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18 Yoga Flows That Will Make You Sweat

I love yoga for so many reasons. For one, there are so many types of yoga, which all aim to help you challenge and work different aspects of your mind and body. There’s restorative hatha yoga that will help you ground, connect, and relax. There are yoga flows aimed at helping you build strength, improve posture, lengthen muscles, or gain flexibility. There are yoga practices dedicated to working your mind-body connection.

I love all of these practices for different reasons, but sometimes what I really need is a heart pumping, sweat pouring session to help me detox and burn calories. Here are 18 amazing yoga flows that will make you sweat.

Whether you’re a beginner, intermediate, or an advanced yogi, there’s a sweaty, challenging flow awaiting you. Hit the mat and get your sweat on!

45 Minute Dynamic Flow

I love this practice because it’s kind of like a free flow. Cat is so charming and she kind of curates the practice as she goes along in this particular video. Don’t let that fool you though—it will still bring on the sweat. You can expect lots of sun salutation variations and some deep hip opening.

Via Cat Meffan

45 Minute Dynamic Flow - yoga flow

60 Minute Tippy Toe Yogi Flow

Mary’s yoga flow practices always kick my butt. She’s all about setting intentions and really hitting it home during your practice. But she also doesn’t go easy on you. She’s one of my go to yoga teachers when I want a more intense practice, and she always delivers. In this practice, you’ll get your heart rate up with some fast paced flows and then build strength with some holds and boat poses. But the real sweat starts pouring with the challenging balances. This is really a total body experience.

Via O’M Yoga

60 Minute Tippy Toe Yogi Flow - yoga flow

Total Body Yoga Burn

This workout is so challenging and amazing.  I felt so strong and energized after I did this flow for the first time. You’ll be flowing a lot which means you can expect lots of chaturangas to work out those arms. There are also lots of holds and balances so you’ll be feeling this practice for a couple of days after. This is definitely an intermediate workout.  It’s a full-length practice with a pretty swift pace. It also requires a working knowledge of poses, so if you’re a beginner, I’d recommend saving this one for a little later.

Via Yoga with Tim

Total Body Yoga Burn - yoga flow

Sweaty Summer Yoga Flow

This is a really simple flow suitable for all levels. It combines very common poses into a heart pumping flow. This just shows how effective even a simple yoga flow can be.  This will work your arms, legs, and core. Plus this has the dreaded (but so effective) plank twists. This is a great workout too because it will help establish those core poses that are present in a majority of flows for anyone who may be on the beginner side.

Via Peanut Butter Runner

Sweaty Summer Yoga Flow - yoga flow

Heating Power Yoga

This flow focuses a lot on proper postures, so you’ll be engaging your muscles the whole time in order to get into the poses and to hold them. It’s slow and graceful but still offers a formidable workout. The heat really builds up when even your smallest muscles are being engaged for long periods of time. This is a good flow for all levels and I especially recommend it if you need a reminder on how to safely hold poses.

Via Brett Larkin Yoga

Heating Power Yoga - yoga flow

Energy Shot Yoga

This flow is killer. It’s so intense and energizing and I was dripping sweat throughout the entire practice. This flow combines your core postures with some postures that I would say lean more towards the intermediate/advanced side. The great thing about yoga though is that you can always modify. Just listen to your body. The pacing of this flow is amazing, so I would recommend this to anyone looking for a flow that feels like a hard workout.

Via Dates With Love

Energy Shot Yoga - yoga flow

30 Minute Power Yoga — Warrior Strength

This workout is short, sweet and to the point. This is one of my preferred workouts for when I’m short on time. Or when I, you know, procrastinate on working out until I’m down to the wire. It’s short, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t challenging. You will be constantly moving from the second you start all the way through the workout. You’ll flow between warrior poses, and you’ll be amazing at what great glute burners those Warrior III poses are. This is what I would classify as power yoga because it’s effective, time efficient, and intense.

Via Sarah Beth Yoga

30 Minute Power Yoga — Warrior Strength - yoga flow

15 Minute Yoga For A Good Sweat

While the pace of this flow is slower than other power yoga flows I’ve done, the sweat starts pouring from the balances. This is more a concentrated flow that emphasizes focus and getting into postures slowly. It’s less pure cardio-focused and aimed more at strength and holds.

Via Yoga by Candace

15 Minute Yoga For A Good Sweat - yoga flow

Heart Pumping, Non-Stop Flow Yoga

This flow has a little bit of everything. You’ll do sun salutations, balances, backbends, and headstands. You can, of course, modify any of the moves, but this is a really good comprehensive practice for anyone looking to do a little of everything.

