Success Comes From Setting Goals - Get The Ancient Japanese Wishing & Goals Doll For Free +S&H And Let Him Focus On Your Goals For You

Keep An Eye On Your Dreams

If you ask any successful entrepreneur, athlete, parent, couple,  weight loss hero (..and the list goes on) he or she will tell you that the key part of their personal success was a CLEAR VISION of what they wanted, razor sharp focus and sheer determination to never give on the vision and goal they set.

This is exactly what the ancient Japanese Daruma doll represents.

Daruma is a traditional handmade Japanese wishing doll charmingly referred to as a Goal doll that keeps you focused and helps you achieve your goals.

Get your Daruma doll shipped right to your front door now for FREE. Just pay $5.95 shipping and handing.

Daruma is closely associated with a beloved Japanese proverb, nana korobi yaoki, which states, “Fall down seven times, get up eight”.

The Daruma doll's unique rounded shape allows it to return to its original position even if knocked over, representing such persistence. Daruma reminds us all to never, ever give up on our dreams.