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13 Ways To Promote Your Blog On Social Media

Your blog is a digital business.  And what better way to promote a digital business than on social media?

It has the reach, can drive traffic, and can connect you with targeted followers.  It even has the potential to make content viral.  

Most of us use social media personally and it should seem intuitive.  But, using social media to promote your blog can feel tricky.

What, when, and how should you post?  We set out to answer that very question and found 13 Ways To Promote Your Blog On Social Media.

From picking your platform to setting a schedule that will help double your traffic, we’ve found the best tips to make you a social media pro!

Know What To Post

So, you know being active on social media is important and all…but what should you even post?

All social media platforms favor different styles of content.  Knowing what types of posts are the most engaging on different platforms will help you stay a step ahead of the game.

Post your content!  Just be smart about it and avoid being spammy.  Aside from that killer blog post you just published, post updates and insights into your day. Make sure you aren’t just posting the same stuff over and over.  Switch it up and keep it active and engaging.

Chloe’s post breaks down different types of content you should post on various social media platforms.  Oh, and she’s a social media manager so you’re learning from a pro!

Via Chloe Social

Third Time’s The Charm

Kissmetrics has proven results that sharing something 3 times on social media doubles your traffic to that link.

So when you’re sharing content you should share it three times for maximum clicks.

“But you just said to not be spammy!”

I  know.  I know.  But the thing is, followers on social media aren’t always subscribed to every update you post.  Social media is a stream.

You don’t want someone to miss your post.  They can’t click it if they don’t encounter it.

Plus, it’s important to never post the same exact message more than once. Kissmetrics has an awesome Social Sharing Schedule that will help you plan your posts.

This way you can post for maximum traffic without fear of being spammy.

Via Kissmetrics

Pre-schedule Your Posts

A key to a successful social media presence is consistency.  You want to post relevantly and often.

But it can be hard to focus on the best hashtags and keywords when you're rushing to publish a forgotten post.

That’s why automating your posts will become your best friend.  It saves you time and makes sure you won’t miss any regular posts.

Plus, it gives you time to focus on optimizing your posts with keywords, images, and hashtags.

You can plan a whole week’s posts in an hour or do a whole month at a time.  There are tons of tools out there to help you schedule social media posts and automate them.

Via The Shop Files

Use Pinterest

If you’re going to be on any social media platform, make it Pinterest.  Pinterest has blown up as a huge visual marketing resource.

Pinterest traffic often converts into sales. You also have the added advantage of using relevant keywords to boost your rank in Pinterest search results.  

Appealing to target followers when you pin your own content can help promote visibility and funnel them back to your blog.

Here’s a great guide on how to optimize your Pinterest activity.

Via Social Media With Priyanka

Use a Call-To-Action

A call-to-action is the perfect strategy for encouraging engagement on your posts!  It literally informs followers of what they should do next.

Call-to-actions on your social media posts can also help convert into a sale or a subscriber.

You can customize a call-to-action specifically for engagement, traffic, and sales.

These work best when you give your readers an incentive to complete a call-to-action.  

Offer a chance to win a give-away if they share your post.  Or offer them a freebie when they head over to your blog and sign up for your newsletter.

Via Melissa Hebbe

Post at Peak Times

Every social media platform has peak user times.  But you can take it a step further.

Don't just post when the majority of Pinterest users, Twitter users, etc are most active.  Post when your target users are most active.

You can use your analytics to track when your community is most active on each platform.  Then, you can create a unique posting schedule to encourage the most engagement.

You can find out how to do it here.

Via A Branch Of Holly

Be Social!

It’s called social media for a reason!  That means more than just posting.  You need to interact too!

Social media is a great way to grow relationships.  Plus, it’s an easy way to get info from your target audience.

People on social media are generally very honest.  They’ll tell you what they liked and disliked if you ask.

Replying to comments, retweeting, and engaging with followers is how you build relationships.  Plus, you can hear straight from those interacting with your brand.

Via TwelveSkip

Check Your Stats

One word: troubleshooting.  That’s exactly what checking your analytics will do.  Social media is forever changing.  What works for one brand or target group might not work exactly the same for another.

Reviewing your analytics can help you figure out which posts are most effective.  You can also see which platform drives the most traffic, or which results in the most conversions.

It’s also helpful to open business accounts on all the social media platforms you use to track analytics.

This can help you tailor your social media strategy so that posts are more likely to convert and deliver desired results.

Via The Social Butterfly Gal

Use Relevant Hashtags

Not all hashtags are created equal.  Some convert better than others.  Some are more relevant to your target audience.  The key to a successful instagram strategy (aside from awesome pics!) is using relevant hashtags.

That’s how you’ll pop up when your target audience searches on Instagram.  You want to use hashtags that your audience is using.  

You also want to prioritize tags that will give you the most visibility.  If a tag has 1 million uses, it’s unlikely that your post will be visible.

This also goes for keywords on Pinterest!

Find out how to pick the right hashtags here.

Via Ivory Mix

Grow Your Following

Engage with active users in your niche.  Follow other bloggers, users, and boards that attract your target group.

Following a fellow blogger in your niche not only exposes you to lots of their target followers, but often, they’ll follow you back.

Following other users can help boost your own followers and increase exposure.  Plus, genuinely interacting with these users can build relationships in the blogging world.

Via Wonderfelle

Use Affiliate Links

You know affiliate links are a popular way to monetize your blog.  But did you know you can use them on your social media too?

Some platforms such as Pinterest encourage you to disclose that you use affiliate links.  If you’re already a part of affiliate programs, just use your affiliate link and plug it in your social media.

Link it to your pins, in Facebook posts, or wherever you’re active on social media.

While using affiliate links on social media can be a strategic way to boost affiliate income, it’s important to use discretion.

Too many links on social media can come across as spam.  People want to see your stuff on social media too.  Not just other people’s products.

You can read all about using affiliate links on Pinterest here.

Via Moms Make Cents

Host a Giveaway

A give-away is such a great way to promote engagement on social media.  Everyone likes a shot at winning prizes, right?

Offer a free course, product, or other resource of value in exchange for a like, share, retween, repin, etc.

Or, promote a giveaway on social media to drive traffic back to your blog.  This is a way to build your email list.

Drive followers back to your blog.  Then, offer to enter them in your give-away in exchange for an email subscribe.

You could also offer freebies in exchange for an email subscribe or social media share.

Offering something is a fun way to plug your blog that doesn’t leave you feeling overly self-promotional.

Via XO Sarah

Host a Facebook Group

Facebook’s algorithm has only gotten more complex over time.  You have to be practically a Facebook expert to figure out how to effectively post ads.

Because of this, it’s difficult for your posts to show up in followers’ feeds.  

Facebook groups are a great way to work around this.  Everyone in your group will be notified of everything you post.  Plus, it’s free which is a bonus instead of paying for ads.

It’s also a fun way to interact with your audience and ask them about what they want to see from you!

Via Caitlin Bacher

Feeling social yet?  Use these 13 Ways To Promote Your Blog On Social Media as your guide.  

And remember, the main point is to be consistent, engage, and target your niche.  The rest will come.

Set your own social media schedule and start boosting traffic, building your list, and growing followers.

13 Ways To Promote Your Blog On Social Media will teach you everything you need to know about the perfect social media strategy.

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