Via Fightmaster Yoga

Heart Pumping, Non-Stop Flow Yoga - yoga flow

40 Minute Intermediate Vinyasa Yoga Flow

This flow is very quick paced, so if you’re used to slower flows, it may take some getting used to in order to acclimate to the fast pace of the flow. I don’t find that my natural breath syncs up totally with this flow, so I have to quicken my breath a bit or flow at my own pace. I do love this flow though because it’s sweaty, gets my heart rate up and really makes me feel like I’ve worked out at the end. It’s also very repetitive so you really get into a groove with this one, and I always feel really calm and relaxed after.

Via Hana Lukac

40 Minute Intermediate Vinyasa Yoga Flow - yoga flow

20 Minute Yoga Shred

Okay, this flow has the word “shred” in the title, so you know it must be pretty legit. This workout is really more like a fusion of yoga and circuits. You can expect some flows, but you can also look forward to some power moves like squats and lunges. It’s very cardio and bodyweight based, and it definitely makes the most of its time.

Via Sadie Nardini

20 Minute Yoga Shred - yoga flow

30 Minute Mandala Flow

This flow is amazing but definitely more challenging than I originally anticipated. This practice is primarily composed of multiple sets of one flow. You’ll transition from Warrior II into a reverse triangle and finally into a triangle. This is the foundation flow and it builds to work your obliques. The flow keeps your heart rate up and really works your quads and core. I found this flow to be unique and fun.  It definitely kept me on my toes.

Via O’M Yoga

30 Minute Mandala Flow - yoga flow

Dancing Warrior Sequence

If you’re a big Warrior II fan then this is the flow for you.  It’s called dancing warrior for a reason. You can expect lots of Warrior variations and a very fluid, graceful flow. At least, it looks graceful when Adriene does it.  I can’t necessarily say the same thing for myself. You’ll move your whole body, but it doesn’t feel overly intense.  It really does feel gentle and graceful but is still effective.

Via Yoga with Adriene

Dancing Warrior Sequence - yoga flow

Butt Kickin’ Power Yoga

This flow is on the longer side, so it’s a great full workout. It’s a very traditional flow with some ab blasters worked in. You’ll do some mat work and some plank variations to fire up your core and work your stabilizing muscles. You’ll work some more intermediate balances and end with a refreshing back bend.

Via Duncan Yoga

Butt Kickin’ Power Yoga - yoga flow

30 Minute Advanced Yoga Flow

I love Leigha’s flows because she really challenges you to play around, try new things, and push your body in a safe way. I feel like I always learn a new pose during her flows and they’re some of the most challenging ones I’ve done (in a good way!). As the title indicates, it is an advanced flow, but I’d say you can definitely do it if you’re on the intermediate side. Just listen to your body and modify what you need to. I always modify the headstands by doing shoulder stands instead, for example.

Via Leigha Butler

30 Minute Advanced Yoga Flow - yoga flow

30 Minute Full Body Cardi-Yoga

It’s another Sarah Beth flow! This one is amazing and you’ll definitely feel worked out. I like this flow because it uses a Tabata Chaturanga variation. Instead of flowing through Chaturanga, into upward dog, and back into downward dog, you’ll push back up into plank from the upward dog for an extra triceps burner. You’d be surprised at how much of a difference that one little tweak makes.

Via Sarah Beth Yoga

30 Minute Full Body Cardi-Yoga - yoga flow

Strong Core in 18 Minutes

This one’s a killer! But in the best way possible. This is a long holds flow. You’ll be sweating and holding that Chaturanga for what feels like forever. This flow includes all the core postures like chair pose, high lunge, and crescent. It isn’t even 20 minutes long but those isometric holds will have you sweating and shaking.

Via Man Flow Yoga

Strong Core in 18 Minutes - yoga flow

Yoga HIIT Workout

This is a yoga HIIT flow, so you know you’ll be sweating. It clocks in at around 12 minutes, and packs in some intense interval work. This is a really great practice to do when you’re short on time but want to torch some calories.

Via Yoga with Kassandra

Yoga HIIT Workout - yoga flow

A little sweat never hurt anyone. No matter what you choose, you’re guaranteed to get in a good workout with a yoga flow that will make you sweat.

Whether you’re down for a full-length yoga practice, or if you just have 15 minutes, we’ve got you covered.

18 Yoga Flows that will make you sweat

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