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11 Best DIY Tutorials To Learn How To Sew a Tshirt

Shirts are a staple in one’s wardrobe – you just can’t have at least one shirt in your lifetime. Which is why if you are a beginner at sewing, it’s imperative to learn how to sew a t-shirt.

From the basic tee sewing pattern to numerous variations, we have gathered here helpful DIY tutorials that will up your t-shirt sewing game. There are tons of great sewing patterns and resources out there and this list touches on a number of the best one – maybe one that will work for you.

Learning this neat skill will not just be another notch in your sewing belt, but can be quite useful when you want to have your very own unique look. 

The Breezy Tee

Here's a t-shirt sewing pattern with loose, flowy construction and a quick sew time (about an hour) and sleeves to cover whatever might need covering. This t-shirt isn’t really snug anywhere (which is a bonus for some of us), but as long as you use a soft knit fabric it will drape nicely and still look flattering.

Via It’s Always Autumn

The Breezy Tee - how to sew a shirt

Men’s T-Shirt

This pattern is a size medium t-shirt, which fits chest sizes up to 38” with some ease, and up to 40-41” for men who like fitted t-shirts.

Via Melly Sews

Men's T-shirt - how to sew a shirt

Racerback Tank Tutorial

Who doesn’t love a comfy knit t-shirt or top? It’s soft, stretchy, and downright comfy! Better yet, it takes only about an hour to sew together – pretty cool right!

Via Noodlehead

Racerback Tank - how to sew a shirt

How to Sew a Raglan Tee in Any Size

Raglan tees (baseball style tees) have been very popular for a few years now and they’re super easy to sew. In addition, when you mix and match colors and patterns they look a little cuter than a plain t-shirt.

Via It’s Always Autumn

Raglan Tee - how to sew a shirt

Dolman Style Top with Banded Bottom

Here's a a very forgiving Dolman shape shirt, with a banded bottom. The dolman style shirt isn’t clingy but the banded bottom design still flatters pretty much any body. Cool!

Via Make It & Love It

Dolman Style Top - how to sew a shirt

High Low Shirt

This is a really easy shirt to sew and is quite flowy with the right fabric choice.

Via Melly Sews

High Low Shirt - how to sew a shirt

The Sunny Swing Tee

The A-line shape of this t-shirt is so flattering, with an awesome stripe and floral combo. This clear and easy to follow sewing pattern will leave you feeling stylish and comfortable.

Via The Sara Project

The Sunny Swing Tee - how to sew a shirt

Boat Neck Top

Everyone needs a classic floral print t-shirt in their wardrobe. Here's a lovely boat neck floral top with buttons at the back.

Via The Bears Four

Boat Neck Top - how to sew a shirt

Pillowcase Shirt

This t-shirt is EASY to sew. It is made using ONLY three fat quarters. Two for the front and back and one for the trim.

Via Polkadot Chair

Pillowcase Shirt - how to sew a shirt

Easy As Pie Tank

This particular tank is great tucked into a pencil skirt. It's made out of a lightweight sheer polyester, and blouses nicely. With side bust darts, it has shape at the top and has a slight flare at the bottom (perfect for disguising a stubborn post baby bump).

Via Leafy Treetop’s

Easy As Pie Tank - how to sew a shirt

Swing Shirt

This flowy shirt is easy to make and is the perfect top for summer.

Via Sew Mama Sew

Swing Shirt - how to sew a shirt

Hopefully, these tutorials on learning how to sew a tshirt has given you ideas for your next sewing project. Maybe you can even modify any of these styles and create your own style. And if you do, please share with us your creations!

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11 diy tutorials on how to sew a tshirt

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