15 Fun Tunisian Crochet Projects to Make This Weekend

15 Fun Tunisian Crochet Projects to Make This Weekend

If you’re a knitter and thinking about an easy way to try your hand at crochet, tunisian crochet may be exactly what you’re looking to try.

Tunisian crochet is a slight variation of traditional crochet, almost a mix of crochet and knitting. It involves a special long crochet hook and it uses multiple stitches on the hook at once. The result is a beautiful woven looking design that’s generally thick and luxurious to the touch.

We’ve tracked down these 15 fun tunisian crochet projects to help get you started. Give this fun new crochet technique a try today.


Tunisian Crochet Washcloths

This is a quick and easy tunisian crochet project finished off with a crochet border in Linen Stitch and perfect for gift giving.

Via My Poppet


Tunisian Crochet Feathers

You’ll have so much fun making these feathers.  They’re quick to make and easily achievable with only just the basic knowledge of tunisian crochet.

Via Poppy and Bliss


Striped Tunisian Crocheted Cushion

Here’s something bright and happy that will make you feel jolly and rather content just looking at it!

Via Boys and Bunting


Simple Starlight Tunisian Crochet Shrug

At its most basic, this gorgeous shrug is a rectangle/square, with the sides folded down and sewn together to create arm holes. It doesn’t get much easier than that!

Via One Dog Woof


Tunisian Crochet Scarf

With the regular back and forth motion of a typewriter’s carriage, this surprisingly easy technique works up quickly and densely, perfect for warm and cozy scarves.

Via Purl Soho


Mermaid Isle Scarf

The tunisian stitch gives this scarf an incredible feel and drape. With the right yarn, it even has a mermaid tail effect.

Via Ravelry


Simple Cowl in Tunisian Crochet

Maybe you’ll be inspired to try Tunisian Crochet with this gorgeous and simple cowl pattern.

Via Knit 1 LA


Easy Tunisian Crocheted Blanket with Tassels

Whip up the gorgeous and luxurious tunisian crochet blanket complete with fun tassels in no time.

Via Coffee and Blankets


Tunisian Crochet Pointed Pom Pom Hat

Decreasing in this hat is simply a matter of working through three stitches instead of two.  So easy and so perfect for a gently sloping elf-inspired head topper!

Via Purl Soho


Tunisian Ripple Scarf

This pattern takes a crochet standard and gives it a Tunisian twist for a scarf with beautiful drape and texture. A one-row repeat using basic Tunisian stitches and techniques makes this a great “next” project for new Tunisian crocheters.

Via Ravelry


Tunisian Crochet Pillow Cover

It’s a very simple project, that you can finish in one day -maybe while binging on Netflix.

Via Tracing Threads


Gobelin Textured Tunisian Crochet Cowl

It’s almost un-crochet-like, and yet, not quite knit-like either. The front and the back both have a great feel and texture.

Via One Dog Woof


Tunisian Crochet Computer Sleeve

This is a generic pattern for how to make a cozy sleeve for your netbook, laptop, cell phone, iPod, iPad…you name it!

Via Ravelry

Scrappy Tunisian Crochet Blanket

The blanket is worked in long strips, and it is up to you whether you want them to go horizontally or vertically in the final design. If you’re making a square blanket then it doesn’t matter either way.

Via Chopped Tomatoes


Mini Tunisian Crochet Hold All

Here’s a quick and easy little project – perfect if you’re just wanting to give tunisian crochet a try.

Via Sarita Creative

We love tunisian crochet and we hope you do too. If you’re starting to get the hang of it and are looking for more tunisian crochet stitches to try, we recommend this wonderful book: TUNISIAN Crochet – Vol. 1: Basic & Textured Stitches


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