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13 Easy Travel Hacking Tips All Insiders Know

Traveling, whether on a road trip to another city or a vacation abroad, can be a stressful experience. It’s especially tricky for new travelers who don’t know the tricks to achieving a nice comfortable trip.

This is why we’ve gathered here easy travel hacking tips that you can incorporate in all your travels. These easy-to-follow hacks just might be all you need to get that stress-free vacation you’ve always dreamed of – or at least close to it.

Pack Entire Outfits

Nice, tidy, little rolls of clothing.  Everything you need to wear for one day in a roll. Making these clothing rolls are not only convenient but they are compact, they keep clothes surprisingly wrinkle-free and easily accessible.

Via Boy: Noise Covered in Dirt

roll clothing - easy travel hack

Contact Lens Case For Creams and Liquids

Cool hack so you don’t have to bring bottles of your lotions, creams and even make-up. Just place enough you’ll be needing for your trip in contact lens cases and viola – you have everything you need with lots of space for other important things.

Via Refinery29

lens case liquid cream container - easy travel hack

Turn a Washcloth Into a Travel Kit

It’s the perfect place to store your toiletries while you travel, it rolls up so it doesn’t take up too much room in your suitcase, and it’s easy to make!

Via Practically Functional

washcloth travel kit - easy travel hack

Pack Jewellery in Cling Wrap

The awful thing about bringing jewelry with you when you travel is the outcome when you finally unpack them – a big tangled mess! This travel works like a charm and does not even leave any sticky residue.

Via Threaded Together

cling wrap jewellery packing - easy travel hack

When to Buy Airline Tickets

I can’t guarantee this will solve all of your travel problems, but I'll help you get there. Bon voyage!

Via Hubpages

buying airline tickets - easy travel hack

Use a Packing Flow Chart

To pack or not to pack – that is the question. Before you start stuffing your luggage with your things, it’s best to ask yourself first if you need to pack that at all.

Via the Berry

packing flow chart - easy travel hack

Shower Caps for Shoes

These have great use holding shoes in a suitcase or backpack during travel, to stop shoes rubbing dirt onto clothes.

Via the Rogue Ginger

shower cap shoe holder - easy travel hack

Charge Your Phone Via a Hotel TV’s USB

This is a great hack for those you frequently forget their wall plug-in phone chargers. Just check out the back of the hotel’s TV – they usually have a USB port that you can use to charge your phone with. (Doesn’t work if your phone is from the Middle Ages, though!)

Via Techwalla

tv usb phone charger - easy travel hack

Airplane Smartphone Mount

So you've loaded up your smartphone with movies to watch for that long plane ride, but you don't want to sit there and hold it for six hours. There’s an ingenious way to mount it on the seat in front of you—using nothing but your barf bag.

Via Lifehacker

airplane phone mount - easy travel hack

Take a Screenshot of Directions

This trick (when you turn on airplane mode, especially) can also help you save your phone’s battery life. A real lifesaver when you are in a new city and Internet connection is not possible.

Via Johnny Jet

screenshot map directions - easy travel hack


Hide Your Cash

Whether you’re traveling or just like to keep some cash hidden around for emergencies, your paper money can use a bit of protection. This DIY lip balm case is the perfect protection and disguise for your money.

Via Lifehacker

lip balm cash storage - easy travel hack

Sunglasses Case For Tangle-Free Cords & Cables

It turns out that an empty sunglass case is a perfect vessel for keeping small cords untangled inside a messenger bag or purse.

Via Apartment Therapy

tangle-free cords cables in eyeglasses case - easy travel hack

Use a Binder Clip to Safely Store a Razor

You can use a binder clip to safely store a razor. No worries getting your fingers cut while looking for it in your bag.

Via Thrifty Fun

binder clip razor storage - easy travel hack

Did you find these easy travel hacking tips useful? Have you done any of these before? If you have more useful travel hacks to add, fire them up in the comments section.

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13 Easy Travel Hacking Tips

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