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20 Easy Crochet Squares You Can Use To Make Blankets

While there are many things you can make as a crocheter, nothing can be more versatile than putting together a bunch of easy crochet squares and turn them into something more! We are talking about crochet coasters, hand towels, hot pads or blankets, and throws!

The fun part about creating these things with crochet squares is that you get to experiment with yarns, colors and tons of patterns – flexing your crocheting muscles even more.

A lot of people also like the idea of making segments at a time and then seaming them together. If you're one of those people, you might really enjoy my Crochet Anything With Hexagon or Crocheting Anything with Rectangles courses.

Two-color Linen Stitch Square

These crochet pattern instructions are written specifically for Linen Stitch Squares made using only 2 colors and alternating colors in every round. The stitch is very dense, so using a much larger hook than what is called for the yarn weight is recommended.

Via Look at What I Made

Two-Colour Linen Stitch Square - easy crochet squares


Sunburst Granny Square

The secret to these granny squares is really in the yarn. Each square is totally different and making each granny square is like magic. First, you start with the circle where each and every circle is packed with beautiful color and no two are alike. Then you add the white and somehow it totally transforms into something more beautiful! They're small and easy to work on, anywhere.

Via Maria’s Blue Crayon

Sunburst Granny Square - easy crochet squares

Ribbed Cross

The cross is achieved using a combination of Front Post and Back Post Treble Crochet stitches (Double Crochet if you're in the US). These crochet stitches are a bit fiddly but they're absolutely worth trying – they have such a great texture! Love interesting crochet stitches? What if you could have 45 unique crochet stitches at your disposal? Check out the Ultimate Crochet Stitch Library. With the Ultimate Stitch Library, you'll have all the stitches you need to crochet anything you've ever wanted to. These are the foundational stitches for the majority of patterns out there!

Via Bloglovin’

Ribbed Cross - easy crochet squares

Cotton Neat Motif

This is another easy crochet pattern that uses a combination of double crochet stitches in the round.

Via Mango Tree Crafts

Cotton Neat Motif - easy crochet squares

Daisy Granny Square

This daisy granny square is simple, yet beautiful. If you don’t want to make a crochet afghan or baby blanket, they’d also be perfect for coasters.

Via Daisy Cottage Designs

Daisy Granny Square - easy crochet squares

Simply Pretty

This crochet stitch pattern turns into a 6” square which can also be made into a large square for a blankie – just continue to repeat Rnds 7, 5 and 6 of the pattern.

Via DIy’s Hooks and Yarns

Simply Pretty - easy crochet squares

Walled Garden Square

A pretty crochet square from the original poster’s handwritten pattern archives from way back in the 80’s! Just so named – a flower seemingly walled in.

Via So Far, So Good

Walled Garden Square - easy crochet squares

Easy 5″ Afghan Square

Crochet this pretty afghan square in one or two colors. Or, use up your yarn stash and choose a new color for each round for a super colorful look! This afghan square is great for a summer afghan, but you could also use this for a cute children’s bag, a beach bag or anything else you like for that matter.

Via Crochet n Crafts

Easy 5″ Afghan Square - easy crochet squares

Bright & Bulky

The best part about these crochet squares is that they are so fast to make! With only two rounds to crochet, you have a pretty decent-sized square (5×5 inches). A granny square blanket never worked up so quickly!

Via Repeat Crafter Me

Bright & Bulky - easy crochet squares

Granny Square Variation

This is a free granny square crochet pattern that is a variation of the classic crochet granny square. It uses the same first two rounds that you would use for a traditional granny square, then it is finished with two more rounds of single crochet stitches. This creates a four-round square that is a little smaller than a classic four-round granny square. The variation is very easy to accomplish and creates a different style from the basic granny square, giving more options for your designs even if you're still learning how to crochet.

Via The Spruce

Granny Square Variation - easy crochet squares

Iced Pie Square

These simple quarter-circles-in-a-square are very basic, but basic is not necessarily a bad thing. Using double knit yarn or light worsted weight yarn and a 4 mm crochet hook, each square will be roughly 10 cm (4”) across.

Via Look at What I Made

Iced Pie Square - easy crochet squares

Sweetest Baby Granny Square

The Sweetest Baby square is a simple but exciting twist on the granny square. Each square as written measures about 4.25″, so for a small baby blanket you can go with a 6 x 6 blanket. If you want to make a larger blanket, just add more squares!

Via Moogly

Sweetest Baby Granny Square - easy crochet squares

Ana Maria Square

This square is 5.5 inches when worked with DK weight yarn and size 5mm hook. Looks great in single color but using different colored yarns will definitely add a nice pop of color and highlight the flower design.

Via Ravelry

Ana Maria Square - easy crochet squares

Mitered Granny Square

These mitered squares are easy to do and have many possibilities with different color combinations. You just start off with a basic granny square and then add in the mitered part where you start working as if in ‘rows’.

Via Crochet Again

Mitered Granny Square - easy crochet squares

Block Stitch Square

Most commonly referred to as the block stitch, but sometimes called the mosaic stitch or dot stitch, this square features little pops of color between rounds of the classic granny stitch. Love interesting crochet stitches? What if you could have 45 unique crochet stitches at your disposal? Check out the Ultimate Crochet Stitch Library.

Via Ravelry

Block Stitch Square - easy crochet squares

4-Hearts Square

With just a few clever change in colors, these hearts can turn into – ice cream cones, cupcakes, and even 4-leaf clovers!

Via DIy’s Hooks and Yarns

4-Hearts Square - easy crochet squares

Hadley Square

This is a pretty straightforward crochet square with just a bunch of double crochets all throughout. The main feature here is the change of color on every row.

Via Pink Mambo

Hadley Square - easy crochet squares

Boho Diamond

A modern twist on the traditional crochet granny square! There are so many things you can do with it. You can have fun changing its look by just switching colors.

Via Ravelry

Boho Diamond - easy crochet squares

Simple Filet Starburst Square

Here's a super simple yet quite lovely filet crochet/granny square starburst, with just enough detail to make it interesting, yet simple enough for crocheters of any level to pull off. And, since there are no color changes that means a lot fewer ends to weave in!

Via Creative Jewish Mom

Simple Filet Starburst Square - easy crochet squares

Skipping Square

This is a neat variation to the solid granny, simply by skipping stitches – you can create this pretty little square!

Via Spincushions

Skipping Square - easy crochet squares

Going beyond the simple granny square, have you ever tried any of these fabulous but super easy crochet squares? If not, now's your time. Pick out your favorite crochet square, grab your hook and some yarn and get crocheting.

In the meantime, if you'd like to check out more of my patterns and posts click below:

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  • Loretta Short
    May 21, 2022

    I would like to learn how to make the blocks

  • Luciane LaFollett
    August 5, 2022

    Perfect ideas! Thank you for sharing so much beautiful squares! I am inspired now.

  • Colleen. Wolfe
    October 20, 2022

    Please tell me where to get these patters for squares to make blankets for foster children thank you my email address is Thank you so much. If there is a price let me know where to pay it.

  • Brenda
    January 4, 2023

    These are some beautiful granny squares. How much are the patterns?

  • Vada Reiner
    January 5, 2023

    Absolutely amazing!! Can hardly wait to get started on some of these patterns!

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