a fun bag. 

Dainty Daisy Crochet Granny Square Motif

Dainty Daisy Granny Square Motif

Designer: Just Be Crafty
Yarn weight: (4) Worsted
Suggested yarn: Caron Simply Soft

This pretty little daisy block would be perfect for spring and Easter projects. How about adding a row of squares to a little girl’s dress or making them into a table runner? So cute!

Lemon Rose Crochet Square

Lemon Rose

Designer: Lisa Hooper, via Ravelry
Yarn weight: (3) DK
Suggested yarn: Sirdar Snuggly DK

A great stash buster, the Lemon Rose crochet square would be a great addition to a spring themed crochet project!

Crochet Floral Granny Square

Floral Granny Square

Designer: Sweet Softies
Yarn weight: (4) Worsted
Suggested yarn: Lion Brand Heartland 

Use this crochet square as a coaster or piece it together in a bigger crochet project. The Floral Granny Square is a beautiful and quick motif you can easily make a bunch of in different colors.

The Flora Crochet Granny Square

The Flora Granny Square

Designer: Attic 24
Yarn weight: (3) DK
Suggested yarn: Lion Brand 24/7 Cotton DK

Turn a crochet flower into a granny square with this simple block. It features a beautiful floral center that is spread out to form a square shape that you can easily add to any of your crochet square projects.

Crochet Flower Granny Squares

Flower Granny Squares

Designer: Kylee Keller
Yarn weight: (4) Worsted
Suggested yarn: Knit Picks Brava

These floral squares were designed to have as many stitches as a typical square crochet pattern, so they’re easy to swap in as an accent piece in any project. A great way to use up leftover yarn, too!

Simple 3D Flower Crochet Granny Square

Simple 3D Flower Granny Square

Designer: Raffamusa Designs
Yarn weight: (3) DK
Suggested yarn: Knit Picks CotLin

Fun and easy, the Simple 3D Flower Granny Square will be a great addition to any square blanket, sprint cardigan, or pillowcase! The playful design is perfect for projects for kids.

Crochet Flower Square

Flower Square Tutorial

Designer: Color ‘n Cream
Yarn weight: (4) Worsted
Suggested yarn: Lily Sugar’n Cream

Sometimes a vintage look is the exact touch of style your space is looking for, and this square brings a touch of vintage and modern. The flower is worked first, then stitched into the square. The designer made a blanket but you can do lots of things with this one!

Crochet 4-Petal Flower Square

4-Petal Flower Square

Designer: Crochet Leaf
Yarn weight: (1) Super fine
Suggested yarn: Lion Brand Sock-Ease

This four-petal flower is a great block to know, but the tutorial also includes instructions for three different edgings. It’s so fun to know how to change your edgings up, too.

Are You a Beginner Crocheter Wanting to Expand Your Crochet Project Possibilities Using Crochet Rectangles?

Squares are a great beginner shape, but they definitely don’t have to make projects that make it look like you’re new to crochet! 

Our Crochet Anything with Rectangles collection includes 24 projects, from blankets to bags, sweaters to slippers and so much more. In addition to the patterns you’ll get access to our video course on how to turn rectangles into just about anything you’d want to stitch.

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