10 Simple Sock Knitting Patterns for Beginner Knitters

Knitting may seem like a scary task to take on but with simple sock knitting patterns – you might just discover your hidden talent or at least an enjoyable hobby that you didn’t know you wanted!

Who doesn’t wear socks? Especially during the cold months, socks are a must-have! Which makes knitting socks yourself a perfectly good excuse to actually start learning to knit.

With these 10 simple sock knitting patterns, you can knock a few pairs, easy!

Whether you've dabbled in knitting, have made a few pieces, or never picked up needles before, the fundamentals of knitting are essential to get right…especially when you're making socks. In over 40+ professionally filmed video lessons, you'll learn all the knitting fundamentals from the ground up with the fantastic Learn to Knit class.

Simple Sock

This simple sock knitting pattern is perfect for first-time sock knitters because there’s no heel to turn and no shaping until the simple decreases for the toe. The support around the heel comes from the ribbed pattern that creates elasticity, hugging the contours of your foot.

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sock knitting patterns

Striped Crew Socks

These Striped Crew Socks have such an incredibly nice, fresh feeling that all icky talk seems miles away.

Via Purlsoho

sock knitting patterns

Easy Peasy Socks

It’s a very easy pattern. Even a slow knitter can manage to knit in a day, even on a busy schedule!

Via Desi Living 101

sock knitting patterns

Striped Socks

Warm your toes with striped tube socks knit in fun and fancy colors. They stay put with comfy banded cuffs.

Via Better Homes & Gardens

sock knitting patterns

Basic Sock

This is a very basic sock knitting pattern, it has a heel flap and turned heel, gusset, and a round toe. Very comfortable to wear. You'll find that it works well with a plain yarn or self-striping yarn.

Via Colour Choices

sock knitting patterns

52 Stitch Ribbed Sock

This 52 Stitch Sock pattern is both a fun and practical project.

Via Treasures Made From Yarn

Game Day Slipper Socks

The Game Day Slipper Socks are bold slipper sock knit with contrasting colors in a simple stockinette stitch construction.

Via The Chilly Dog

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Lazy Day Knit Sock Pattern

Your feet will stay nice and warm when you wear these cozy socks around the house. No matter what the weather is like outside, the bright colors of these socks will instantly put you in a good mood.

Via All Free Knitting

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Slip Stitch Stripey

This pattern would work well to break up unwanted pooling in variegated yarns. You'll love the effect with self-striping yarns! These fun cuff-down socks use the Tweed Rib Stitch to add a lively texture. The slipped stitches create fun little dashes and dots of color. This pattern would work well to break up unwanted pooling in variegated yarns.

Via Simply Notable

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Summer Socks

With just a hint of neon color on the toe, heel, and trim, these Summer Socks are practical, playful and perfect for warmer weather.

Via A Common Thread

sock knitting patterns

How many socks have you knit in your lifetime? Don’t you think it’s time to start piling up those pairs so you have enough to give as gifts? The holidays may be several months away, but better safe than sorry!

For those that are visual learners, here are some great step-by-step YouTube tutorials:

With these 10 simple sock knitting patterns, you can knock a few pairs, easy! #knittingpatterns #knitsocks #knitting #knits
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  • Ginger Friedl
    February 1, 2020

    I am a beginner knitter and always excited to find easy patterns. Thank you.

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