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Circuit Training For Women: 11 Best Routines

Want to get in shape fast?  Circuit training could be the perfect fitness solution for you.  

Circuit training is a special type of resistance training that combines weights, bodyweight exercises, and high-intensity aerobics to burn fat fast and efficiently.  

Circuits include a number of exercises targeting specific muscle groups.  Generally, workouts will combine 2-4 circuits which you’ll repeat.  Each circuit contains a group of exercises that you must complete.

It’s challenging but very effective at building muscle and burning fat.  This means it’s time efficient too because you can spend less time working out since the exercises are fast paced and high intensity.

Circuit training for women has become a popular way to get in shape, build lean muscle, and burn excess fat.  

Here are 11 of the best circuit training routines to fire up your fitness habits.

Sleek and Strong Workout with Weights

Circuit training for women is amazing because it can be done at home or at the gym, with weights or without.  This workout uses light dumbbells to add extra resistance.

This works multiple muscle groups at a time so you maximize your workout to build muscle and burn fat as efficiently as possible.  Don’t work out longer, just workout smarter.

Via Indulgy

Sculpt Session Abs, Thighs, & Butt

This workout targets all the traditional “problem areas.”  It does so by incorporating movements that work your core and glutes simultaneously.  

It uses dumbbells to activate arm muscles and keep them burning throughout each circuit.

It’s only 20 minutes long, but you’ll definitely feel it the next day.

Via Popsugar

Kettlebell Fat Burning Circuit

Ah, kettlebells.  So much pain for something so small.  Good pain, of course.  The kind you feel from a truly brutal workout that you know helped you earn your dinner.

This kettlebell circuit is definitely tough, but it’s so worth it!  There are only 2 circuits and only 3 exercises per circuit, so this is a great routine to pair with a cardio sesh.

Or, I like to do this circuit before a lower key yoga flow to balance things out.

Via Fitwirr

Whole Body Fat Burning Circuit

In keeping with the total body workout wave we’re riding, this circuit combines total body resistance with cardio blasts to help keep your heart rate up and burning fat the entire workout.

This circuit goes by time, not reps, but you’re supposed to do 3 whole sets of each exercise so it’s a pretty full length workout.  This one is also easy to modify and do without any weights at all if need be.

Via Spotebi

Interval Circuit Workout

This workout is for the ambitious.  As if circuits weren’t tough enough, this one combines circuits with intervals. That means it’s basically cardio on overload!

You’ll do each exercise for 45 seconds with only 15 seconds of rest in between.  

These moves are also pretty advanced, so I’d recommend having a basic level of cardio fitness before diving into this one.  

If you aren’t drenched in sweat by the end of this, then you are a super human.

Via Fitness Cookie

Biceps and Triceps: Arm Circuit Workout

Here’s a circuit to get the guns you’ve always dreamed of.  This routine does require weights, so it’s best done at the gym if you don’t have a home repertoire of dumbbells and barbells.

It’s one circuit that targets the biceps and triceps but sneaks a tiny bit of cardio in.  It’s recommended that you do the circuit 3 times for maximum benefits.

Via Lauren Gleisberg

Jillian Michaels’ Fat-Blasting Circuit Workout

I think it’s safe to say that Jillian Michaels knows what she’s doing.  I’m not a bit ashamed to say I have several of her workout videos, and they’re very heavily circuit based.  

She’s a fitness guru and this circuit shows it.  This circuit has only 7 exercises, but each one works the body differently. Some moves train you for strength and power, others for cardio, and some for flexibility for a perfectly well-rounded training session.

Via Health

The Short-On-Time High-On-Intensity Circuit Workout

The aim of this workout is to get you to complete the circuit faster each time.  Do the circuit 3 times, trying to shave off time each round.

This way, you’re saving time and keeping your heart rate high to maximize the time you are working.  

Each circuit allows for only 1 minute of rest between, so it’s fast paced.

Via Women’s Health

45 Minute Bodyweight Strength Circuit Workout

This workout is longer than most circuit routines, clocking in at 45 minutes. This means you get an absolutely full workout.

It’s super simple, doesn’t require any equipment whatsoever, and can be done anywhere.  

It also mixes in tabatas, which are fast paced yoga intervals, so it’s a cardi-yoga, strength circuit hybrid.  

Let’s be real, it’s a little bit of everything, and that’s why I love it!

Via Fit Foodie Finds

Fire Up Your Core Circuit Workout

Make those abs burn with the core circuit.  This is a simple, no equipment workout that prioritizes mat work and works the core from every angle.

The best part?  No crunches or traditional ab work.  This uses your core in ways you don’t normally and it is reminiscent of pilates.

This workout is a lower intensity routine, so it’s a great one to go to when you’re lower energy or seeking something less intense.

Via Popsugar

20 Minute Total Body HIIT Circuit

This workout is only 20 minutes long so you can fit it in even on your busiest days.

This workout uses HIIT based circuits so there is little rest between exercises.  This circuit has a lot of throw back, traditional moves like jumping jacks and, good old fashioned butt kicks.

It’s fast, simple, and effective.

Via Fitness Republic

Game for more?  Check out 15 amazing bodyweight workout plans and get your sweat on.

Circuit training for women has become a popular way to get in shape, build lean muscle, and burn excess fat. Here are 11 amazing circuit training routines.

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