10 Stretching Routines Perfect For After An Epic Workout

You might be wondering, “is there a difference between stretching before a workout vs after?”

Yes!  Or, at least, there should be.

There’s a lot of mixed information out on the web telling you to stretch before and after a workout.

Although you should warm up your muscles, stretching the way most of us know to do it, can actually damage your muscles if you stretch before a workout.

The common stretching we’re most accustomed to is called static stretching.  It’s when you hold a stretch for 30 or more seconds. This should be done after a workout when your muscles are nice and warm.

When your muscles are cold, stretching them out can actually tear the muscles, leading to injuries.  Dynamic stretching involves repeated motions to warm up muscles pre-workout.

But this post is all about static stretching!  After an intense workout, you need to stretch out those muscles to prevent tightness and soreness.

Stretching always feels so calming after you put in work at the gym, and it’s a nice reward both for your body and mind.

Here are 10 amazing static stretching routines that will help close out your workout on a high note.

Core Stretching

Core Stretching - stretching routines

Working on that six pack at the gym?  We work our core all the time. So many different workouts and exercises activate our core which can lead to soreness the next day.

Stretching out the core can help elongate your muscles and prevent discomfort when you’ve got a sore core.

Via Spotebi

Full Body Static Stretching

Full Body Static Stretching - stretching routines

This stretching routine will help you get into notorious tight spots in the body.  From shoulders to your hip flexors, the routine will help you give your whole body a little stretching love.

It’s a nice combination of classic stretches like a standing quad stretch and yoga poses like the upward dog.

Via Personal Trainer Food

After Workout Stretch Routine

After Workout Stretch Routine

This is a 12-minute stretching routine, so it’s a pretty complete sequence.  There’s a video you can use to follow along to check for proper form.

Plus, I don’t love counting while stretching, so it’s nice to just relax and have someone else tell you when to switch sides.

Via Carolina Jordan Fitness

5 Best Post-Run Stretches

5 Best Post-Run Stretches - stretching routines

Even if you’re short on time, it’s important not to skip your stretching.  That’s where this routine comes in handy.

It’s only 5 stretches so it’s one of the shorter stretching routines, but is still effective, and perfect for days when you’re crunched for time.

You should never rush a stretch, which is why it’s better to do fewer poses for the appropriate time than try and cram in 15 stretches and rush through them.

Via Jar Of Lemons

7 Minute Post Workout Stretch Routine

7 Minute Post Workout Stretch Routine - stretching routines

This stretching routine is comprised of yoga poses that will help you lengthen and get deep into your muscles from the hamstrings to the spine.

You can use this to cool down after a power yoga flow, or after hitting the gym.  I love doing this one after an intense cardio sesh because it’s great for relaxing and deep stretching.

All you need is a cushy stretching mat.  Get my pick here.

Via The Flexible Chef

5 Best Post Workout Stretches

5 Best Post Workout Stretches - stretching routines

This is short, sweet, and to the point.  It uses just 5 stretches to work on your larger muscle groups from your glutes and quads to opening your chest.

It’s super easy to customize your stretching routines.  I like to take these stretches and repeat them 1-2 times for a longer stretching session.

Via Kayla Itsines

The Ultimate Runner’s Stretch Routine

The Ultimate Runner’s Stretch Routine - stretching routines

This routine is a gold mine for runners who are far too well acquainted with tight hips and sore calves.

These stretches specifically target your hamstrings, hip flexors, and calf muscles so you can recover after a run.

Each stretch has an accompanying video demonstration so you can see the proper form as well.

Via Runner’s Blueprint

10 Stretches To Do After Every Workout

10 Stretches To Do After Every Workout - stretching routines

This stretching routine is influenced by some pilates style poses.  It has some really great classics thrown in there too.

This is a pretty comprehensive stretching routine, with 10 moves in total that you can hold for 1 minute each or 2 rounds of 30 seconds each.

Via Eating Bird Food

Post-Workout Total Body Stretching

Post-Workout Total Body Stretching - stretching routines

The Tone It Up ladies is workout pros, and their stretching routines are definitely designed to help open up muscles after a killer workout.

This routine is neatly packaged in an easy to follow video, and it clocks in at around 8 minutes.

The moves include yoga favs like the pigeon and forward fold.

Via Tone It Up

Full Body Stretch: Yoga Essential Flow

Full Body Stretch: Yoga Essential Flow - stretching routines

This is a full yin yoga routine designed to help you relax, de-stress, and use both active and passive stretching to open up the body.

From the beloved child’s pose to a more active crescent lunge, this is a great yoga stretching flow to tack onto the end of a workout.

Via Spotebi

So, next time you hit the gym, don’t skip the mat!  Get your stretch on to relieve and protect your muscles after your workouts.

Don’t miss 12 stretching routines to rehabilitate your body.

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