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15 Of The Best Lace Knitting Patterns

There is nothing more delicate and dainty than lace. When you’re a knitter, it is not even possible not to try your hand at lace knitting patterns – just so you too can have one of these gorgeous creations.

Whatever type or look of lace knitting pattern you choose, it will always look fabulous and ultra-chic.

While knitting lace can look a little ambitious for some people, as long as you understand the foundations of knitting, you should be good to go. However, if knitting is still a new skill for you and you'd like to take things to the next level so that you can be a confident knitter, check out the professionally filmed Learn to Knit class that will take your knitting skills to the next level.

With these, we have chosen 15 of the best lace knitting patterns we can find on the web.

Driftone Lace Beret

This horseshoe lace knit stitch pattern is perfect for creating a light, slouchy beret. This project uses tonal striping Driftone yarn from Plymouth. Learn 50 new knit stitches in my Ultimate Knit Stitch Library to customize your own Knit hat!

Via NobleKnits

Driftone Lace Beret - lace knitting patterns

Avery Pullover

A breezy pullover for all shapes and sizes, the bodice and sleeves are knit in one piece in an easy lace stitch from cuff to cuff. The bottom is finished in stockinette.

Via Berroco

Avery Pullover - lace knitting patterns

Emilia Shawl Knit Pattern

This beautiful shawl/poncho knit in linen is the perfect ally for a simple dress or summer shirt look. It is perfect for spring/summer; linen is light and has a wonderful give, the final result is light and elegant.

Via Devanalana

Emilia Shawl - lace knitting patterns

Grace Socks

Nothing is as graceful as lace. This toe-up lace sock covers the whole foot with grace since the lace pattern starts from the tip of the toe. Twisted-stitch tendrils lick flame-like at the edges of the foot, then blossom into vines that extend up the sides. Made with #1/2.25mm circular needles, this sock features a rounded toe and gusset/heel flap construction, my favorite construction for a really well-fitting sock.

Via Knitty

Grace Socks - lace knitting patterns

Cascade Lace Blend Shoulder Cowl

The soft caress of this yarn is perfect in this elegant and easy-to-wear garment. The design evokes the soft curves of cascading water or sand patterned by the receding tide. The cowl’s simple shape is highlighted by small, round glass beads at the neckline, while larger, cubic beads adding weight and sparkle at the hem.

Via Ravelry

Cascade Lace Blend Shoulder Cowl - lace knitting patterns

Estonian Lace Shawl

This shawl features a classic Estonian lace twig knit pattern. This variation also has nupps.  You will see that the shawl is pretty long!

Via All Knitted Lace

Estonian Lace Shawl - lace knitting patterns

Whimsical Wrap

This center of this wrap is knit sideways from one end to the other. Then stitches are picked up from the perimeter of the center and the edging is knit. The edging is worked as a knit-on edging. The last edging stitch is knit together with a stitch from the shawl body to attach.

Via NobleKnits

Whimsical Wrap - lace knitting patterns

French Riviera Shawl

This knit shawl is approximately 50 cm measured at the back o the neck and down mid back and uses fine yarn to bring out the lovely lacy pattern.

Via Drops Design

French Riviera Shawl - lace knitting patterns

Random Lace Scarf

This knit tutorial explains how to knit a scarf in the random lace technique. The result is a beautiful and unique piece of lace to wear on summer evenings. Please note that this is not a lace knit pattern in the classic sense with detailed stitch by stitch and row by row sequences, but a set of instructions and tips that allow you to knit a scarf and achieve a similar result.

Via Knitting and so on

Random Lace Scarf - lace knitting patterns

Multiway Stole

Repeating panels of lace stitches in delicate Rowan Kidsilk Haze and Fine Lace held together, give this versatile stole its special character, and its button fastenings allow you to wear it in a variety of ways, such as a shrug, poncho, cape, or vest.

Via SMP Craft

Multiway Stole - lace knitting patterns

Shades of Sand Washcloth

Sandy-colored washcloths with an incorporated lace knit pattern. This is a perfect pattern for people who are learning how to knit.

Via Drops Design

Shades of Sand Washcloth - lace knitting patterns

Lacy Poncho

This lacy knit poncho is light and airy perfect for the slightly chilly weather and is knit in two pieces.

Via Katia

Lacy Poncho - lace knitting patterns

Mohair and Silk Shawl

This lace shawl is a lightweight (approx. 80g) lace wonder. And it is surprisingly warm – the perfect accessory for cool summer evenings.

Via Foldi

Mohair and Silk Shawl - lace knitting patterns

Tao Silk Scarf

This is a simple enough lace knitting pattern that repeats only a few rows until you’ve reached your desired length.

Via Jimmy Beans

Tao Silk Scarf - lace knitting patterns

Bintje Lace Socks

Pretty thigh-high, lace socks – for when you want that schoolgirl vibe.

Via Jatta Pauliina

Bintje Lace Socks - lace knitting patterns

Have you ever tried any lace knitting patterns recently? If not, these lace knit patterns above are a great place to start.

If you want more great knitting patterns, check out these patterns from my round-ups below:

Whatever type or look of lace knitting pattern you choose, it will always look fabulous and ultra-chic. #knitting #knittingpatterns #laceknitting

2 Responses
  • Vivian
    October 18, 2020

    Beautiful knit garments I am into knitting lace sweaters and dresses

    • CynD
      August 9, 2023

      I am a beginner knitter, I have knit for the last (off and on) 50 years, however I consider my self a beginner.). I want to try lace.. we shall see.. some of thee might be the start for me.

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